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Alien code in my Genes - Can you believe that?

Submitted by rashmijsr on Tue, 2022-05-17 17:27
Blue Moon

Nowadays I think about everything which a normal human being would never think about. My dad thinks just because I have too much time to spend with myself I keep hallucinating. How do I tell them that the images in my head have started transforming into reality? My parents cannot read much of my energy and I think they are too engrossed in thinking that the person who is staying with them is still a kid. I sometimes feel like telling my parents I am a little grown-up now. I am born in a normal family and I consider my parents humans as far as I have read or seen YouTube videos on aliens I very well understand that for an alien child either of the parents should carry the alien code. Now how is this possible. No, I am not kidding because the way things are happening in my life it feels like a complete alien being or it may be the years of meditation that I did behind closed doors which have started yielding results. I cannot deny the fact that the shifting timeline might have activated all the dormant codes which were sleeping inside my body for the last 42 years since the time to achieve my purpose has arrived. I had lived a normal life of a normal human being for 42 years before the shift happened and I know it is not just my contribution but some higher powers keeping an eye on me so that they can tell me the reason behind my existence when I reach a certain age. If you people think I am too grown up then do that at your own risk since even at the age of 42 I love playing with kids, soft toys, and everything that a normal child would love doing. I simply love my dolls and they are a part of my life.

The universe loves me. My parents also love me a lot but nowadays they are too concerned about my future. Guess the reason? I cannot fix my head on doing a full-time job. My dad thinks people who don’t work have a difficult life. This would not have been the case if I was married but now it is so. Sometimes I write things that make lots of sense to me but may not do the same for my readers but then what do I do this is my reality. The universe programs a person with specific codes but there are few chosen ones who carry a different code and then there is one specific person in the entire universe who carries a very unique code since they are the saviors. It is the choice of the invisible world and you cannot question God as to why he chose someone else and not you though you are better than them. Always remember the person who is meant to save the world or establish a new era must have something in him that you cannot read. It is more of the culmination of the visible and invisible world. Every human avatar who came to save the world or establish dharma was connected to both the visible and the invisible because until and unless you do that you cannot play your best role. I don’t have much idea about many things but I will know in the coming days. There is so much within a human system that cannot be known even by a normal person. God coded human beings with the same code with which he programmed the entire universe. But still, you face problems in understanding the coming dangers. The reason is you are cut off from nature and your own self. People find it easier to study and find faults in others than look at what lies deep within themselves. There are hardly deep thinking people alive on this earth because shallow thinking has taken its place.

There is enough distraction to keep you busy for 24 hours. The result? A mediocre life or a lavish life with too much money but mental health issues. If I say that total happiness is possible in today's world I am sure a lot of people will debate that you cannot have it all. Why have it all? Don’t compare and just do what you are meant to do and see your life transforming into something so marvelous. Have a cute life partner to share your life with and give them space to grow. Tender the relationship and take my words God themselves will bless you for a lifetime of happiness. I think I have just started understanding the universe better now than before. The earth on which we are living is spinning on its own axis and also around the sun. But there may be specific facts that are yet to be discovered. For human beings, the universe is as vast as it can be discovered. Everything which is not yet discovered or known does not exist. The earth and the sun itself may be spinning around something much bigger than itself and our earth may be having more than one moon which cannot be seen due to distance issues. Until and unless some community of astronomers or scientists discovers something it is all labeled as a myth but you don’t know what exists in the invisible world or the visible world which cannot be seen by human eyes.

You can see the planets, moon, and stars but for that, you need to travel to space. Is it practically possible to travel the entire universe in a spacecraft then my answer is simply “No”? No human being would live for thousands or lakhs of years, the fuel of the space vehicle would get exhausted and there are so many other practical issues. Then how is it possible that the Rishis who wrote the Vedas or all advanced ancient texts or mantras had so much knowledge? I don’t think they traveled the entire universe so what did they do differently that we are not capable of doing. Human beings are very capable but the biggest problem is how you control your distracted mind which is running after thousand different things which cannot be accommodated in one single head. When you just focus on a few things your life gets easier. I have lived a life before I took a career break where I was moderately successful. If you take any successful person and read about him you will get to know one thing, they are simple people with a laser-sharp focus on what they want from life and what they plan to do in the world. All those free apps have made the lives of people disastrous. What they can’t understand is they are giving their time and energy to things that don’t matter in their life. God has gifted all of us with a very advanced technology called the human body and mind which is much more advanced than any things which exist in the entire universe. You are alive, breathing, and can sense things. I think I was distracted from the topic. Ancient Rishis could concentrate and view the entire universe in their own mind. There are so many texts which have been buried inside the earth because of natural disasters. They have written in detail about everything which exists in the entire universe. Everything which a human mind can imagine is out there.

Your mind can imagine something because it holds memories of those past objects and it is not just an imagination but an actual reality. The ancient books are also available in Akashic record but you have to connect with your soul to read that which is not every person's cup of tea. There is so much which is hidden inside your own body and mind that if you just close your eyes and listen to any mantra which you love listening to, you will see that you can see things that were never visible to you before. This human body is programmable but can you do that. It is not that easy but could ancient people do that. Not everyone but it was a big possibility during those times and that is the only reason that God’s never aged and lived a youthful life till they died. There was also a lady in ancient times who received a boon from God that she will remain youthful till she died. Now you will say God has superpowers. Yes, I agree with that but here I am talking about the technology that this human mind and the human body can be reprogrammed. Why I write so much about these things and why I think along these lines is something that I can’t understand but the biggest question is that if I think differently I cannot label myself as alien. True. I completely agree with it.

I am working on my frequency, my vibration, and trying to connect with that deep secret that exists but is not visible to anyone. I do everything which a normal person would never do. It is very well known that God’s created the universe but then who created Gods? No answer. But I think that the universe chose some supreme beings to look after them so that they felt safe. Now did God choose to be God? Maybe yes or maybe it was their destiny that chose them to play the role of superheroes or saviors of the entire universe. Lord Krishna was born a God and he was awakened by his guru so that he knew his true reality and played that role in the coming years. Why this universe chooses certain people as their saviors and they trust them so much is something which you cannot question. It is their decision and you should honor it. See all this alien thinking. Do you still think I am doubting myself? Second-guessing?

Now let’s talk about the last avatar who has already incarnated on this earth but you cannot know who it is till the universe reveals him to you. The body can be male or female but the soul is that of a male and that is something which you should know. It is the last and final reincarnation of the lord on this earth and the entire universe will support that single man in his mission to transform the earth and the invisible world at large. The cosmic clock has been reset. Can you feel that? You can if you meditate and connect with the universe because the shifting timelines are changing the vibrations of the planet slowly but steadily and establishing new yuga. You cannot know divine plan because those cosmic beings are doing everything in the background without revealing their true identity to anyone. Is there a danger if the divine being revealed his true identity? I really don’t have any idea about that but I think that unless the universe creates a safety net for that final avatar it won’t reveal his identity. Just imagine how much clearing that one single person will start and it may not be taken easily by many people but you cannot stop God because what is meant to be will be.

Since the final incarnation is in the form of a human being a lot is hidden even from him because if he understands his own grandeur he will get mad because it is written in the ancient texts that he is the most powerful avatar of Lord Vishnu. I feel if real Batman, Spiderman, or wonder woman ever lived then they would have been worshipped by humanity because we all love supernatural human beings. I don’t know what is going to happen but one thing which you can be sure about is that if there exists any human being on this planet who thinks he is great then only God knows where he will find his place when the savior is here. He is God and the best part is he himself is not aware of the full script which has been written for him because until the time is right the full picture will not be revealed. All the people who are meant to play an important role in his mission will find their energies activating all of a sudden out of nowhere because it is meant to happen. This entire universe is programmed in a manner that after the passage of a certain time period the cosmic clock resets and the planets start their work. All the planets have activated. The alignment which was not established for 1000 or hundred years is getting activated and stimulating energies that were lying dormant for millions or billions of years from the time of existence of the universe. It is a call to action by the final avatar that the time to play their role has come and they cannot sleep till eternity.

I think my mind is going crazy. The mantra chanting that I did in the year 2017 started resonating in the entire universe and I caught the attention of the invisible world. Energy cannot be created or destroyed so my chant is traveling the cosmos. There is so much I cannot understand. Let the universe hand me the script. Sometimes I feel I am daydreaming. I really don’t know what is next in life but I believe in my intuition because my God says I am not hallucinating and everything which I can see and feel is real and not my mind's imagination. When the time is right I will be leaving my parent's place, getting married, and starting my divine work.

Welcome, Satya yuga with open arms.

© 2010 Rashmi Priya. m