An Unknown Journey to a known Destination - Any Road map?

Submitted by rashmijsr on Sun, 2021-09-26 15:37
Divine Chariot

Hi, It is me. I want to share my thoughts about things that are unknown to you and seem fearful. Let go of fear. Don’t make up stuff in your head. Let go of control issues. Just go with the flow and see where the journey takes you. When you are born on this earth and you made it till today then be rest assured that you can make things happen in the coming future. Either it is your way or God’s way, just do your part of work. If hard work means working all the time then I think I don’t fall in that category but I am very focused on what I want to achieve in my life but I am still unaware of how? At present, I am still working on my own energies. I trust the divine and have left everything in the hands of the universe. Let them figure out everything for me and let me know how I will achieve my dream. I don’t understand realistic goals. I know when I have dreamt something and have put my effort in that direction the universe has to act like a genie and help me out whenever I rub the magic lamp. My head is heavy due to the amount of energy work I am doing on my own self. The places where energies are blocked are painful. I am working on the core because that is the place where energies are stored to be used. When I wanted to do something I could not and now I am focused on what I am doing.

I have seen parents rearing their children in a way where they differentiate between a boy and a girl. My parents never did that and they said just one thing you can do whatever you put your mind to. My life has changed so much. My head is not working as to what I should do next. Overthinking is something that should be kept at bay when you have to walk an unknown path that has been chosen by the universe. My energy work has changed my frequencies. I don’t have the road map or any idea of what my life will look like after 15 days or one month because the shift in my vibration is too fast. Whenever there is a massive shift I face health problems and need rest because the body needs to adapt to the new frequency. Your life will change, your perspective will change. What is life? Life is what you make out of all the decisions you take. My parents scolded me that one wrong decision of mine disrupted my life and even theirs. I can’t fix the past. Just keep moving because whatever is happening in your life is preparing you for the journey ahead. Let other people think whatever they are thinking, you keep doing what you feel is correct. Your soul knows the truth and also knows the way. Have faith it will guide you and take you to a place you are meant to be and also with the man who is meant to be in your life as your better half.

Just work on your energies. The outer world responds to your energies. Everything is connected. When you work on your own energy you will see that the entire universe starts sending you messages. I just asked my God for 3 things and have worked for its fulfillment. There are too many messages from the universe that my wishes have been fulfilled. I just understand one thing that your soul has been given a body to complete your journey and achieve your purpose on this earth. Don’t be too anxious or serious about life. You can’t make things happen before time. I tried to enhance my spiritual growth fast so that I could work and concentrate on other stuff because whatever I am doing requires too much of my attention but my God did not sanction that. When my head does not work and I can’t focus on anything I just watch good videos but I never lose focus of my work by distracting my mind. I am a simple girl and don’t know complicated things and that is the way I approach my work.

The only thing which you need to be aware of is that the journey which you will take will lead you to your correct destination. Don’t fear anything. The worst is gone, the best has come. Have faith in your own abilities and divine. People don’t do so many things because they plan their whole journey in a day or a week and feel lost. I have become aware of many facets of life and now it feels like this divine play has been carved with great precision. If you think you can make things happen you will because guidance will come to you. You have programmed your mind in that direction, just be focused. I am a very straightforward girl. I never flirted. I know what I want and when I have to get something done I will find out how? I did all the corporation tax work done on my own and everyone wondered how? They said it is not a lady’s work. Both Male and females have got the same intelligence it is just the sex that is different. The biggest problem is people have attached themselves too much to the body and forgot their intelligence. People have approached me in the wrong ways but I have handled them. This society is very male-dominated and that is the only reason I have raised my hand to do a work that everyone thought could only be done by a male.

I don’t know what next. I just know one thing that with God by my side things will be easy for me. Even if it is difficult it is the work of my God to find out the best solution and hand it over to me. Till today I have worked on my spirituality on my own under his divine guidance and I am rest assured that the future journey will be great. How people will line up and how conducive the circumstances will be for me to do my work is something which I don’t know. The most successful and rich people are very humble and focused. I have read the story of Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and Mark Zuckerberg. They are so single-mindedly focused on what they are doing that they live a great life. They are the most devoted husbands and great people to work with. When you simplify your life you live a great life. The more complex your life is the more complicated things will be. My out-of-the-world plans are beyond the imagination of any living head on earth. I can’t understand how I will reach the place I want to from here but let’s see what next. Just because I can’t see anything does not mean that nothing is happening in the outside world.

My God says just one thing “I will do what I am meant to do”. People will laugh at me when they know this “I always wanted to be a boy”. I don’t know why my God played tricks with me and made me a girl. Just be focused on the work which you want to do in this world. Work towards it and see the magic happen. Your time will come and the universe will hand over the new keys of your life to you and say “Start your new journey”. Congratulations on all your accomplishment. Now it is time for you to make me proud. Take the keys, unlock the new door, close the old door and burn it so that you never look back, and move ahead. Fame, success, and money should never rise to your head because these temporary possessions rob you of your real gems which take you away from your loved ones. Everything which you cannot buy with money is much more precious than things which are available at your doorsteps by spending your money. Remember that.

Your unknown journey will lead you to the right destination. Just walk in faith.

Life is a one-time chance and there is no looking back.

All the Best for your New Journey Sweetheart - Your God

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