Who Am I - Is it the Source of the Creation?

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Heaven on Earth

I am writing about something my lovely readers, now keep guessing. Life is a mystery and there is no fun in life without mystery. Just think how boring life would have been if you knew what was going to happen next and about your whole life journey. You would have got disinterested in life. There is joy in life only when there is a thrill in living, Agree with me? I guess “Yes” After all who does not wants a thrilling life which cannot be guessed and when you open your eyes you find that your whole world has changed and you keep guessing how this miracle happened. While you are still in that dreamy state, half awake and half asleep you hear someone calling your name. As far as you can remember you were single just yesterday and now you are at a different place with a different being whom you don’t know and he knows you fully. You think you are daydreaming and feel like going to sleep once again because that would at least calm your nerves and not give you goosebumps. You slept for full 12 hours hoping that things in your outer world must have got back to normal since you were daydreaming. Now when you open your eyes again it is the same new stuff. You keep guessing what must have happened? But you cannot remember anything. You feel lost, your life has changed, your world has changed, the people around you have changed and the big grand home where you are is placed in the “Phantom Island”. As far as your sense can take you, you can remember that you switched off your room’s light and went to bed. Now you keep guessing who took you here. It cannot be ghosts, Right? Since you are a very spiritual being and ghosts dare not come near you.

Then who is it? How can someone dare to take you to an unknown place even without asking for your permission? While you are still in a state of a question mark you close your eyes and start meditating to talk to your God’s to check if they have got any idea as to what happened last night. You connect with your God and then you pose the question. Hi “Do you have any idea as to how I landed up here?” He tells you that you took his vehicle to travel to that place and no one brought you there but it was your own personal decision to be there. You say “What”, how is this possible? I can’t remember even a bit of what happened last night and you are telling me that it was my decision to be here and I took your vehicle to travel to this unknown place. You ask him, Are you sure your vehicle is missing and lying with me? And he answers, “Yes 100%”. It is with you only. You keep wondering as to why you will travel to an unknown place that too in the middle of the night in the middle of your sleep that too to an unknown destination to be with unknown people who enjoy a heavenly lifestyle which does not match yours. While you are still thinking of asking your God the next question you find that he is gone. And you keep thinking why he left I am not yet done with my questions. With so many questions in your head to which you have no answers, suddenly someone calls you by name and asks you to have breakfast. You pinch your hands but still, nothing changes. You keep thinking “God this is real?” you don’t remember what happened last night and how your world completely changed.

While you are still lost in your thoughts someone again calls your name and asks you to have breakfast. You tell her that you are coming. You take your bath and when you are out, you find that the clothes which are lying in the closet for you are uniquely designed with great craftsmanship just for you and you cannot even know the pricing since it is priceless. You feel anyways let’s wear it. Then there is a jewelry section that houses the best of all jewellery. Now your biggest problem is that you are not used to living such a life with so many choices so you cannot believe anything as real. The thoughts of your God is still resonating in your head that he told you, you borrowed his vehicle to be in an unknown place with unknown people. While it is still getting difficult for you to accept everything as a complete reality that there is a knock at the door. You open the door and someone comes in with breakfast. While you are still in a state of complete bewilderment he places everything in the crockeries which seems heavenly. You ask him, “Do you want me to eat in these plates?” “Yes Madam” comes the answer. You say “Ok” and he leaves.

Your thinking, your whole logic is failing and while you are still thinking of meditating and calling upon your God, you find that he did not leave and is still there. You thank him for being there for you and you again ask him “Why you did not leave”. He answers “How can I leave, you are having my vehicle”. You say “Oh, I am sorry about that”. You tell him that he can leave only when he has answered all your questions. God gives a nod “Ok Ask what you want to Know?” You ask him as to how you landed up here and again comes the same reply that you borrowed his vehicle to be there. You cannot contain or accept whatever is being said and in a state of delusion, you tell your God that now you need a good concrete answer before you lose all your senses. Your God nods “Ok” and then he explains everything. He tells you that you transcended your own body and entered the spiritual reality and God had no option but to give you what you were supposed to get on this earthly plane since they cannot take you to the heavens along with them or else who will do their work and bring peace and harmony throughout the world. You now understand his problem and you say “Ok” and again ask him the question “Why am I here”. I don’t recognize anyone here. Your God just calms your nerves, asks you to drink a glass of water so that he can make you understand everything.

You tell your God “Ok explain me now, Why I landed up here?” You knew that if you would pose the same question again he would give you the same answer so it is better to ask him a different question so that he has to answer you as to how you landed into an unknown place that too while sleeping. Your God starts explaining and you keep listening. He takes you to another world and gives you a concrete picture of the reality which he chose for you since you were one among them and he could not deny you your destiny. He had no other option but to convince you in your deep sleep and make you ready to come to an unknown place and live with completely unknown people because that is your destiny and it was you who forced him to write that for you. Now you keep guessing “How could you force the creator for something”. While you are still wondering what to ask next he says that I should enjoy my life here since that is my destiny, my new reality because I have to achieve my life’s purpose by being with them. He also tells you that you are one among them and you have been sent on this earthly plane just to achieve your purpose and once your work is done they will take you with them in that heavenly vehicle. He also tells you that you do not need to borrow his vehicle anymore since he purchased a new one just for you and tells you that you can be with them whenever you want.

While you are still thinking about what to ask next, he has got an urgent call from the heavens and he has to attend that. You bid him “Good Bye” and eat your breakfast. Since you feel completely lost you feel it is better to get more sleep rather than be awake and get more confused. So you sleep and you get a whisper in your ears “I welcome you to this earthly plane”. You open your eyes and ask the person “What do you mean by that” and he says “You are born to change the World”.

You ask him “What?” He tells you “Yes Sweetheart” you are the one. And you close your eyes and just doze off to sleep.

“Born to change the World”. Who Am I?

© 2010 Rashmi Priya. m