Your Eyes - A Gateway to your connection with the Divine

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God's Eye

Spirituality is in the air. We are celebrating Ganesh Puja in Maharashtra and I am loving it. I wrote a lot about God’s but today there is something which I want to touch which is the biggest mystery in the entire universe and those are your eyes. You must have heard various poems in which they describe the eyes as “Nashili Akhen” or “Mrignaini”, Naughty eyes, fun-filled eyes, angry eyes, sad eyes, happy eyes, stressed eyes. There has always been lots of importance which is given to your eyes. Your eyes are the most vital part of your body. It is your eyes that can see and then the brain processes information. It is your mindset which makes you look at things which you see from a certain angle. When you have a universal mindset which you get after you have enlightened your soul than your way of looking at everything around you will be different and your eyes will not be the same. When you have realized God then your eyes will completely change. Even Sri Krishna’s eyes changed when he was communicated his purpose so that he could leave the normal life and work for the greater good for the upliftment of humanity, to drive away evils and establish Law and order through-out the world. He had deep eyes that had the power to make any person fall in love with him just by one look so you see your eyes are very powerful weapons to reach the divine and see him in the best possible form. Your eyes are your gateway to your connection with the divine or I would say your eyes are the gateway to the heavens. You can reach the divine by Meditation where you do true Tapasya with closed eyes and then open your eyes to see him.

If you are progressing in your spiritual path then you will see your divine with a new look with each passing phase and then ultimately connect with him and feel his presence within you. You have got the power to connect with your God by looking straight into his eyes. I have seen sometimes that people find it hard to look at someone’s eyes and talk clearly. I would say it is better to look at the other person straight into his eyes and get their undivided attention. Your eyes are one of the most powerful connections with the entire universe. You see the whole being with your eyes. You have the power to create magic with your eyes. You can look at your God and realize him into your own self just by looking at his eyes with a loving heart. God understands only one language and that is the language of love. I visited Golden Temple at Sripuram, there you have a statue of Sri Laxmi Narayani maa. The statue is really grand and the mother is wearing all gold ornaments. I was so much fascinated with the statue that I could not take my eyes off it. The statue of the mother is very beautiful. I just stared at the statute for a long time till the time I saw a very bright light around the mother and nothing else, the statue of Goddess had completely disappeared and I could see just the bright light. The Goddess connected with me through my eyes. Neither I could take my eyes off her nor she could from me, and thus we connected with each other.

People all around me were busy praying while I was looking at her and only her so she also responded to my stare by looking at me and telling me that I was recognized by her eyes. The Garbha Griya which houses the statue has certain symbols which are placed above it which connects with the universe and downloads universal power within you but yes there are conditions attached. God’s don’t look at everyone but they stare at few people only and if you are the one then it means it is a two-sided love and victory is assured. Your eyes have the power to look beyond what exists, now I am not talking about the two eyes with which you see but the third eye which is placed in between your eyebrows which you cannot see but when awakened can change your life. You can see beyond the normal existence when you close your eyes. You can feel the vibration of the planets, the universe, and converse with God’s. You can see shiva with the third eye open and that is the only reason he is called “Trinetra”. The third eye has the power to look beyond what you can see into the unseen which is the most powerful part of existence which is difficult to explore since people find it difficult to research unseen things.

It is easy to understand the things which you can see but difficult to perceive the unseen. Those unseen parts of the universe are the places where all the mysteries of the universe are hidden which can be seen with the third eye. Your mind has the power to converse with the universe but then you should have that much power within you so that you can see beyond the possible and tune into the impossible and see the impossible as possible in your perceived reality which exists in the universe but you cannot see that clearly now but you will see that in the near future when you have fully manifested what you wanted in the near future. The very concept of time is a little distorted. Your eyes are the gateway to establish a connection with the divine who is energy. You can find a permanent place in his heart by connecting with him at the soul level through your eyes. Your physical body is not something which the God’s will accept but it is the soul which is pure which has the power to merge with him that will be accepted so if you have the power to move your God with your looks then he will fall in love with you and your eyes both and will gift himself as a gift to you. You receive him as your sweet gift and be happy ever after forever and ever.

Your eyes are not just meant to view normal things which can be seen even by a layman. God gave one life so explore all possibilities of life. Look at the positive side and train your eyes to look for the good in every situation. Have you seen bright glowing eyes?. I have them, my eyes are green in color which makes them shine. Fall in love with your own inner divinity so that the divine who is sleeping inside of you can awake from his sleep and fall in love with you so that you can start a great career with his help. No one can match God at least no human being. When you have the capacity to impress your God’s with your looks then it is better to have him as your companion. His guidance will transcend all boundaries and help you create miracles in your life. All the hidden secrets of the universe can be unfolded by looking at it through the third eye which itself is hidden inside the forehead. When you open that chakra you can look beyond time then you will see weird things and miracles will start happening in your life.

It is the God who creates miracles for those lovely souls who reach out to them and with the ones with whom he falls in love with. You will be able to see great things which normal people cannot see and your eyes will help you experience the entire cosmos as a living reality. Your eyes are not just for seeing the tangible things but the intangible. When you train your eyes and your mind to look beyond the normal existence then you can see beyond the stars, you can know what exists inside you, you can know what exists inside the earth and understand the language of the universe. Your eyes first see everything and then your mind processes it and explains everything to you clearly.

So what are you waiting for, look beyond the impossible and feel the grand universe with your charming eyes.

Happy Ganesh Puja my lovely readers.

© 2010 Rashmi Priya. m