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Change your frequency and change your life - Kidding?

Submitted by rashmijsr on Mon, 2022-03-28 18:03
Happy Manifestation

It is very late I understand the concept of energy, frequency, and vibration. I am still learning. I don’t have any idea as to in which class I am but still there is a long way to go. After initiation, you need to work on your own body so that you activate those energy systems which will change your total being. The process of initiation is more like planting a seed into your system which can be either done by a Guru or the universe depending on the need and then the seed will be transformed into a tree and bear flowers and fruits. Though it is easier said than done but there are many things that need to be kept in mind and if you seeking higher knowledge then it would be better if you are working in constant guidance because if you work on your own, too much energy is wasted in trial and error. Any person who is born on this earth is here to clear his karma and learn his lessons by walking the desired path. Your purpose is your karma clearing mechanism because it is something that will drive you and give meaning to your life. There are certain people who will be associating with you at different stages of your life so that you can attain your purpose. Be thankful to all of them because they have been assigned that task by none other than the universe itself. Always have gratitude in your heart because they are the ones who will hold you up and help you climb the ladder of success. It is the entire organization that is successful under the leadership of the right person. A leader learns his lessons and becomes a great leader because he chooses to be one.

You are born with a certain frequency but you have the option to change that by inner engineering. This body carries memories of all past life karmas which shape your thinking. No one is born with a balanced energy system. There is something that is always out of balance so to correct your frequency you really need to work on your own system through yoga and meditation. Yes, it is true at the beginning of yoga practice or meditation your body will ache and pain but to get something you have to choose a different path. You always have a choice. If you are happy with whatever life has to offer to you or living a contended life then your life will be lived according to the akashic records which the cosmos holds. This universe holds records of every living being on this earth and everything is out there written in space-time. When your tenure is complete you will escape the cycle of rebirth. But there are few souls who want to change their destiny and this has already been predicted by the universe so the records hold a new pathway for them and give them the option to rewrite a new destiny for them which is done by very few people but they do. Exceptions are always there. The universe holds the source code for every being and creates changes in the entire system from time to time. Though I don’t understand how the universe has the option to change the code which exists in a person so fast when they follow a spiritual path but I want to understand. The entire universe is just energy and there is nothing called solid objects. Everything is just vibration. The past, present, and future exist now and that is the only reason an oracle can peep into the future and predict it correctly.

If you change your own frequency by yoga and meditation you can change your life because the universe is left with no other option but to put you in a place that matches your thoughts and vibrations. This is something that was predicted by Albert Einstein. When you keep wondering how a normal person changes himself into a divine being and lives a life that would be someone's dream then the answer lies in the frequency. There are many questions that are still in my head because I became my own oracle and predicted lots of things for my own life. This is my last birth and this is something that I came to know in my meditation. I also predicted many things for myself and my manifestations will be the confirmation of all the predictions which I made for myself. I think about everything which a normal person would never ever care about. This universe is a genie. Ask from heart, have faith and the universe will have to serve you with what you have asked for. The problem with most people is they don’t ask for much. Most of the time they are jealous of seeing other's life and forget what they want for themselves. All the laws of the universe which has been written by learned people are true but the problem is that even if one link is missing the dots won’t connect. But if you know how to play with energies then you can make things happen.

I sometimes keep wondering what is the frequency of Lord Vishnu that he is so rich. I know he is God himself and a very advanced being but there must be some source code that he is carrying that where ever his temples are built they all gather riches. Did he work day and night to gather that much money? What does God do? There are many questions in my mind to which I don’t have answers but that does not mean I am not seeking one. I just understand one thing when you change your frequency you are handed a new key to a different world. It does not mean you will start living on different earth which exits somewhere else but you will be living with other living beings but your level of connectivity with the universe will be different. Your life’s experience will be different. Your mind will be different, your power of manifestation will be unique. You need to reprogram your own self from scratch because all the source code which is embedded in your system has already become obsolete because we all started our life as hunters and gatherers. We have come a long way through evolution but the memory which is contained in the body and the reptilian brain stores the same codes which need to be rewritten. One option of writing a new code is to remove all living beings from the planet and start fresh through total destruction so that a new race can be started from scratch or clear the earth of corrupt people and make changes in the cosmic consciousness and change the source code.

Even God evolve by reincarnating on the earth plane again and again to reestablish dharma. Though they are the ones who created the universe but still they come on earth to fix the bugs which have been left or the anomalies which need fixing. There are a few buttons that need to be restarted in the system and once it is done the universe will start updating its own software and so will humanity. The rest of the work will be done by the one who is meant to lead the revolution. Let’s say if you ask the universe to change you into a divine being so that you can help them in their work then the universe will check your source code and grant your wishes when it checks all your records. The universe will grant what you have asked for and you may keep wondering what is happening in your life. You never know how your manifestation will present itself to you in your life. It may present itself in a very surprising manner in a way you never predicted. Remember “Everything you are going through is preparing you for everything you have asked for”. The cosmos can grant even the weird stuff you ask for so be careful what you are wishing for because what do you do if you manifest what you asked for. Be prepared and trust the universe because when you align yourself with the invisible realm then things do happen.

There are many concepts that have been written in the ancient texts for maintaining your body just by doing yoga and meditation so that you can directly use energy that exits near you. Those concepts need very hard work and years of sadhana which a normal person may not be ready for. Our ancient texts are very rich and hold lots of knowledge but to read them you need to connect with your own divine self through meditation because those books are not in printed format. You cannot buy them from any bookshop. In fact, you should be happy that those texts lie in the womb of the universe without any distortion so that you can get access to pure knowledge. What today’s youth think as knowledge is just information that helps you in earning money and living a great life but to gain wisdom you need to connect to the source. Your soul knows the way but it is you who has to be prepared for all the inner work.

Change your frequency and change your life because if you resonate at the frequency of God then people will see you with a different eye because you hold a different code and no one can escape it.

Happy Manifestation.

© 2010 Rashmi Priya. m