You are much more powerful than you think - Do you agree with me?

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Powerful Lady

When it comes to testing your power than I would say it is best tested in the bad days when we suffer and really want someone to pull us out of that situation. When we do not get the help we handle it ourselves. When you sit down and start remembering, all the past events will just flash in your mind and show you how powerful you were in those tough situations and how strongly you handled everything on your own. You never know your own strengths and powers until and unless you face adversity. It is in those trying times that you fully concentrate on the problem and want a solution. You wanted to learn driving and could not develop the confidence to drive a car but all of a sudden when you go out with your friend and he falls sick, you take control of the car and you both reach home safely. When you think about it you wonder as to how you were able to drive the car. All your fears of driving disappeared and you did a good job. Such things happen because you are more powerful than you think you actually are. When you face a difficult situation your brain starts working at a double rate and it just wants a solution and nothing else, when you focus on the solution all your fears disappear and you can do what you couldn’t do earlier.

I want to cite my own example here. I had received a notice from the tax office that my property tax had not been paid and I needed to pay the taxes within a stipulated time or else my home will be seized. My husband had not paid taxes since the time the home was purchased. He was not at home and was out of station for a long time. I had never done any such kind of work before but I gathered my courage and went to meet the tax official. I asked him to give me some time so that I can pay my taxes since it was a big amount and I did not have that much money with me. He said I should go and meet the tax officer as he was the only person who could extend the time period for paying my taxes. I went to meet him and convinced him that I needed some more time to pay the tax amount since I needed some time to arrange for the money. He listened to me patiently and extended my time period. Thus I paid the tax after arranging money. I never knew I had so much power within me and in those difficult times I became very powerful and sorted out my problem myself.

We all have that hidden power which lies dormant within us and wakes up only when we need them the most. You will never know how powerful you are till you face adversity which you find difficult to surmount. Life will throw many challenges in your path and it is only with your composed nature that you can solve your problem. It is easy to dwell in the problem but it is difficult to rise above it and find out a solution. Only when you give your energy on problem-solving that you find out how powerful you are. Rest of the times your own power is sleeping inside you and you look for help outside. When you find no one around you to help you out with the crisis situation that you realize your true strength. You are much stronger than you think you are. Once a lady came to me, she was in her 70’s. Since we both met each other in the park she just sat beside me and we started chatting with each other. She told me that she felt very weak and her knees ached too much while walking. She lived with her son and daughter in law. She had a grandson and he was very naughty. After a brief talk, she left. I saw a 4 years old boy crossing the road when a high-speed bike came from the other end. That old lady jumped and saved that child from meeting with an accident. I was very amazed when I saw this. That same lady was complaining to me that she felt feeble and her knee troubled her a lot and now she was in front of me saving the child bravely. I complimented her and told her that she was much more powerful than she thought.

You must have heard the quotation that “Something which does not kill you makes you stronger”. The pains which you suffer during your lifetime does not kill you but it makes you very powerful. Mental pain hurts much more than physical pain. When a dear one whom you have loved the most just leaves your life without any valid reason it hurts the most. In those heartbreaking moments when you just want to kill yourself and die, you choose life and take up the challenge to fight with your hardships boldly. You had never imagined that you will have to face such a situation in life and you were never prepared for it but you face it bravely. You fight with all the difficulties yourself and listen to all the nonsense of people around you who scold you for causing the problem. But you fight it all and in the end, you also get your love back. Those people who once found faults in you and scolded you now see you as a powerful person who did the unexpectable. There is so much power within each one of us which lies hidden from us and shows up only when we need it the most.

I would say just go out and conquer all those unknown territories and find out how powerful you are. Share your experiences in the comments section.

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