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You possess the Smartest Energy in the Universe - Is it True?

Submitted by rashmijsr on Wed, 2021-12-15 17:39
Hand of God

There are 2 seeds that exist within you. One gives you a body which is gifted to you by your parents and the other is given by almighty God which gives you a soul or Atma without which you cannot survive. You need a body and soul to exist on this earth. As energy form your soul can wander anywhere in the universe but to experience life you need a body because even if the soul remembers all its past lives it cannot function without a body. It is only when you have merged with the divine soul that you become a part of God. Energy cannot be created or destroyed but can be transformed from one form to another. The soul which exists within your body is God itself but to awaken that God-like energy or the sleeping beast within you, you need to follow a spiritual path under the divine guidance of a Guru or Universe. You have the option to choose because when the universe guides you, you should know how to decode the encrypted messages. A lot of divine beings worked under the guidance of the Universe and guided humanity on the right path in the form of the Avatar of God. Nothing is impossible. You just have to prepare your head and toughen your heart for a tough grind because once you make a choice there is no looking back.

The energy which exists within you will provide guidance. It will take some time to establish a good connection but it eventually happens. Trust your intuition because your soul is much smarter than you think. It is the universe itself that is residing within your body in a dormant form. Your soul connects you with everything in the cosmos and it is a sort of invisible or wi-fi connection but it connects you to all living and non-living things which exist in the entire universe. I was just watching some random videos when I got hold of a video that showed how deeply we are connected with planet earth on which we live. There are certain particles that exist in your brain and those particles can sense the energy shift and all the magnetic shift which keeps happening around us. The brain has sensors that can predict what may happen next or warn us about the upcoming dangers. You know the animals can sense everything which we human beings can’t sense but we both possess the same technology. Actually, the biggest problem is that since we have not used those energy centers which reside within us we have forgotten or they got dormant with time because our body thought they need to deactivate them.

When you learn more about your body especially by reading the ancient Vedic texts you will know that you are very powerful. Since the energies were not used they got silent and now to re-activate those energies require lots of spiritual work. It is not impossible but it will take tremendous effort. Your soul is sensitive to all sorts of energy and this universe possesses various kinds of invisible energy. When you awaken the spiritual energy centers within you or God awakens them for you then your body can absorb lots of invisible energy which exists in the universe but has not been documented in any textbooks. There is so much which exists but we can’t see and just because it cannot be seen by our naked eyes does not mean that those things are not present. You are constantly exchanging energy with everything which lies in the entire universe. Those good energies can affect you when you make yourself available for them and know how to build divine protection to protect you from the evil ones because both co-exist. Your body and your soul know what is going to happen next and sometimes you will see that it gives your signs of upcoming good events which you cannot see but exist in energy form.

God created a human being with its own divine energies so when you walk the spiritual path you are getting closer to divinity and are on the verge of writing a new destiny. I love the ancient methods of healing which are far better than the ones which exist now. Since you are all going to enter New Divine Era you will see a major shift in the way lots of things operate. Being modern does not means wearing western clothes but something more. Ancient people were more technologically advanced and way more modern than us in everything but still, we call ourselves modern and feel proud of all the discoveries we made. I was talking of the energy which exits within our body. You know this energy which you take for granted is very smart. If you have gone for energy healing you know when the healer heals you by transferring his energy to your body. Your body takes the amount of energy that is needed and can be assimilated by it in one go. It just shuts off or cuts the flow of energy if your body cannot handle it. In plain terms, your energy communicates with the energy of the healer without you being a part of it.

The energy within you knows when it is time to wake up and sleep because it is synchronized with the Circadian Rythm of the earth. Your body has an inbuilt mechanism of energy centers that gets activated and deactivated at certain phases of your life so that you return back to the source. It is only when you want to experience the divine realm that your energies start sending those intentions to the universe that this person wants to walk a spiritual path. You have heard the lines that energy flows in the direction in which you focus and that is very much correct because your focus sends the message to the invisible realm and they start aligning things for you just by merely reading your intentions. You are very powerful and your intentions are also very powerful. It is only when you change your intentions in seconds that you confuse the universe and live a mediocre life. Promise yourself that you will not waver your intention and faith then the divine realm will behave differently with you. Even when you don’t know what next you will receive guidance from God himself. Call his name from the heart and he will show up just for you.

There are two types of energy healers one that learns the concepts from textbooks and Gurus and the other who is God gifted to heal the world with his energy. When it has been gifted by the divine realm then you can do miracles because you are the chosen one and the Universe wants to work through you. In simple words occupy your body and work through you. There are various examples of divine beings who changed the world by their presence, teachings, and energy. There are seven chakras within your body and 72,000 Nadis which meet at certain points. When there is energy blockage you get sick and have mental health issues. If the blockage is removed by the right energy healer then you will live an absolutely different life because now you will become a different person and you are not the same man but a different being within the same body. If some person dreams to heal the world then they need to have an energy system with which they can make real-world changes happen. You will get numerous videos on Youtube where people talk about being spiritually enlightened. They are not fully but partially enlightened because when a fully enlightened human being walks on the planet you can feel his energy from a distance. They don’t need any introduction but their energy speaks.

The energy or soul which has been God gifted gives you your breath which connects you with the source and also gives you life. The air which you breathe is very powerful because it has absorbed all the cosmic energy which will make you healthy but you should feel that. If you think the energy is benefitting you it will and if you think the opposite it won’t. Your mind is the universe so your body will behave the way you program your mind. If you believe something is possible the energy centers within you will make it happen but if you think that it is not possible because your present situation does not sanction that change then it would not because you have programmed your mind in that direction. Your mind is more like a computer program that is programmed like your soul for possibility. Have you seen the “Matrix” movie? If not just go and watch that. That is your capability and you are more like a software program that is coded for divine possibility. The universe will help you if you show the desire to walk on a certain path because it will first check your intentions, your energy system, and then your focus. I have seen normal people achieving extraordinary dreams and when they were interviewed how? They said that they just kept going and everything fell in the right place in divide order and they could do what they did. Grace? God’s hand? They can’t explain but are thankful to God for everything. When you surrender and know that there is a divine being who is bigger than you then they make their divine presence felt very loudly.

Your soul is very knowledgeable and can access all the divine books which are available in energy form near you but you should be tuned to the right frequency to read that book or else it will just skip your energy field. When you are on the spiritual path your body undergoes lots of change which activates the energy centers which starts harnessing all the knowledge which is available near you for the completion of your goal for which you had set the divine intention. You will see that your intuition gets heightened and you start focusing on things that never caught your attention beforehand. Thanks to the shifting energy of your system. Be thankful to God for everything and never be controlled by your Ego because when you bow down or completely surrender yourself before the creator he gives you his own throne to sit and you can’t stop your tears. God is great.

Be Happy because people look cute when they smile and show their teeth.

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