What to do when you cannot see a way and life knocks you down?

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This life is the best gift of God to all human beings. Life is very tricky and sometimes it may become nuts and very difficult for you to handle but then you don’t have an option before you to say goodbye either to your circumstances or your own life. You cannot control the outside circumstances or things which happen in your outer world but you can adjust your life’s sails accordingly so that you can move through the rough patch easily. Though it is not easy to accept the worst which life throws at you but then when there are fewer options or no options you have to face the situation head-on and expect the best to happen. When you go through the worst then you don’t fear as to what will happen to your life. You already know that there is nothing worse which can happen than whatever is happening now, so you are relieved that if you can handle this challenge which life has thrown at you, you will easily pull through. When you face your own fears you are not afraid of anything because you know that things cannot go bad anymore. There is a sigh of relief on your face when you face your worst fears because that is something which was haunting you in the night all the time and when you are face to face with it now you are not scared anymore. I bet you when you overcome this biggest challenge of your life which you are going through now you will be happy to see the sunshine as if the sun was rising in the sky after a break of few months though that is not the reality. When you can’t see a way and life keeps knocking you down, it is good to keep walking and not stopping because if you stop then grief will take over your life and it will get more difficult for you to make a comeback or bounce back from your problems.

When you can’t see the whole path just move on it pretending that you know the whole path and you know it will lead you to your best destination. You will see that when you keep walking on an unknown path with faith that it will lead you to your best destination you will be shown the way, receive guidance from the universe and in doing so you will forget all the misery which life had thrown at you because after the passage of a few months it will become a thing of the past. A past which was difficult to bear but now it is gone never to return again in the present or the future. Always remember you have the power to choose your life even when life knocks you down. You can make the choice of not giving in to your current sorrows and looking at the bigger picture that whatever is happening in your life is happening for a reason, God wants to teach you a lesson and when your learning is over your life will start getting better. Every one of us wants to live a great life but life can never be smooth, the journey will have bumps, obstacles and a hell lot of problems which will seem insurmountable but that does not mean you cannot overcome them. You are given a problem because you have the hidden talent to overcome it which you yourself are not aware of until you encounter the problem and solve it gracefully. No matter how tough the situation is, no matter how heartbroken you are, no matter how many tears you have shed just to get out of that worse situation, God knows that you can handle it gracefully and so he gave you these challenges so that you can grow as a person. LIfe’s problems are meant to make you better and not bitter.

Just take mini steps when you can’t take big leaps or cannot run. MIni baby steps will at least help you in moving ahead in times when you cannot see any purpose in living or purpose in your struggles. When you cannot see where the path which you have taken goes, the twists and turns or the curves, you don’t know the direction, and still you make the conscious choice to keep walking because you know you are not someone who will quit but you are someone who will fight till his last breath and even win the battle of life. Sometimes the struggle gets too much and it soaks you till your throat and you cannot breathe properly, remember that is the time when things will turn around in your favor. When you live longer with your problems and don’t quit, you will be directed by the universe in the right direction so that you can complete your task and get successful. It is only when you get depressed or your miseries take over your life that things go wrong or move out of track. When you accept whatever is happening in your life, you will see that you will get better at solving your everyday problems. You will start living in ease and no one will be able to disturb you anymore. It is only when you get agitated and tensed that problems arise. When you want to see the whole path in a single go that is the time when you face difficulty because you overthink and create more problems for you, the problems which still do not exist in reality. You have to be aware that it is only when you take the chosen path and walk on it that the path will unfold itself and give you a clear picture of the twists and turns in the same way you cannot live your whole life in a single day then why spend too much time in mourning over problems which are yet to come or may come. You never know what will happen in the future so it is better that you stop creating miseries in your mind.

When you start your journey of life, it will start unfolding and then you will get all the answers which you were looking for, one after another. You cannot live your life in a single day so you cannot gain all your life’s experiences in a single day. Just do whatever you are meant to do and you will know what to do next. You must have seen people who do not stop even after they have gone through the worst in their life, they create history because these people not only overcome their grief but they redirect their grief in a direction where their own agony serves as a boon for them. When you overcome challenges you grow as a human being and you are no more the same soul in your own body. You have got only one life, you have the option of living a great life by converting all your miseries into learning opportunities to grow further or make your own problems break you so that you cannot stand and walk again. You can redirect your energy in the right direction and make lemonade out of any lemon which life throws at you. Keep in mind you are much stronger than your problems. Life can throw challenges in the form of lemon but you have the option of turning the disaster into a great opportunity for growth. When you do not give into the tough situations in your life you can direct your energies in the right direction where your problems help you in achieving success in life. When you turn your frustration, anger, and guilt into the right direction where it serves you then life cannot knock you down but it will be you who will knock your problems down because you are much bigger than them.

Tough souls don’t give in easily to anything, they know that even when they feel directionless there is something which is still working in their favor and that they will receive God's guidance. You never know what is going to happen next so it is better that you stop doing guesswork and act on the problem. Some people have to overcome more challenges than others because their purpose in life is bigger than the others. Don’t compare and just concentrate on your own path and your journey. When you are determined to keep walking in spite of all the problems and reaching your destination, you will see that a new path will be created for you on which you can walk and complete your journey, a journey which was meant to be but the path was still under construction. When you made the decision to progress further even God’s made the decision of creating a new path for you so that you could go further. You never knew that when you walked an extra edge you created a new destiny for you which was not written in the stars. You will see all your wishes getting granted just because you decided to take an extra mile which others did not take.

Just keep going and keep working so that you can create our own path. Even if life knocks you down you have the right to choose so make the right choice to keep walking and not quitting. You will see that you will create a destiny which you yourself never thought you would.

All the best for your life’s challenges.

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