What Exists and What Doesn’t?

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The very existence of reality is not real. Yes, it is true, you people don’t believe me? You will once I move ahead with my thoughts and discover further. Do you really exist? If I say “No” will you believe me? You people must be thinking that today the writer has gone crazy and asking me “Whether I exist or not?” Like what type of question is that? Of course, I do exist and that is the only reason I am reading your article. Now how do you understand that you truly exist on this earth, it is only when you think you exist but when you are in deep sleep you don’t exist. The reason being in deep sleep your conscious mind is in deep sleep and hence no thoughts can enter your mind and hence you don’t exist. You are as good as a dead person while you are sleeping, then I would say you don’t exist since you are not aware of your own being while you are in deep sleep which means you are as good as a dead person. So your own existence is questionable. All of you know that it is your mind which sees information and processes it. When you see something or touch something or just have a smell of some new stuff or hear something it is all processed by your mind since that is the only energy center that has been given that task of applying logic and thinking. When you get meditative and transcend boundaries of your own physical existence, your mind gets elevated and synchronizes with the universal mind and you are no more the same.

Your mind has the power to create an illusion and make you believe that it is the reality or I would say your mind has the power to think which makes you believe that whatever is going in your head is the reality. You never know whether the reality exists or not but since you can see it so you can apply logic to it. If you cannot see something you just deny it. If you smell something or feel something and hear something but still not see it you label it as supernatural power since you cannot see it. There are so many things which co-exist along with you on this earth which you cannot see but that does not mean that they are not there. Since you cannot see it in reality you feel these forces are non-existent. Have you seen those Chinese masters who know how to harness the power of the universe near them and use it for their own benefits. They have the power to connect with the source of the energy available near them and use it for their own benefit. They can use the energy to burn papers or add an extra boost to their energy to pull an object which is not possible for a single man. There is lots of energy which is around you since energy cannot be created nor destroyed so you can use the energy near you and put it forth in fruitful things. When you know how to connect with that energy which is surrounding you, you can make miracles happen. Yes, believe me, you can always play with the energy which is available to you but then you have to learn the ways of harnessing those energies.

I would say connect with the source of your creation that is your true divine self. When you ask the creator for guidance he will guide you in mysterious way but yes the rules of the game are the same as I have already discussed “A pure heart full of love” so that you resonate at a high frequency. When your body’s frequency changes, you start getting answers to all your questions from the universe. Then you have only one work to do that to is think and create your reality. The more you learn how to process information which is available to you the better you get at harnessing all the energies.

All of you will agree with me that it is your brain which does the work of thinking and processing all the information’s, it also controls the involuntary actions of the body. Now if your mind stops thinking then what will happen? You will not exist since you exist only when thoughts are there inside your head. When you cannot think then you cannot create any reality which means when no thoughts enter your mind the very concept of past, present, and future is gone. You are nothing but the thoughts you carry. When you reach a zero state when no thoughts pass through your mind then you do not exist. Then you are neither alive nor dead because how can something which does not exist die. A state of no thoughts is called meditation when you reach that state you become one among the cosmos since your brain is not seeing anything nor processing any information and hence you are one with every being present in the universe and hence one with the divine. The very concept of reality is very distorted. Things that you believe are real may not be real but you have the power to make them real by the thoughts you choose. Once the choice is made you manifest your own reality into your life because your thoughts create your reality.

Have you heard people saying you to be imaginative? I would say choose to be imaginative and not logical but yes you should know how to balance everything out so that you do not sound insane. The biggest problem with people today is that they perceive everything which they cannot understand as illogical or junk. When you are imaginative you can create better realities for yourself in the near future which is yet to come by focusing on the exact things you want and having full faith that you will get it. When you doubt yourself nothing happens. Have faith and tap into the power of the universe which will convey the right messages to your subconscious mind which will pass the message to the conscious mind and you will get what you want. You yourself are the source of the creation of everything you want in your life. You are an energy body full of frequency and vibrations so create your reality with your thoughts which define your very existence because once the thoughts are gone your whole existence will be a matter of question. You exist only when you think and you don’t exist when you shut down your mind so this whole life is an illusion, a distorted reality which you can manipulate with your own thoughts.

Great na. Like I too got amazed when I was researching on this topic but then I gave good thought to it and realized that the concept is absolutely right. When you switch off your mind i.e a state of no thoughts or zero thoughts then you won’t exist. You are not attached to anyone or anything. You are nowhere and you are everywhere in the universe as one of the particles floating in the air which is yet to manifest in the form of human being and waiting to be sent down here on this earth plane. Energy cannot be created nor destroyed so like when you die your soul’s energy is present somewhere in the universe and is not dead and will manifest again in the form of human being on this earth so that means you are immortal. I would say all the energies exist in the cosmos, things which existed millions and billions of years ago are still floating there in the universe waiting to get manifested in one form or another. So that means that God’s energy is also floating somewhere in the universe waiting to take human form whenever evil takes over good, so you see God’s can be born on the earth plane in a human form which you may not recognize. When the energies are floating in the universe and God’s are doing their work then they can manifest themselves on this earthly plane. It may so happen that some Gods who existed millions and millions of years back may manifest himself in the form of a human being and bring about a revolution in the world along with unfolding his own deep secret treasures which are lying unutilized.

You people just give it a thought. It is not something magical that I have written. If you apply your logic and study various laws of Quantum Physics and Law of Thermodynamics, you are aware that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another so the energies are all alive and every one of you is immortal since you never die, your energy is floating up in the air even after death waiting to be manifested. You exist and do not exist at the same time if you just give a “Tata, Bye Bye” to your thoughts.

Now think what exists and What doesn’t?

It is either everything or nothing. Great Na.

Digest the write up if you can or just sleep. Goodnight.

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