You Live your Life once but you can fall in Love Twice

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Second Love

There was too much motivation in my previous articles so I thought of writing on love. I do believe that love gives you a reason to smile and be happy. Have you ever imagined how your life would have been without love? I would say we all would have been living empty lives if there was no love in our life. Our emotions and feelings of love are something which differentiates us from robots and without any emotions a person is a living robot. You are here on this earth because of love and love is the only force in the universe which drives everything. You share good feelings with your friends, lover, husband, parents, your neighbors, everyone around you and the whole universe. When you have love filled in your heart the whole life seems beautiful and without love, you feel cornered. Your energy of love will transmit all around the universe and will touch the lives of people who are around you. Love is a great feeling. You live your life once but you can fall in love twice. Though you may not be aware of your feelings at the start, once you understand whatever is happening with you is nothing but love, you yourself get overwhelmed with whatever is happening in your life. Just chill, I know sometimes it is so difficult to really fall in love for the second time and marry that person when you have been hurt by your previous relationship. The wounds of the previous marriage are yet to heal and you are fully into it. It is really tough to get rid of the past hurt but then there is no other option but to move ahead even when you don’t feel like. When love knocks your door for the second time, embrace the love and accept it with open arms. I know how difficult it is to love for the second time when your previous person has hurt you deeply.

Don’t lose your heart, have faith in God that he will send someone who is worthy of your love in your life, a person who will wipe out all your tears and love you from the bottom of his heart. Know the other person thoroughly before you move ahead with him. You cannot commit the same mistake twice because then it will be a big disaster. The correct word is dating. Open up to your new love, date him, spend time with him and understand him. When you spend a lot of time together you will understand him and he will understand you. I would say the past hurt teaches you a lot of lessons and you will take care this time to make this new relationship longlasting because you are fed up with your single status or your divorcee status. Either you will bump on to someone or someone who is made for you will find you. You just have to place your desires into the universe for the type of person you want in your life and you will see that you will get exactly what you were looking for. Don’t think that you will meet him at any place or there will be a filmy style entry and you both with see eye to eye in the first meeting. It can happen over the phone when someone may reach out to you and you feel his voice and fall in love. You never know how your love will find you. Sometimes things click so fast that it takes time to settle down and accept what exactly happened. Feelings and emotions are weird things and your logic can sometimes fog your mind so do not try to apply too much logic to the feelings of your heart. If you try to, everything around will seem illogical.

You live your life only once then why not live it fully, why cry for people who do not want to be in your life? Why waste your rest of the life mourning for people who just left you in the cold and never came again to see whether you were alive or dead? Just leave them in the past and forget them. It is also very necessary to forgive them so that you can move ahead with peace in your life with your new found second love. I know there will be times when you will feel guilty as to what you are doing. You should have waited for some more time before you finally decided to say goodbye to your previous relationship legally. I would say it is better to decide now than never because the more you linger matters in the court, the more frustrating things get with the passage of time so it is better to go for mutual divorce when you are facing too much compatibility issues. If you cling too long in a bad marriage you will spoil your dignity, your health and even lose your mental peace. I would say you are much more important than anything else in your life. For you, it is you first and then anything else later. If something is sucking all your energy and leaving you exhausted it is better to say bye bye to it and find a new love for the second time. Don’t bother about other people’s judgment or opinion, they never made much difference in your life so they are no one to bog you down with their suggestions. You do what your heart feels correct and make the right decisions. Love is a very sacred feeling and when you fall in love twice it means someone has surpassed your past and has made an entry into your present, where you no longer have that previous person in your life but only memories. There must be some characters in this new person that he was able to touch you to your core. Things sometimes just happen and when it has to happen it will.

No permissions will be asked for and you will just feel it. There are few souls which are sent here on this earth just for you to help you live good lives, I would say that is the biggest gift God gives to us. Life would have been unworthy without love, When someone loves you, you want to dress up, look your best and do whatever you can to show your feelings towards the other person. Love is a feeling which gives you peace when you are going through a breakup from your previous relationship. It helps you in healing your wounds gently. I know how difficult life can get at times when you really do not see any purpose in living your life, you just want to die because your previous man just disgraced your love for him. I would tell you to hang on in those dreadful moments and just live a little longer with your pain because when you spend some time with your pains, you make peace with it and you start accepting your present situation. In the course of time when you get back to work and start living a normal life after a bad past realtionship, God will gift you your treasure because you are a brave lady. A new person with his heart filled with love will enter your life and everything will seem like a dream. When you endure too many pains in your life, every happiness overwhelms you and you start questioning your own self whether you are worthy of it. You think will this new man be happy with me? Will I find my Soulmate in my second love? Will he love me much more than my previous person? There are so many questions which will arise in your mind. Hang on do not overthink, just fall in love and things will happen. All of your questions will be answered at the right time, you need to have patience.

Time is the biggest healer when it comes to matters of love. It is absolutely great to fall in love twice or I would say if you have the courage to love for the second time and face all your fears than nothing can stop you from living a life of your dreams, a life which you never imagined existed for you since you were too much drowned in your past. When you let your second love fill your heart with the happiness you will never be the same person again. There will be a new you born in the same body, it will be your rebirth. Thank God for your new love and showing you the true meaning of life. God gave just one life so live your life fully and fall in love twice. Even if you feel unprepared for anything new in your life, it may so happen that your love may just give you a wake-up call and you get swayed by the wind.

Come fall in love twice, love is a great feeling and when you love someone just express it. Love is timeless and ageless.

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