Your Inner World is much more beautiful than the Outer World

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Inner World

We all know that this universe is vast and has no end but are you all aware that there is a big universe which exists inside us. It is not easy to get access to the inner universe until and unless you learn how to control your mind and reach a state where you are in full control of your own self. People who have harnessed their inner world are genius in their field because they have developed good intelligence, have a strong sixth sense, are intuitive and happy. The outer world which you see with your naked eyes is an extension of your inner world. When you are happy inside the whole cosmos seems beautiful but when you are sad nothing matters to you. Your inner peace helps you in living a great day and in doing good work while a frustrated feeling leads to a bad day. The world is the same then what is the differentiator? The biggest differentiator is you yourself, your feelings, your mood and your inner self which is not happy. The ancient yogis used to leave worldly pleasures in search of truth and peace. They sat in silent places like mountain tops and did years and years of sadhana without taking tension of their body or caring for food but they survived and never died. They did reach their peak point in sadhana and got what they desired from higher powers. We as normal human beings cannot stay without food, social life, and our own addictions but those who reach their full potential in life are the ones who control their outside cravings, dig deep inside themselves and search for that inner serenity which they get when their mind is quiet.

When you are silent then only you can hear sounds and see things which you could never hear or see before. When you are busy talking you only replay your own thoughts and emotions while when you are silent you can feel yourself. You do not know who you are and what you are capable of doing until and unless you get silent and let your thoughts cross your mind so that you get aware of your own true potential which was hidden from you. Most of us die without reaching our full potential and the biggest reason is we are not aware of them. We are not confident enough to believe that yes this is in me and I can do what I want to do. Your inner world or your true inner self will open up for you when you seek something which is much bigger than what people can imagine or you think you are capable of doing. If I say you are much more powerful than you think. Will you all believe me? If yes then this write up is for you, but if you doubt yourself then you have to spend some time with yourself before you start achieving the unachievable. Your outer world changes with time and nothing is constant so you too have to change in order to keep pace with it. If you just stop at a place then you will be left behind. Your inner world which is within you is accessible to you 24 hours in a day so there is no time frame as to when you should work on your own self. You can choose any time. Just sit with your own self and try to calm your mind, this is meditation. Though it is not that easy to reach a state of zero thoughts easily or anyone would be super intelligent but then nothing is difficult.

What’s wrong with trying it. When you try to do something you make progress either fast or slow but you move ahead. You will see that after some time you will enjoy your silent time and you will feel happy when you reach a state of less thoughts. Your inner world will get happy and it will manifest in the form of a happy, peaceful individual who is productive at work and loving at home. When you get silent from inside you start enjoying life on the outside. You cannot live a good life if you complain all the time, even the good things in the outside world will seem ugly to you and add on to your frustration. Your inner world is very powerful and you should know in which direction you have to direct your energy. If you put your energy in the wrong direction then your life will get disastrous but when you direct your energy in the positive direction you will add value not only to your life but to others life too. Have you seen that few lovely happy people can make so much difference in the world, how great it would be if every person on this earth would be happy, laughing out loud and lived a stress-free life? Today people are suffering more from stress and diseases related to stress and when they harness their inner energy they would be happy and would live fulfilling lives.

The beautiful inner world does not know what is tension until you start pouring everything into your mind every day. When you were born did you know what is tension? What is stress? Or What is lifestyle diseases? I would say “No” all of you were born happy but as you grow as adults you accumulated too much crap which made you unhappy and takes away your peace. You started hooking on to small pangs of happiness to feel good and when those small moments of joy recede you felt tensed and stressed. You just visit the doctor and he will give you names of hundreds of diseases which are caused by stress. He will first ask you about your life before prescribing you any medicines. When you leave he will tell you to be at peace. This stress has eaten away the health and happiness from our life so it is very important for people today to harness their inner world and get their peace. We as a nation are advancing in technologies, sending satellites in space and discovering one thing after another but still there is a lack of peace. The more we are progressing in the outside world the more we are disturbed on the inside. It is like technological progress is pulling us back and adding more stress to our life.

It is very important for people today to seek their inner world so that they are fruitful just like their ancestors. Our ancestors were not so technologically advanced but they could do something which we still cannot imagine. The old Rishi munis could do astral travel. They knew the distance between sun and earth much before we discovered it today, everything is written in the ancient text. They had the ability to talk to other people living thousand and thousands of miles away from them just by their mind. They could predict their future, they had big intuitions. They could fast for years and still be alive, converse with God and do things which we normal human beings are incapable of. Did you ever think about how? How could they do so many things, were they technologically advanced? I would say “No” they were not technologically advanced but they did have a technology which we cannot understand today. They could do bizarre things which we can never think of. Everything is written in the ancient scriptures but is it that easy to understand those written materials and transform it into workable things today. It is not that easy but yes it is possible by those who can reach that state of mind in which those ancient texts were written. Our ancestors utilized their brain much more than we can utilise today, connected with the higher powers and achieved the impossible.

Everything is possible today but yes the biggest question is do we want to? Or is there someone who is really interested in doing this. Harnessing the inner world which is very powerful and beautiful is a tough task and people give midway and those who get halfway claim themselves to have super powers though they fool others and their own self, they are happy with it. You can reach and use those inner powers, even if you do are not able to do great things at least you can be at peace and make others life beautiful by your smile. Your mind and the body is very powerful. You can cure diseases without medicines just by having faith that you are healing and your body is getting better every day. Doctors prescribe fake medicines in the form of sugar pills known as Placebo effect and give it to patients telling them that they are actual medicines and they get cured compared to those who eat actual medicines. Now the question is what cured the disease is it the mind or the medicine. Obviously the mind. The mind has great innate abilities and you can wake them up by going deep inside and seeking peace. I bet you will be amazed at the results which you get. Just try and let me know in the comments section.

Believe me, the inner world is much more beautiful than the outer world.

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