You and Me - Our Lovely timeless relationship

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You and Me

I would like to write about my relationship with you people today. You all are my lovely readers for all my articles. I would like to tell you that I value you all a lot, I value your opinions and feedbacks. I try to make changes when you all demand so and I try to make adjustments for you people. In writing down my thoughts and stories I make you all a part of my world so that you all get inspired and learn to do more. I want you all to be successful in your career, love life and married life. It is because of you all that I get hold of my laptop and write articles so that you people find something worth reading. In sharing my struggles, my good days, my feelings, my opinions, my challenges, I want you all to look at your life and understand that life is not a bed of roses but then it is no use complaining. If you take on the challenge and keep moving then nothing can stop you. I always advise you all to take the company of God because he is the best friend who will always be with you. Even if you are packed with too many friends take out some time and do friendship with him. He is a great friend and you will understand this only in the later stage of your life till then keep building the bond of love with him so that you both remember each other. I know you all are busy in your lives and do not have much time but then also you take out some time to read my articles when I post them on my website or the articles reaches you through an email. You all like, subscribe and then post your comments as to how my article touched your life. I thank you all for that.

I feel very happy when you share your story with me. I love to hear from my readers. We both share a good bond of love with each other and you all know that. Our lovely timeless relationship need not be expressed in words but can be felt in the heart. I want to tell you that I care for all of you and when I took a career break of two years you people thought that this website was going to shut down. I want to tell you that my life has been very challenging and my struggles were unsurmountable for me but I faced them bravely with the support of my dad and my God. That is the only reason I advise you, people, to build a bond with the divine. He will help you in mysterious ways and you will be through all your tough times happily. When you all wrote to me and asked me when I was getting back to writing I just wanted to reply “Never” but then I realized I was not meant to sit down and cry for my bad past but to build a new present with a shining future. I got back to writing so that my stories motivated you to face life’s difficulties with a brave heart and still maintain your smile because challenges are part of life. When your heart beats the machine shows an up and down image so is life when the lifeline goes flat it means you are dead. In the same way, when your life has no problems it means you have left the earth and reached your grave.

Keep smiling and keep going is my advice to you all. I know some of my readers are much older than me but then when I share my life’s experiences I am sure you people must have been inspired. I have faced so much in life that if I start writing every detail then 24 hours will run short and my home will be filled with books about my struggles and hardships. My journey from living a pathetic life to a blissful life was my choice with your help. I got back to writing so that in sharing my story you understand that you all are not alone, I am also a part of your journey and sometimes you all will feel that your life is much better than mine. I don’t complain and I dont compare. I am very thankful to you all that you all keep your patience with me. You all give your time to me, you all want to know about me, you all are on my journey with me. My heart is filled with gratitude towards you people. I want to tell you all that I got back to work just because of you all. Thank you for that. I want to do good work so that I stand as a living inspiration for you all so that you all “Never Give Up” and “Fight for your Rights”. I know sometimes it is easier said than done but then when I can overcome all my struggles with flying colors why can’t you people do the same. I know you all are very strong from within, it is just a matter of time that has not tested you much and that is the only reason you all cannot see your hidden talents. Once you all take a plunge in deep waters and don’t bother much about drowning I am sure you all will be through all your fears because your fears are the challenges which are yet to be faced.

My bond with you all has grown stronger with time and I promise you all that I will try and do my best. I want to touch everyone’s life in my good work. I want you people to be aware that even if you had a bad past you all can make a good life with your present and future. If you are struggling in your career or relationship, you always have the option to start again with a new person. Take the first step in faith and everything else will fall in the right place. There is nothing called “Right” or “Wrong” in life. It is your heart which decides what is right or what is wrong. I know you and I both struggle sometimes with all the misconceptions put forward by the society but then it is better to keep doing what you feel correct and not get into clashes or ego battles. My relationship with you all has been for a very long time. I remember when I first started writing I could not write very well but you all never complained and appreciated my work. I want to tell you all that it was because of your motivation and support that I kept learning and improved my writing so that it touched your life. You know when you all like my written articles I feel happy and realize that I have written something worth reading. I constantly try and improve my work. I want you all to know that I read a lot these days so that I can write good English.

I am improving myself and I also want you all to keep learning new things and adding on to your knowledge bank because knowledge never goes waste. Your knowledge will help you today or tomorrow so keep learning and keep growing. You never know how much difference your newly acquired skills can make in your life so it is high time that you utilize your free time properly. Love more, live more, laugh more and learn more. Just be a source of happiness for other people. Just try and make someone happy with your presence, I am telling you when you will light the world of the other person you will feel delighted from inside. We all are meant to do that and uplift each other and not pull each other down. My connection with you will always be the same and I am not going anywhere, you all also stay hooked and keep motivating me. I always ask you, people, to share your experiences with me so that i can also learn from you all. I am open to learning because I am a student of life. I am enrolled in this university of life till lifetime and that is a very strong commitment which will never be broken from my part.

I want you all to keep learning and keep sharing your knowledge so that you all make the world a better place to live with your presence. Your existence is important in this universe so just make your presence felt, do not fall into oblivion. Live and do not reach the grave much before your stipulated time. Laugh and teach other people to laugh in spite of all the difficulties and problems in life. I want you all to be with me till lifetime. I love you all.

Thanks for being a part of my journey called Life. Thank You.

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