The Unseen is much more powerful than the Seen

Submitted by rashmijsr on Tue, 2019-04-30 17:42

Things which you cannot see with the naked eyes is very powerful because that is something which cannot be seen. Your energy, frequency, vibration, intentions generate waves which manifest things for you in the real world. I would say these have the power to give form to whatever you want in the near future. You will always hear people saying whatever you want to put it into writing and repeat it again and again so that it is embedded in your memory. Once that dream which you wrote gets deep rooted in your subconscious mind you will see like minded people approaching you or find yourself a step ahead in the fulfillment of your dreams. What you want should always be in your mind 24x7 so that it never leaves you. Your energy goes where your focus is that is the reason when you focus on too many things at the same time you tend to make lots of mistakes. It is only when you focus on a few things that you are able to get good results. When you put your full focus on something which you desire the most you will see yourself moving ahead in the direction of your goals. A distracted mind can never achieve anything in life because you need concentration to achieve everything you want in this lifetime.

When you create a thought in your mind you generate a certain vibration and when you stay in that thought for a longer period of time you become that vibration. Our body is made of millions of cells which generate lots of energy. Each cell is in a constant state of vibration and is a charged. When the brain sets an intention or thought of something it wants to achieve a certain frequency is generated. This frequency is then sent into the universe where you still cannot see anything or is unseen from you. The things which you want has not yet manifested in the present. As you move ahead you will see when you want something and you are putting your 100% effort into it. People will start appearing in your life who will help you in the fulfillment of your dreams. You do not have to think as to how you will get what you want, you just have to put your wishes into the universe and keep working on what you want. Your thought process has already sent the right frequency into the universe. You will always hear people saying to think the right things because if your turn negative you will get bad results. When you plan to ditch someone just to make some extra cash or profits in the short run, you will see that your mind gets into all negative planning which will lead you in the wrong direction and you will never grow. To move ahead in life your energy should be positive or else all negative things will be happening and you will complain to God as to why he gave so many miseries in your life.

You are responsible for what you attract into your life. No one can harm you if you have the right objective. You cannot see air but it is necessary for your survival. You will die without air. If you lose one single breath you are gone. You cannot see God but you pray to him with full faith that he will fulfill all your wishes. It is all energy and is unseen and you will see the effect of your prayers in the coming days till then you keep praying. The universe has mysterious ways of working. The more you concentrate your energy towards what you want in life the more powerful rays are emitted from you and that is what will make things happen for you. You cannot see a person’s thought process, you can just see him from outside but you will feel what he thinks about you deep inside when you stand in front of him or talk to him. You will either like the person or dislike him. The unseen side of him sends you vibrations as to what type of person he is and whether you should be talking with him or not. We are all connected by this unseen force of frequencies which generates various waves which overlap each other. There are various frequencies which are surrounding you and you just have to tune yourself with the right one to feel that energy.

When someone gifts you something wholeheartedly you can feel it and when someone gifts you just for showoff you can feel that too so it is very important to think the right thoughts in your mind because your energy is transmitted very fast. The unseen forces can be felt only when we are at peace with our own selves, we are in a joyful state where we do not want to take revenge or want to hurt someone, we are just happy with our own self. All Gurus speak just one thing that when you focus inwards you can feel God. He is not someone out there where you need to reach him. He is inside of you and will show his presence only when you tune into the right frequency. God is unseen and is very powerful. He has no shape or size, he is just energy which can be felt only when you know how to reach out to him. Put your focus in the right direction and have faith in what is unseen because what you cannot see now can be seen in the future only when you believe and have faith. Let others around you speak whatever they want, let them do their job, you do yours and keep the spark of faith glowing in your heart. You do not need to tell everyone around you or try to prove them wrong, just keep the faith and be focused till you manifest what you want in the near future.

You will get what you want, feel the energy and don’t forget. Things will happen for you and that is a sure-shot guarantee. Just keep the faith the unseen is very powerful and it will guide you in the right direction by various ways like intuition, animals, birds, etc. You will catch the message because you have fine-tuned yourself to that particular energy and you will feel it. Have patience, sometimes it will take time so you need to have faith and do your work. When you raise your vibration you will see unusual things happening to you. People will want to talk to you, work with you or they just want to be in your company because your energies are programmed in that way. You are not aware of it but others can catch your energy very fast. Be true to yourself and do not get into any cheating business. Do what you promised and if you mislead be prepared for the consequences. Honesty is very important in the fulfillment of your wishes. Put dedicated effort and wait for the right time. People pray throughout the year and see results after a long time so be hopeful and believe in the unseen.

We are all made of the same components be it computer, desk or hard rock. It is just the way atoms are bonded with each other determines how hard or soft an object will be. So basically we are all connected that way by sharing the same components from which we are made. When you love a plant you will see it growing while when you hate it you will stunted growth in it so your energy which is unseen is transmitted to the plants or every object which you come across. Thus it is very important to carry the right thoughts because we can hide our feelings but we cannot hide our energy from transmitting. Faith can move mountains only when you believe. The unseen is very powerful than the seen so the next time when a thought comes to your mind just check it has got right intentions.

Hate none and love all is the message which I want to put across to all my readers. You will see things happening in your life, just have faith.

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