Your Day has come - Are you Ready?

Submitted by rashmijsr on Sat, 2019-05-25 18:04
My Day

More than half of the time we keep fantasizing about how things have got “Ok” in our lives and we have already started living normal lives or think that everything is going to be ok in our lives. Believe me, this really helps because then we focus on good memories and attract good vibes in our life while when we think of negative things we get more stressed out. It is always better to visualize good things rather than dwell on ugly happenings in life. The more you concentrate your energy on getting a solution to a problem which has occupied your mind from a very long time the more solutions will be presented to you and you will get a feeling by means of your intuition that your day has come. But the biggest question to ask is are you ready? If you are ready then it is well and fine but if the day you were waiting for has finally come and you are still not ready then it is difficult because the solution which you wanted is finally presented in front of you and your dreams have come true but you are not sure. The biggest problem which you are facing now is that the past memories which caused hurt are still ingrained in your memory and your mind is still to come to terms with whatever is happening in your life. You are still living the past and you are yet to come to terms with it in the present and make a good future with the opportunities which are presented in front of you.

You have not yet forgiven the person who had hurt you beyond your limits and you have not yet forgiven them for whatever they have done with you. The bad name in the society which their actions caused you is still fresh in your memory, the way he plotted and played games with you and showed that he was an innocent person is all you can remember and associate with his name. I know it is difficult, I know it is hard, I know it pains but then I would say when your day finally arrives just concentrate on the present moment and not on the past hurt. Just cry till you feel at peace, let those tears which roll down your eyes flush all the past bad memories which are not ready to go. Give yourself and the other person a second chance to start a new life, maybe God just wanted to test both of you and that is the reason he created so many problems in your life so that you both can understand each others value and start all over again but now with new vigor. Now you have the chance to start your new life with a changed approach, a new vigor. I would say you should thank God for giving you a chance to start your life one more time with the same person but in a totally different way. The mistakes which you made in the past will not be repeated and there will be more room for adjustment of each other's feelings, rather than saying a blunt No to each other you both will learn to respect each other's feelings and love more.

The hatred and bad feelings which you both were carrying for each other and would have carried those same feelings to your grave would have been disastrous. I would say just thank God that he gave you a chance to mend your relationship with the same person in a single lifetime so that you both can stay with each other and complete your karmic ties in one single life because if you both die with karmic untangling then you both will be born again and you both will have to clear your karmic ties before you both can set free and march in your own direction. You choose your relationships but a lot is handed in this life from our previous life and there is very less that we can do about it. The best thing to do would be to live a good life and hurt fewer people so that we do not create unhealthy ties for our future lives. It is good to learn all your lessons and clear your karma, clear all your burdens so that you die in peace and even if you are born again on this earth at least you will not have to choose the same person to spend your whole life, now you have options.

When your day comes and it is time to live the relationship in your life which carries so much meaning for you I would say just forget everything and go for it. You go and experience this new life with the same person and live in such a way that nothing happened. Do not bear any grudges, do not have feelings of revenge, do not try to prove anything to the other person or his family who has hurt you. You just live your life. You can console yourself with the feeling that those people who have hurt you will learn their lessons and receive punishment from the higher powers according to their own karma. You are no one to teach them a lesson, just leave everything in the hands of time. Blaming all people who were responsible for your sorrows and trying to teach them a lesson will attract more miseries in your life because then you will concentrate on others life much more than your life. This will take away the peace from your life and you will forget everything and just concentrate on revenge. I would say just be happy with the present and make peace with the past. Let go of the past which cannot be amended and corrected, you only have this present moment with you which can be corrected and you have the opportunity to build a good future for yourself.

It is better late than never. Thank God for giving you an opportunity to live your day which you were waiting for. Dreams do come true and it is you who make them come true. Just believe and have faith that everything is achievable and you are much above all the nonsense which life can throw upon you. When your day comes just forgive, forget and move on. Go and chase new territories, feel the new life, smell fresh flowers and be happy about everything which has gone right in your life rather than concentrating on what all things had gone wrong in the past. It is after all your life and you can either make it or break it, the decision is yours. Make the wisest decision and just live in the present moment. Do not replay the past memories and do not let the past come in the present and spoil your future. Just let things be the way they are and move on with your sweet life which you always dreamt of, which broke in the middle but you have the chance to mend it and start all over again with the same old person.

Chill and just be happy when your day comes. Be prepared, be ready and have your blast. All the best for a bright future ahead.

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