You know your Life journey - Is it True?

Submitted by rashmijsr on Tue, 2022-01-04 17:54
Divine Soulmate

A time for truth, the revelation of everything which was lying dormant because it is 2022 and the wait is over. If you feel guided to do certain things and don’t know why then it is time for you to get your answers. It is the harvesting season and time for results. You don’t have any idea as to how the result will be declared in front of you? Chill, the planetary alignments will align you with your true self, the real you. Your soul which exists inside of you knows its soul journey and as you get closer to the age or time when the secret has to be revealed to you about your true self, various things will start happening with you. Remember that you are not the body, this body was gifted to the soul for completing its journey on the planet. It is the cloth that covers your spirit for a lifetime. It gives you life and when it ceases to exist inside your body, your body turns lifeless and returns back to the planet from which it came and the soul returns back to the cosmos which is its true home. The body traps the soul so that it can live. For the soul to complete its journey of transformation so that it can become one with the divine it needs to learn various lessons. It is like enrolling in a school or college. After you pass all the exams you get a pass certificate. The journey on earth is more like a school or college journey with real-life lessons and you will be tested and even given an opportunity to transcend so that you get liberation from the cycle of birth and death.

Your subconscious mind is the universe itself which knows everything about your past, present, and future. Your soul and your mind stay together even after death and that’s the only reason people remember their past lives when they go for past life regression. If you go totally by logic and science then the scientists cannot prove the fact that rebirth is real and there is life beyond logic. Scientists can’t even prove the fact that how someone can remember his past life when in deep sleep and respond to queries of the person who asks him various questions related to his past birth. All the memories are imprinted in the subconscious mind, soul, and the timeline of the universe. The cosmos maintains a different record book for each one of us and there is no confusion. It will never happen that you will get punishment for a bad deed committed by someone else. The universe is very precise. You can connect the dots when you look backward but to do that you need the help of the invisible realm and people who can help you read your own mind. Everyone out there is helping you know yourself or your journey and the reason why you are born. It is like your soul speaking to you in the form of various people who are providing you guidance to move ahead. The entire cosmos is helping you to move ahead in your life and complete the purpose of your life successfully.

You know about your journey and every event which is going to take place in your life and these messages are communicated to you through your intuition. It is that tiny little voice that speaks to you from time to time. You can grow your intuition or your spiritual powers by yoga and meditation so that the inner being can clearly speak with you. There is always a conversation that is going on between you and the inner being. The very person you meet in the outside world is in some way a projection of who you are inside because you will connect with your soul tribe and not someone who does not resonate with you. Birds of the same feather flock together. The life lessons which your soul enrolled for will be learned through various events and people who will enter your life for a reason, season, and lifetime. If you are someone who has gone through the worst break up then it simply means that the invisible realm wants you to learn all your lessons before you meet with the right partner who will change the entire picture of your life. That wrong connection prepared you for the right connection because if things happened before the time you would not have valued either the person or the true divine relationship.

There are times when you meet someone for the first time and they click with you and you don’t understand the reason. You will feel that even when you try to hold back or stay away from that single person the entire universe will make you meet each other again and again. Reason? Your logical head can’t understand and you wonder what is happening. Ever tried to find out the reason? Your soul recognizes the spirit which exists in the other person and your logical mind cannot put the meeting in any box. I have seen random people meeting and marrying each other at times when they least expected it. There is a concept of divine time and divine relationship. There are few people who are born to be in each other’s life after several lifetimes and in those cases, the universe itself acts as a matchmaker. Even in the population of billions, you will recognize that one person who is meant to be in your life. There is a very deep concept of soul connection where two energies connect to make one divine energy which completes a code so that things can start shifting in the real world. I know it sounds more like a fancy dream but it is real. Then there is the involvement of intuition which helps you in understanding the depth of your relationship and understand everything even when your logical mind has given up.

The world in which you live is a creation where many invisible forces are at work. There are many things that science cannot understand and connect with but that does not mean that it does not exist. Your spirit knows everything about the past, present, and future. When you sleep you will see certain places and people to which you feel connected but you cannot recognize them. You will feel that same connection when you meet certain people in your life. Reason? They are the same souls with different cloth who are meant to be in your life so that you can complete your life’s journey together. The cosmic consciousness and your subconscious mind know the amount of suffering you will go through before you get real success or start enjoying great health. Till that time is reached you will face some or the other problem which will distance you from the success which you had been waiting for because the time was not right. The invisible energy web connects you with the realm which cannot be seen with naked eyes but through your third eye which is a window to your soul. The Third eye is the inward eye that connects you with your cosmic self which is hidden inside of you. You will see when you commit to a purpose or person with full dedication a certain pattern of events will line up in your life which will help you achieve your goal.

The subconscious mind is your true soul speaking to you. Your goals and dreams are extensions of the type of soul which you carry because every person cannot have similar ambitions and dreams. If you are someone who can dream the impossible then there are reasons why you imagine those stuff. It is difficult for a logical person to dream something which cannot be achieved in a single lifetime but it takes a Divine genius to imagine things which they label as possible even when they don’t know, How?. You have access to all the textbooks which has been written or will be written in the coming future since there is nothing called past, present, or future. Everything exists now in the present moment in energy form before you call it into action. The universe contains your life path or your journey enclosed in a certain case which can be accessed when you crack the code. There are certain people who do hard work and get success while there are others who work hard but still cannot reach the position they are aspiring for. There are many reasons behind it. It is not just you but various forces which work in your favor that make you successful. Do you think that people who were aspiring to be like me had not put right effort? I know there were many who wanted to play the role of a divine leader but they failed since the cosmos did not support them. The invisible realm supported me in various ways and I feel lucky because my God gave me something which needed a yogi-like person to achieve. I don’t know how to meditate and various other things but the cosmic initiation helped me climb mountains and made me believe firmly that I can do what I am meant to do even if it is difficult.

When you reach a certain age and time where you align with the cosmic geometry then you will start feeling a massive shift in your life. All the messages which are meant for you will start falling in your life and you will encounter events and meet people who will play a very vital role in your life. Do you have any idea of the concept of spiritual networking? I think most of us don’t know this concept. It is a concept in which you work on your spiritual awakening. When you do that you awaken the energies of people who will play a key role in achieving your life’s purpose. When you progress they too progress with you and you will reach a stage where you people will meet some or other way so that you can make things happen together. It is difficult to understand the working of the cosmos but it makes things happen in mystical ways. You cannot understand the working of the divine realm so it is better to have faith and keep walking ahead in life even when you feel directionless. This tangible world which seems physical is much more than what meets the eye because what you cannot see is much powerful than what is visible.

When you set a strong intention or desire you will see invisible forces start working on your behalf to make everything happen. Do you think something happened by chance in your life or it was you who planned for it much ahead of the time? You planned your journey in your mind so it is necessary to hold those thoughts which you want to manifest in the real world. The genie which exists inside you will give you exactly what you want, just place the desire and see what happens next. Your soul knows the person who will be in your life as your friend, teammate, or life partner because it knows the future. It will align events so that you meet your future better half so that you two can be together and write the story of your life together. The more you have aligned with the cosmos the better your manifestations because you align yourself with the invisible energies which will manifest in your life in the coming days. Though you don’t understand the process your soul knows the complete pathway. You do your work and let the divine realm handle everything which you cannot see but can feel by means of intuition.

The outer world will communicate with you by means of synchronicities and divine messages which will be delivered through people and moments which will guide you in your next phase of life or journey. Trust your intuition or inner GPS because it knows your entire journey of life. In fact, you know your own life’s journey and that is the only truth.

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