Whatever happens happens for Good - Is it True?

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Geeta Saar

In Geeta Saar, it is written: “Whatever happens happens for good”. Now I am going to discuss my own life’s experience as to how good or how bad. I can say one thing with surety that whenever a big change is about to happen there is no intimation as to it is going to happen. We have to accept it whether we are mentally prepared or not. Sometimes you will cry and get disheartened but have faith that whatever is happening is happening for good and the present situation is preparing us for the future. The past experiences are also something which has to be kept in mind. In writing this article I want to write my own experiences with my life of 37 years. There are very few people whose life is very different from the rest of the masses and believe me this small chunk of people are the ones who create history. My dad wanted me to become a doctor but even after appearing in various competitive examinations I could not clear the test. I gave MBA entrance and got selected. Now I understand as to why I did not clear Medical examination even after trying so much and why I cleared MBA. Now I run my own Software Company and I am also a Soft Skills Trainer. My interest was more in writing, speaking and administration and hence MBA as a career choice was good but this is something which I could not see before. I could not see how MBA as a career will help me in the near future but God knew what was right for me.

There were many times when I planned to do something but I could never do even after trying very hard because that was something God never wanted me to do. When things are running according to your plans it means that is something which is correct for you but when things are not happening according to your plans it means God has interfered and things are running according to his wish. You may or may not be prepared to accept whatever is happening in your life but you have to live those days, be it the worst days of your life and you may never want to relive them in the near future. Diamond cannot be polished without friction. The diamond which is found in nature in raw form does not glows like the diamond in your finger ring. Ever thought of why. The reason is that the diamond which is found in its natural form is unpolished and the diamond which is in your finger ring is a polished one with proper cuts. The cuts of diamond help the light to reflect inside the stone which makes it glow and shine. Same is the case with humans the tough and turbulent days polishes us so that we can refine ourselves and become better to rise up in life.

The person whose life is very easy never does something great. Someone who has to face lots of challenges in life is the ones who are born to do big things and create a change which will last even when they are gone. That is something which I believe from the bottom of my heart. When you are struggling in life, have faith and hold on. Keep thinking that your time will come. This too shall pass. Life is full of good and bad moments. The good days makes life worth living, the sad and bad days makes us humbler & also prepares us for the future. When you are engulfed with sorrow and cannot see any direction have faith that God is working on you and will show you the right direction. Either he will himself come or send someone in your life who will guide you by his words or actions. Never lose hope because there were many times when I felt lost and could see no hope and meaning in life. In those moments God interfered and showed me the right path. You will be guided. The only thing which you have to do is trust and have faith. You will come across some book or an article and you will be guided in the right direction.

Trust and have faith. I know sometimes it is very difficult to believe “Whatever happens happens for good” because we can see no good instantly but in the long run some good will come. God may be preparing us for the road ahead. He shows us the right direction. I always feel guided and I know when I feel lost God will show the right way. I may not see any good right now and may be feeling totally out of place but some good is on my way. There are various times when I have been terribly shaken so that I could the new changes and forget the past. I was a late morning riser a few months back but now I wake up early in the morning and complete all my homework as fast as I can so that I can concentrate on my family and career. I have overcome various health problems which has tested my full patience. There were times I could not handle what was going on in my life but then I learned to handle them. Sometimes it was very tough to see any good coming my way but I had no options but to accept whatever was happening around me and in my life. Now when I look back I fully trust God’s decision.

My life’s lesson and my health problems have made be a better person, a better human being who can give courage to everyone. When I share my experience of whatever I have gone through other people learn from it and they know how to live their life better. Living a good life is the right of every person but then it is a hard choice which has to be made. Sometimes good and sometimes bad life move on and on. If your learn your life’s lesson correctly you will not have to face the same problem again and again but when you don’t learn life will teach you through harshest ways. All the planets which make the solar system brings about changes in your life. Out of them, Saturn is the toughest teacher or fatherly figure. You are changed over a period of time and nothing happens all of a sudden. I would say we need to program our mind to see the good in every situation so that we can handle our life better. If we see only negative part of it than our life is going to be very tough. A tough life does not always build you it sometimes breaks you. I have seen people who have been broken to pieces and they could not recollect themselves and lived the worst life while on the other hand, I have also seen people who have lived their best and created history even after being brought down. I would say it is all upon us as to how we can handle our life. It is we who has to choose and the choices we make defines our life.

I know it is easy to preach than practice. I too found it very difficult to see the good in every situation but now I have programmed my mind to see the good in every situation. Every situation which has come in my life to break me is happening just to change me as a person so that I can stand as an inspiration for other people around me. God has always guided me into the right path be it my recovery from my health problems or my personal life. I have seen good things happening in life after a rough patch though I never believed that it was about to happen. There were times when I could see no good in what was happening in life but something great happened when I overcame those problematic situation. A bad phase makes us humble and understanding so that we can change and also make changes happen.

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