The Universe is your Friend - What do you want?

Submitted by rashmijsr on Wed, 2019-09-18 22:11

I am writing about my own experience with life. There are many people who have helped me in various ways and have made me feel that you get what you search for. So today in choosing my topic I am thanking everyone who has helped me in a small or big way and made my life better by their presence, be it a short or a long one. Life is not a race and you don’t have to win over anyone except your own self. The universe is your good friend, just tell it what do you want? The universe is alive. It listens to you, catches your vibrations, thoughts, and frequencies and sends the same towards you. If you want to change something in your life you have to do friendship with the real you and tell your living universe that this is you. Let people judge you, it is their problem and it is none of your business. As it is people will judge you so just be yourself so that the right people catch your frequency and enters your life. Now let me give you people my own example, why look far away? I love wearing different types of clips and there are few unhappy souls who always had problems with them. They would come and tell me that I look childish in them and I should stop wearing them. But I never had any problems with them so I did not change myself because I knew I loved wearing different types of clips. Now the best part is when everyone around me saw that I did not stop wearing clips, they accepted me the way I am. Now people around me have changed their thinking and they know it is useless gossiping about me.

I am a motivational speaker and there are few criteria that are put forth by people but then I bend the rules and live my life the way I feel is correct and do not offend anyone. The universe is your best friend and it will give you exactly what you want so be precise. Do not be vague. I have met people in my life who have helped me by their presence even without knowing me and have made me believe that you get what you look for. I was facing problems with my Samsung washing machine and I reached CEO desk for help since nothing else worked. I met a person who was a customer service executive. I know it was his job to provide me customer service but then the amount of personalized effort and care he took to sort out my problem touched me. I was impressed. He helped me in every way he could in sorting out my problem. I handed over my washing machine back to the Company itself and they paid me the amount which I was eligible to get after depreciation. He is still in my memory. I did not know him nor he knew me but then he helped me in every way. When I seek help I have felt that the other person has helped me selflessly and there are few souls out there who complain that they do not get to meet the right people. Do you know you always get what you are looking for? It is your own energy that attracts the same towards you so if you want to experience life differently just work on your inner self.

Yes, it is true when you do inner work you change your total being. I would say you change a part of your DNA which was waiting to get discovered to express itself to mold you into a person who is different from the one which existed before. See I am putting forward my thinking and my views and it is absolutely your choice whether you agree with me or not. The DNA which is present in your body is responsible for your total being and so if you have to change something within you then you have to change your DNA. Scientists claim that a major part of your DNA is junk. Now the biggest problem is when they cannot understand the very best creation of God they label it junk because they find it hard to study it but I would request you, people, not to believe that. God never gave anything in your body which you can label as junk or useless. He is the one who has created you with his own hands and has given you a marvelous brain but you do not utilize many parts of it thinking you have boundaries.

Now if I tell you there are no boundaries and you have infinite capacity, will you believe me? Yes, it is true. You yourself are not aware of your own capabilities. Just try and do friendship with the universe. Try to connect with its soul and not superficially. When you are happy seeing the sky you should feel it. Your heart should connect with it then only you will generate the right frequency and catch its attention. There is a difference in appreciating something from the heart and just writing something. When you do something from your heart your words gain power because it catches your vibrations since you are the source of your own creation so make your whole being powerful by connecting with everything deeply and not superficially. The universe knows you, you cannot lie with it. Do you think it is a dead one? If that is what you think then I would say it is high time you change your thinking. There are so many things that exist in the universe that you are not aware of and you can never know because no one discovered them and I don’t think anyone will be able to discover the unseen. The universe speaks a language and when you know how to decode the language then there is no looking back, you will live a beautiful life.

You all are well aware of the fact that I went shopping on 16th September 2019. I went to West Side and purchased some clothes for myself. It was Jeans, T-Shirts and one long Frock (Something I am trying for the first time). Since I live a single life I went for shopping alone. Now I needed someone to help me with my purchase. I met a girl there. I appreciate the number of pains she took just to help me with the right fitting clothes. I know it was a part of her work but she did much more than that. When I had problems making a choice she helped me with that. I really thank that girl for her kindness. I thank God from the bottom of my heart, whenever I need someone God stands and sends the right person in my life to help me. After choosing the right clothes I went for billing. Now the unexpected was there in store for me. I paid the Bill by Debit Card. The person who was doing my billing swiped the card. Cash got deducted from my account but did not reach their account so I could not bring my clothes with me. I left for home and the next day reached out to the bank and even wrote a letter to the Branch Manager. I went to the bank even today and they said my problem may take time. Now I wanted my clothes.

I needed money. I had already exhausted all the money by paying all my bills so I had no extra amount so I called my Jijaji today and asked him for help. He is a king hearted man. He transferred the amount of money I needed in my account and I went ahead and made my payments today at the West Side. The universe is my friend, I was looking for a solution and I focused my mind on solution and it gave me a solution. And yes I learned one more lesson today that when things are meant to happen it will happen, it will neither be too early or too late but just on time. The clothes which I purchased on 16th September 2019 were not meant to be in my life at that time and it had to enter my life on 18th September 2019 so it just happened that way. I am super excited to wear my ankle-length jeans and a new T-Shirt. I don’t know how you people view life but I believe that the universe is my friend and it has given me all good people in my life or I would say I attract the right people in my life.

God gave one life to live just live it being yourself. The right person will like you and will not judge the real you. Till then you will have to wait because the universe is your best friend listening to you, Are you communicating properly to it? Yes, I also want to tell you all something more. Sometimes when you feel that your life has ruined it is the universe working hard for you in the background so that it can gift you the best gift of a lifetime. I have lived the worst life in the year 2017, 2018 and the first part of 2019. I could not overcome my pains so I gave up my career. I even reached a point in my life when I could see no purpose in living but survived just because of my Dad. He loves me much more than he loves himself and if I was gone then what would he do? That is the day I decided to do something about my pains and reached my God and he gifted himself to me. What more can you ask for? When I tell you that the universe is alive just have faith in my words. It keeps an eye on your every move. I would say my pains were boon in disguise for me to transform my life and give me my happiness back so that I could spread happiness in other’s life.

When I needed support the universe understood my requirement and my dad stood for me. He is the best dad in the world because he is my dad. No one is like him. He is a smart, handsome man 77 years young. He stood like a rock for me and whatever I am today is just because of his love, support, and faith in me that I will make it in spite of all odds. I believe that the divine gifted me a part of himself in the form of daddy so that I never felt alone. His emotional presence is enough for me. When I need someone the correct person enters my life and I simply cannot understand how that happens but I am happy with it. I am a person who feels from heart. If I feel for someone my feelings are very deep because I do not connect with anyone superficially and that is the only reason I connect with the right people.

The universe is a giant force that is working in your favor so connect with a true heart and soul to attract the best. You will get what you want with the right energies. Understand yourself first so that you can understand others. It is easy to misunderstand and very difficult to understand someone when everyone out there is busy judging each other. Please do not judge anyone because you never know what the other person is going through, understand the other person and I am telling you that person will remember you till he reaches the grave because he will always remember the way he felt in your presence. Do not define every relationship in life because you can’t. You can have only one sweetheart but that does not mean you alienate yourself from others because every person enters your life for a very specific reason. The universe makes the right choices for you but the biggest problem is you fail to decode the right message. If you are true to yourself you will decode everything correctly.

The universe will grant all your wishes just connect correctly.

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