What to do when life gives you fewer options?

Submitted by rashmijsr on Fri, 2019-04-05 17:23
Option in Life

I think almost all of us struggle at some or other point in life and wanted more options in life but we get less or no options. The situation just chokes you and stirs you till your core and you want to get out of everything but you feel stuck because you don’t have a choice. You just have to face that situation as it is because there is no option of getting out of it. You feel helpless, feel like crying, frustrated, complain, get angry at people who brought you to this situation, want to just shout and yell at all the nonsense but you don’t get those options. The only option available to you is acceptance. Just accept the situation as it is, do your part and leave the rest on time because time will provide you with a solution which will be best suited for you. You cannot control everything in life and you will always find yourself struggling with some or other thing but that does not mean that you develop a negative attitude and give all of your life energy in sorting out something which is not in your own hands. Sometimes we all give so much importance to a situation that it drains all our energy and takes away the peace of our mind. It slowly kills us from within. You are thinking about the problem day and night, losing your sleep and also your health. You are aware that you cannot solve the problem at hand and you have to give it sometime before you can get back to it again.

When someone does something wrong with you, hurts you and you just want to take revenge because they plotted against you. At those dreaded moments just console yourself, be at peace, concentrate on something else and have faith that God will sort out things for you. No one can escape the cycle of “Karma”, What you sow so shall you reap in the near future. Have faith that God is there. You need not take the burden and feel helpless that the other person is causing you so much harm and you cannot do anything about it. You just do your best and leave the rest on God. Have faith that the amount of suffering the other person is causing you will suffer at some or other point in their life or may be suffering and you are not aware of it. When you can do something about the problem then try solving it but when you cannot do anything then just have faith. I know it is easier said than done and how difficult it is to accept everything but then if you try to retaliate and do the same thing which they are doing with you, you will get into the negative path of revenge which will not lead you anywhere. You just wait for the right time to come, till then hang on and try concentrating and putting your energy somewhere else.

Entertain yourself, divert your mind to do meaningful stuff which makes your life beautiful. There is enough negativity in the world, why do you need to add more to it. Be positive and remove all the burden from your heart. You feel like crying then do so at least it will lessen the burden which you are carrying on your heart and mind. Talk to friends and family about it and they will help you get over the troublesome situation. Do not get too aggressive and in a complaining mode that you just complain to each and every person about the problem or people who are troubling you because they will not understand you and will react negatively. It is always better to open your heart before people who can understand you and can support you, provide you with their valuable suggestions and be there for you when you need them. It is life and sometimes acceptance of a situation brings more peace.

You cannot control everything in your life, you cannot control the other person's ill mental attitude, you cannot complain about everything. Sometimes you just have to chill and let things happen. There are so many things which happen with so many people and they get out of it rather than dwell in negativity. They concentrate on their work and do so much good not only for themselves but also for society. There is so much beauty in life and around us. It is only when you clean off the dust from your mind then you will have a clear vision towards everything. Get holy, offer your prayers to God. Light incense sticks and Diya in your office and home to make the environment peaceful. You can be your best when you function with a calm mind. Be 100% productive, When you give less energy to people who want to hamper your life then you will see that nothing can agitate you. Your success will speak for you and the troublesome people will sideline and will not be able to create more problems in your life.

It is absolutely “Ok” when life gives you fewer options because sometimes the solutions which life gives is the best for you and it would be better if you accept the solution wholeheartedly rather than finding flaws in it. Keep aside all “If’s” and “But’s” and rest. A happy face, a sweet smile, less frowns makes you look better.

Be Happy and Live a Happy Life. Justice will be served at the right time. Have faith.

© 2010 Rashmi Priya. m