What to do when you can’t see a way and are overwhelmed with problems?

Submitted by rashmijsr on Sat, 2019-06-22 18:24

Life is a game which every human being has to play. You cannot exit the game before your time comes and there is no way you can move back into the past or fast forward into the future. You just have one life, one game and the present moment to make things happen. You cannot quit so you have to face the challenges life throws at you. You cannot say “I cannot face them” because I am not ready. I need to learn lessons of how I should deal with the problem which has come then I will deal with it. There is nothing called first learn in the classroom and then give exams as it always happens in school. In life, you have to give exams first and then learn your lessons later. You are already prepared for the problems beforehand though you may not realize it and fall victim to your situations. There is nothing which is permanent in life so live your life as a good player who has mastered all his shots. Do not play a safe game, take some risks, there is only one life so just do it all and wait for the results. Here you will not get grades as you would get in school like first, second or third but you will get grades in the form of how better your life gets as you face your difficulties and challenges. The changes which your challenges have brought within you as a human being in a good way is your reward which you get in the form of grades.

Life can sometimes put you in a place where you feel directionless. You can’t see a way and you don’t know which way to go because you are overwhelmed with problems. It is absolutely ok to feel such a way because you are not the only one who feels this way. There are many people who feel the same way and they find their own solutions. When there are problems, solutions are bound to be there. You just listen to your heart and move in a direction which you feel correct or take a break and do something else before you get back to that same place again with renewed vigor and tackle the problem head-on. You can go on holiday with your friends or family or alone and recharge your batteries before you start solving the issue which has stuck your growth. Life is both good and cruel at times so the best way to deal with it is, just do your part and leave the rest on God. Be rest assured that God will make things happen for you. Sometimes you will see that you put too much effort into a part of work and you still can’t see any results but there are other areas of work where you are progressing. It may be a sign that you should either put more effort in that particular area or quit that area of work and concentrate somewhere else because the energies which are with you will not come up and speak but they will speak in the form of intuition and through other forms. God will not speak from a photograph or do akashwani, you have to learn ways to understand the language of God.

When you don’t feel like doing anything just sit with God. Light a diya and watch it carefully, you will see your focus will turn away from the problems and you can concentrate on the supreme force and get peace. You will feel energetic, you will feel better and you will get a new perspective in solving your problem. When you sit with your God and concentrate on him whole-heartedly he shows you the way and even guides you till the end. It is life and there is nothing which is permanent. You can be at peace by thinking today or tomorrow there will be a solution and when you are focused on it you will get it at the right time. Sometimes you have to wait for your solution and the rest of the times you get instant results so it depends on the type of problems. God will send the right people in your life at the right time who will help you in finding your solution as well as give you hope that things will change for the better. You just be hopeful and your life will get better. Sometimes life hits you very hard because it wants to change you as a person who is more capable of accomplishing his goals in the long run. Your life is preparing you for your future challenges which you have to overcome because it is going to offer you something which is much beyond your imagination, something which you cannot imagine even in your wildest dreams, so just be aware and keep learning. Even if you feel unprepared for your challenges they will come at their destined time so better be prepared.

Live an active life, not a passive one thinking everything will happen on its own, remember you have to play your part as you do in a game and rest will happen but if you do not play your part then nothing will progress so do your part even if it is tough and you cannot take one peaceful breath. Deal with your problems one at a time because being overwhelmed will not sort anything out for you. It is your life and you have to handle it, no one else is going to live your life and no other person is going to handle your life’s problems. Learn to adapt, to accept and rise above your problems. The more you feel entangled in your problems the more problems will appear in your life. If you feel something is right just do it now and don’t wait for later because you may lose the enthusiasm to do that work. You can ease your burden by talking to people who are well suited to listen to you but in the end it is you who has to go through all the pains and even sort them out. Complaining about life, comparing yourself to other people is not going to ease your life but will cause more pain to you when you see them happy and see yourself suffering in silence. It is better to concentrate on your life and deal with everything which is taking away your nights sleep.

Something which has always worked for me is praying to God. I have been guided in the right direction and received specific messages through my intuition. Try it, praying to God does work wonders in solving a lot of your life’s problems.

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