What is owed to you will come to you - Have Faith

Submitted by rashmijsr on Mon, 2019-08-12 18:38
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Life is more of a give and take the business. You have to give in order to get something in return. It can never be one-sided. Even one-sided love has no fate. I personally believe that what is owed to you will come to you. At least you do contribute from your side and leave the rest on God. When you know you have played your role honestly then you can be rest assured that the universe will return back what is owed to you very fast and with full sincerity. The cosmos keep watching over you. If you think you will ditch someone than beware one day you will get everything in return in a magnified way. Try to be honest in your undertaking, do not carry hidden motives, bless with a happy heart, it is only when you do not perform your duties sincerely that your life gets out of track. I would like to tell you, people, that what is owed to you will come to you. When the divine has written something in your destiny it will reach you and will be a part of your life. There is nothing to be surprised about or get shocked as to what will happen next. You played your part sincerely now wait for the universe to give you answers. When you have not harmed anybody the universe will make sure that you are kept safe from evil eyes. Keep the faith and keep doing your part of good karma which is very important. You can get results only when you do the part of your work sincerely. God’s will do their work, you don’t bother much regarding that. Something which is most important is your part of the work.

When you walk on the path which you chose for yourself and start your journey in life, have faith that the higher powers are moving along with you. They will not leave you alone. When you need help you will get help and do not doubt as to how something which seemed impossible can happen. If you have the power within you and have faith in your capabilities, nothing can stop you, you will get 100% help from the universe.You just need to take the first step in faith and believe me everything all falls in the right place. Even God cannot deny you your part which is yours and only yours. Always remember what is yours will be yours and if there is something which is not yours will leave your life. That is how the laws of nature work. Something which is meant to be in your life will be in your life at the right time when it is destined to be, not before and not after the divine time but at the right moment, the way your God wants things to happen. I have heard people saying wait for the right time. That is the only reason when your luck favors you others feel they are less fortunate than you but then they cannot see the part of your hard work. What is owed to you will come to you, remember the more time it takes for its manifestation the more bonus you are going to get along with your reward.

It is difficult for even God’s to deny you what they owe to you. If you are someone who is searching for a good soulmate then just keep watching for him. If you prayed to God and he owes that to you then believe me your soulmate will be in your life. God keeps their promises because if they break one then how we human beings can keep our promises. Place your wishes into the universe and do your work, you will see that after some time you will get your answers or I would say you will start manifesting what you want in your life. You add to your good karma. If God’s owe you a good career or relationship then have faith your whole destiny will work in your favor. The heavens will align accordingly and make planetary changes so that you can get what they owe to you. If you have prayed and worked hard from your side then just watch for signs whether your God is answering your prayers or not. God will not give a nod on anything or everything until and unless it is what they want. Have faith if they want something to happen they will make things happen in your life at lightning-fast speed but then they should want it.

If you want a good career or a happy relationship then place your requirements into the universe, it does not matter how big or small your wishes are. A wish is a wish and it is all upon the universe to grant your wishes at the right time. If you want to make a big and successful career just ask for it and start working towards the achievement of your dreams. Your part of karma is important if you are destined to make it big you will because your God has no option but to give what you want because they owe you a successful career. It is only when you show your full dedication towards the achievement of your dreams, God knows that they have to give you what you want so that your contribution can change the entire picture of the existing world. Even God’s love change makers, people who make changes in their lives, face challenges and then move ahead to make the world a better place to live. Even God’s welcome change makers but then it is a deal between you and your God that you will contribute your 100% to whatever you are doing, your commitment to the achievement of your dreams is important. God will give you what is owed to you but it is only when you put in your full effort that you can make things happen.

If you are looking for a perfect relationship then just let the universe know that you want it and if you are someone who has struggled in your previous relationship and have suffered for no fault of yours than your God owes you a good and healthy relationship. Have faith that your dream man will enter your life or is about to enter your life and you are still not aware of it since you cannot see anything happening in your life. Keep the faith that things are still to manifest in reality while the background work has started and you will soon see the reality in front of your eyes. It is only when you believe with undeterred faith that things will happen in your life that you change your life. It is important for you to play your part of karma so that you can manifest your perfect life partner into your life. Till then keep looking for signs from the universe which will communicate with you at regular intervals and keep you updated that your wishes are going to be fulfilled. Your heart will feel it, your nose will smell it and that person will be in front of your eyes at any given moment of time. Let God’s do their work and you do yours so that you keep your patience and faith rekindled in your heart.

I personally believe what is owed to me will come to me no matter what. I have suffered a lot and I am eligible for a good life partner and I know that my God’s will present me my better half any moment because they are completed with their work and will present me with my gift of life since if have suffered much more than I should have at a very early age. Whatever I have lost in my previous two years of my life needs to be rewarded back along with a bonus to me. I have faith that I will get what I want and I will not die with unfilled wishes. My god owes me a good life partner and he has to give me that. It is a deal between me and him so that I can move ahead and create my destiny with his support.

Keep the faith that you will get what is owed to you. No one can eat your piece of cake or your pie, no one can have your dream man but it will be yours and only yours because he is born on this earth only for you, have faith. Keep smiling.

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