Your thoughts are Real - Accept your new Reality

Submitted by rashmijsr on Fri, 2021-12-17 17:36
Divine Reunion

I know how difficult it gets for you to accept your new reality especially when it changes or transforms 100% of your personality. It gets very difficult to accept when it is the life-changing transformation from a caterpillar to a butterfly. The key difference is caterpillar has no idea that it can go through the cocoon stage and transform itself into a completely different individual which can soar high in the sky with wings. What caterpillar thought to be the end of the world was a lifelong transformation and an opportunity to live in the new world. I never thought the concepts which felt good to read on paper would someday get real and will happen with me. It seems more like a dream where the picture which is running in front of your eyes takes a completely different turn and you cannot connect the dots backward but have to look for a few checkpoints in the next part. I always dreamt about insane things and not the normal stuff which a human being can ever imagine. I belong to a normal middle-class family but my God belonged to a different class. I have always worshipped Lord Shiva and Goddess Durga. I can sit and dream about all things which others label as impossible but my head won’t take that answer.

You will hear everyone saying you to be practical and logical because your imagination may or may not turn real but even then I loved all the superheroes and Cinderella movies. I loved that Genie in Alladin movie which could manifest anything in a millisecond. I loved all movies of God where they did supernatural stuff and gave a boon to their devotees and it got real. My mind was shaped according to the things which I loved in my growing years. My friends said me that I was very gifted since my dad loved me a lot and gave me everything I asked for. I had great friends in my school and college days. I never had any idea that the image which I hold in my head will someday get real and the universe will present me with destiny in such a way that it would get difficult for me to accept my new reality. Time changes so fast and so does your life. One day I was dreaming about the life which I am living now where I wanted to talk to the man whom I worship since I wanted all my answers from the source itself. I never needed someone in between me and him. Check your thoughts and your wishes because the universe will fructify it for you and you will keep wondering as to what to do next. Manifest the right things in your life.

I gave birth to my new self in the year 2015 and what proceeded was 6 years of severe transformation. It all started in 2015 then got dormant for 3 years and the energies again reactivated in August 2019. The year 2019 was a very intense year since I had lots of supernatural experiences to the point that I had to pinch myself if everything which was going in front of my eyes was real. It was all my living reality. I found it very difficult to sleep during Navaratri of 2019 so I slept with my God’s photo frame. His energy was too intense and those 9 days were the most transformative phase of my life and I still remember them. If I kept my head in the position of his head I could not sleep so I kept it in the position of number 69. Even in that position, I could not sleep for more than 3 - 4 hours. The energy work which I was doing and the energies which surrounded me were too intense for me to handle. I did what I was meant to do and finally, the heavy energy receded and gave me some concessions so that I could take some rest and then do my work. God handed me the energies in the Temple which I brought along with me from the south and it activated in the year 2019 so the entire process of change started in the year 2019 itself.

Whatever is happening in the year 2021 is the outcome of all the hard work which was put in the past years. It never happened in a day and I understood that even God takes time for transformation because you have to go through the process and even trust it because the process holds the key to the results which you will manifest when your work is done. I never knew that all the thoughts which I had planted in my subconscious mind would reach directly to the creator and he would choose me for his divine purpose. My head is different and all those imaginative things always occupy my mind and I believe them to be real. Your subconscious mind is very powerful and it has God-like powers. There are a few realities which you have to accept that everything which is meant for you will be in your life and if something does not work for you it is just redirecting you into a place you are meant to be but it is very difficult to handle those moments of redirection and I know that very well. When you shift your energy and enter high vibration the universe will give you exactly what it has planned for you or something which you desired from your heart.

Your thoughts are real and this invisible world is also very real. First I worked on my inner self to change my vibration and then I am working on my manifestation. There were a few things that were conveyed to me in the year 2019 and I never thought my intuition to be real but My God says that what I believed in was real. I keep writing to keep my head in place because if I don’t write all the thoughts which are going in my mind create havoc in my head. When it gets difficult for you to accept your new reality and your mind says you are going insane just be firm with your imagination and go with the flow even when you don’t understand anything. If you have lived a middle-class life and have asked for a heavenly life then there is no match and it is bound to create a fight in your head so to skip that you just keep yourself occupied doing everything which calms your mind. If spiritual awakening was an easy process everyone would have gone for it but it is not that rosy. Inflammation, allergic reactions, and many more transformations that are not visible to the outside world will be going inside of you and you cannot open your mouth and speak openly about it.

The planetary alignments are very intense and it is bound to create havoc in the system of people who had been working on their spirituality for a very long time and were waiting for that day when they could fasten their work and reach a point where they could get what their heart always aspired for. The energy shift is great and it is the best time to connect with the cosmos because progress will be happening at a lightning-fast speed. It is time for results because now the wait is over. Keep calm and try to connect with the source and when your head is not listening to you just keep yourself busy. The universe has the power to make every dream you wrote in your hand-drawn painting into a reality, you just have to believe in it and have faith that it will get real because it has to. When God appears in front of a human being and says “Tathastu” to him he knows he will get what he has asked for 100% and there is not even 1% of doubt in his head. The subconscious mind programs itself in that direction and that person gets exactly what he had asked for. The divine makes his presence felt in various ways and it is you who has to check how he is speaking to you. For me, the garlands of my God broke to signal me that the thought in my head will be getting real. My dad blew his Shankh and rang the bell exactly at the time when I was listening to my playlist and I knew that the process of manifestation will start.

Things will happen in the way it has been planned by the divine realm because they are in charge of my life. Write what you want in your life, do the scripting work in full detail because the universe will be reading all lines and not skip even one of them and will give you exactly what you have asked for in divine time. Till then keep the faith and work on your dreams, your manifestations and just live your life.

The universe is a powerful genie so check your thoughts because you are on the verge of living the reality in your head in the physical world. Be Happy.

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