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What you want wants you - Is it Real?

Submitted by rashmijsr on Thu, 2021-12-23 17:49
Divine Betterhalf

I, my insane thoughts and imagination are something that differentiates me from the masses. My God gave me everything that I asked for but now they give me everything they have planned for. My life is hijacked by none other than “Anantha”. Sometimes it feels I am living his life and not mine. When it was peak time for me to work on my dreams and create a successful career for myself I had to deal with my worst breakup, health problems and worked on my spirituality. I walked on a path which I never planned and was not ready to live but I was forced to. Sometimes I think, Do plans work? For me, it didn’t but for many, it works and goes the way they want. I was a spiritual girl but I never wanted to sit on “Anantha’s” throne. Why should I? I was living a great life but my God’s had a different plan for me. I am still facing problems of inflammation and allergy because spiritual awakening comes with its own set of health problems. All the thoughts which have been purposely planted in my head have been done by none other than “The man who changed my life for a lifetime”. I know through me he wants to realize his dreams and I am just a medium for the universe to work through me because they needed a body. I was not in a good state of mind today with so much going on in my head. I was planning for my future and could not see anything fructifying in front of my eyes though I can feel the vibration. Until and unless things get tangible it is hard for you to believe and even harder when you are manifesting something which no one in the entire world can ever dream of.

I was tense when I woke up in the morning. After doing my yoga and meditation I just wanted to check a good video on Youtube and I got a video on “What you Imagine, Imagines you”. Sounds insane right? Then I was listening to that same video in the evening when I heard a particular line and my sister just send a message on What’s App family Group “Hey Bhagwaan”. I understood whatever the man was saying in the video applied to my life. He was advising every individual to get out of their way and let the manifestation happen. Get over self-limiting beliefs and doubts. Imagine in the mind that what you want wants you and possessing what you desire for. Have faith that the universe has granted your wish and trust in the journey. The journey will guide you to your destination which is your goals, dreams, and manifestation. It does sound crazy. When I am most tense I get very specific messages from the universe. Messages search for me and they find me, in fact, follow me and they are there to be revealed to me so that I calm down. I am doing very specific work something which I don’t understand much but have to do because I don’t have options. I have raised my hand to fulfill an insane dream which I think is possible with “Anantha and my Better Half”. Let’s see who it is. My God says you will manifest the image which is in your head but I can’t see anything happening in that direction. Let’s see what’s next.

I hope everyone will agree with me that every person on this earth can’t imagine the same things. In fact, there are people who put a cap even on their imagination. They want to be practical and logical. I just know one thing if you dream the impossible the universe will guide you to achieve even that because it has no other option. The only criteria for your success are total alignment with the cosmos and the things you desire. Vibrate at a frequency that cannot escape the eyes of the creator. I always say with God everything is possible because he created the universe. I am still working on my alignment. Things do get tough at times. I thought I will reach a state which I had planned in my head in the month of October 2021 but still, I can’t achieve that state of mind or body, and I am still aligning with the source. The universe has set a different time and date to give me what I want rather than the time which exists in my mind. I don’t have problems with that because until and unless everything is aligned I can’t proceed further, I am still waiting to reach that state and I know once I am there the invisible realm will put into action the next phase of my life and I will have to move ahead in my life.

God did not give me many options and when you commit your life for the greater good you can’t be selfish. I don’t have much idea of the role which I will play in bringing change to the world but it has to start. Once it is divine time the universe will align all the planets which will start its work so that everything happens according to divine order. All the events will align one after another and after that, there is no looking back. I don’t know how different my new life will be from my present life but once I step into that zone I will just move ahead. There is no denying the fact that the universe plants those thoughts in our head which are meant for us. The desire to own something or do something does not happen randomly but it is well planned by the invisible realm which wants you to have those dreams and achieve them even when the whole world labels it as impossible. People who do great work are tough nuts to crack. They are thick-skinned and can take criticism on their faces. You need to be hard-hearted if you want to bring massive change because you never know how the other person will react but if you do that with the energy of the universe then the visible world is kinder.

If you are a normal person and you want to own a say “Multi-Trillion Dollar” Business, own a big corporate office like that of “Apple” and want to have a big house then it will sound totally impossible to a normal man and the best part is if you just have say 40 or 45 years to live. Doesn’t it sound insane? Yes, it does. But I also love the fact that that there is nothing wrong with dreaming because when you dream you find a way. When you dream and have faith that things will align for you so that you can make all your dreams real then it is an effort in a good direction. When you don’t know how? Then let the universe handle it for you. For example, people say with God everything is possible. If you work on your spirituality and take his place because you can, then you can do anything. Sounds possible? Yeah, it does. When you are a God in the form of a human being can you still achieve those dreams? Don’t know? Great right. Then you ask for answers and the invisible realm says that you can do that. Funny Right? It sounds funnier when you are currently not working and don’t know how you will manifest that huge amount to make your dreams real.

It is only after my worst breakup and two divine encounters in the year 2015 that I dream about everything which a normal human being would label impossible. It is good that they put those labels because then you are satisfied with everything. I don’t know what is life? I am happy to see everyone growing in my life. No issues with that. I just want an honest, dedicated life partner who is 100% loyal to me. The universe knows everything. The best part is when you see signs and synchronicities but no physical signs of your manifestations. I am in the mood of let’s see what’s next. Overthinking never made anything happen because everything happens in divine time. You cannot fasten the process. When things are meant to happen it will happen and you will have to abide by the laws of the cosmos because there is something called cosmic will that is at play and it is above everything. When it is the actual time for something which is meant to happen it will happen because the cosmos will act as one to make that one thing happen. It is difficult to understand the working of the universe because when it comes to the cosmos there are no rules. It does not follow any rule book but it has its own set of rules which it modifies from time to time to bring back divine order. Everyone has to abide by divine order.

No one is above God. He was, he is, and always will remain the supreme entity. You cannot deny that fact and no living being in the universe can break the rules. There is so much going on in the world. I don’t know the fate of humanity but my subconscious mind contains lots of information that is not available to the conscious mind. I have spent time with “Anantha” and he made me aware of many things which I don’t remember but my soul knows. My soul knows much more than my conscious memory. I don’t have answers to the question as to why something appeals to me ad why I feel so much connected with the realm which I cannot see with the naked eyes. I don’t know. Sometimes I feel lost and my dad says this girl will go insane.

Just remember the fact that “What you want, wants you”. The universe has placed those thoughts purposely in your head so that you desire those things and want to own them. If you desire a certain person or dream about something have faith that what you want also wants you so that the manifestation process gets easier. Trust your intuition. Trust your Intuition. TRUST YOUR INTUITION. Fall in love with the image in your head and put forth your work and then see how your destiny changes all of a sudden. Even when you can’t see anything in the real world just trust your intuition because it is God speaking to you and you can wholeheartedly and blindly trust your god. Yes, Yes, YES.

© 2010 Rashmi Priya. m