Your Intuition - How logical they are in the real world?

Submitted by rashmijsr on Sat, 2019-05-04 18:25

Every person is intuitive in fact we all are born intuitive but with the passage of time and with growing age we lose our intuitive capabilities but there are few people who are very intuitive than others. These people get a message about whether they should do something or not. They can meet another person and predict correctly about them, they know that something wrong is going to happen and hence they are prepared beforehand. How many times did your mom tell you not to step out of the house because she was not feeling ok about you going out. You go out and say that it is all nonsense and you have got an important client meeting. What happens next is you meet with an accident and your mom keeps rushing down to the hospital and reminds you that you would have been saved if at all you listened to her. You are going out on a tour to crack a deal with a client. You check every paper, keep your laptop and presentations handy and then pack your bag. When you are about to leave home to catch your flight, all of a sudden you have a feeling that something is left and you still don’t know what. You go to your room and discover that you had left your pen drive on the table while working last night which stored all the important documents. You thank God because if you would have forgotten that pen drive your whole meeting would have been a big disaster.

What is it that guides you or who told you that you need to check if something is left. It is your own intuition connecting to you but if you question how logical it is? You will not get any answer because you cannot apply any logic to it. Your intuition can be a very big guiding force if you listen to it. Sometimes you know the end result of a client meeting because your intuition told you that he will agree to your deal. This is not like some astrologer or pandit doing your forecast for the future but it is simply your own gut feelings which come out and gives you reasons to believe or disbelieve something. I was having relationship issues with my partner. One of my friends told me that he will talk to my mother in law and fix a meeting with her so that I can take her help in solving my problem. After a brief talk I hung up the phone and she said she will call me after 2 hours after talking to my mother in law. I went to do my evening puja while the diya was still burning I thought of putting off the flame so that I could change the bati of diya and pour some oil in it. What happened next was as I was about to put off the diya, the whole diya fell on my hands and burnt my fingers. Anyway I changed the diya bati and poured some oil in it, I lighted the diya and went to the other room. My phone rang and my intuition was telling me that things did not materialize and my mother in law was in no mood to meet me. I picked up the phone and my friend told me the same story. I told her I had an idea of this beforehand and she exclaimed how? I told her it was my intuition which told me.

You cannot apply logic to it but your intuition is a real thing. Few people are so intuitive that they know of a certain result or outcome beforehand. You must be thinking how? The reason is simple when you are focused on something you can catch the energy of thoughts flowing towards it. You are searching for money and all of a sudden you find out where it is though you had forgotten where it was kept. You keep searching at different places and suddenly your intuition guides you to the right place. When you search in a certain bag you find out your money. You do not know who guided you but you understand it was your intuition which helped you. Your intuition takes you to the right place and you cannot apply logic to it. It happens as if someone guided you towards something.

If you have an intuition that your life will get ok with the passage of time even though you may be struggling in your relationships and still can’t see any hope in it. Have faith something good is on the way. You will get a solution soon because you are feeling it through your intuition. When things are working in the background and you still cannot see it, your intuition feels it and guides you in the right direction. Many may question your credibility but your intuitions are real. They tell you what to do? and what not to do? If you feel you can do it? You can do it, you just need to keep your focus. Some people may define you to be mad and would say not to believe in it but you consider it real because it always guides you in the right direction. Do not take other people’s life fundas. You apply your own.

If your intuition tells you that there is something wrong with the place you are visiting, you take extra precautions beforehand. When you actually visit that place you find out that it is a shabby place and your intuition guided you correctly. You were about to do an online impulse purchase when you felt that let’s purchase after some time. You check the same goods after some time and you find out that the rates have slashed out further. You are happy you waited and you saved your money. You are looking for your perfect party wear to wear for your friend's engagement party but still, you cannot find it. After searching for too long you stumble upon a shop which has the exact dress which you were looking for. Your intuition guided you there. Your intuition is your sixth sense and it gets active when you are focused on something and have a clear thinking mind.

Your intuitions are real guiding force which shows you a path but it is you who make the decision whether to walk or not. You cannot apply logical thinking to it and it is absolutely “ok” because you cannot apply logic to everything which happens in life.

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