Universe is a play of Numbers and thoughts - Decode it for yourself

Submitted by rashmijsr on Mon, 2021-12-13 17:21

I am exploring the concept as I am writing about it because the entire universe is just a play of numbers. The better you are placed in the cosmic geometry or the number sequence which is termed as “Perfect” by the universe the stronger your frequency and manifestations. The universe runs on a certain set of codes. I would like to tell you that when you cross the thin line between you and the universe you will get great results in manifesting the life of your dreams but if you activate certain energies which are called divine energies they will make decisions for you. You will get everything on divine time and the time in between is the phase where you learn to handle what you have asked for. If you have asked for something which you cannot accommodate in the number frequency which exists in you then the universe will help you traverse a journey that will make you perfect for your manifestation. It will give you what you have asked for and sometimes it may take years. I know because I have worked a lot on my energies and have a strong intuition. I can sense energies near me if they exist and when their message is conveyed they just leave.

If you are someone who has worked on your manifestation for a very long time and can’t see anything other than the divine sign and synchronicities and feel like giving up, I would request you to hold on because lack of evidence is not the evidence of lack. The universe may be clearing all the paths for you so that you can get everything the way you want it so that you don’t face roadblocks in the near future. This universe is much more powerful than your dreams. I never knew these things but I have learned a lot of things while I was working on my own self. I had various divine encounters which made me believe that God’s are real and they do communicate with living beings. The possibility of a human being to transform fully into God cannot be ruled out. You can do that with certain techniques but you can’t replicate that for someone else though many people claim that because that code will be erased entirely from your memory. The universe gives you what you deserve and if they give you a “Throne” to sit you should be thankful to them and feel eligible to occupy that position. Remove all self-doubt. The criteria of success are different for God’s and heavens. Always remember “Self-belief is the secret to success”.

When you work on yourself through yoga and meditation, what are you doing? Ever thought on those lines. You are resonating at a certain frequency and when you do yoga and meditation you are changing your body’s frequency and tuning itself more with the universe for a better life and manifestation. The closer you are the better your feelings and life. The number game which exists in the universe is so finetuned that a small change can create a big difference in results. If you have done lots of spiritual work along with yoga and meditation you will reach a point where you will lose the feeling of the body. Yes, it is true because when I sit in Padmasana I can’t feel my body. It feels I don’t exist but still I have not reached a state where I have merged with the cosmos. I want to and will reach a state where I can’t feel my body and mind means a state of “Shoonya” where I don’t exist and have become one with the cosmos. I am trying and I don’t have any idea as to what happens when you reach that state. Many people claim to have reached a state where no thoughts cross their minds. When mind and body become one with the cosmos, the universe recognizes you as its own body and your mind and its own so you place thought and it will show in the real world.

Whether you work hard on making your dreams real or gather resources from the universe to make your dreams real does not matter. You should have the power to lead the masses and implant your vision in their head and make them believe in what you believe. That is real leadership. Those types of leaders are not just made with bookish knowledge or experience but something more and that is spirituality where you take the help of the universe so that they give you energy which makes you God-like. God is a perfect code that exists in energy form and you have the option to attract that energy and let it settle down in your body because it is an energy and takes different forms for you to convey the message when you are working heavily on your spirituality. One day while I was working on my spirituality in the year 2021 at Nagpur, Maharashtra I had placed a certain number of incense sticks and lighted lamps for a spiritual process. The energy work which I was doing was so intense that a cat entered my terrace all of a sudden out of nowhere. It is difficult for a cat to climb to my terrace. The divine takes various forms to convey to you the message that you are on the right track. There have been various chanced encounters with people or things all of a sudden when I needed my answers. I had a strong feeling that it was God who did it for me.

I cannot show anyone what I have manifested because every person cannot feel my energy and that was the decision taken by my God for my safety. If you can feel my energy then it means you have a role to play in my life be it big or small it doesn’t matter. Cosmic geometry is nothing but numbers. When you align your body through yoga with the cosmos you are perfecting your body’s alignment with the invisible realm which means you are becoming one with the divine being or the realm which speaks openly to very few people. If you can feel the energy of the person it simply means He/ She is real because energies don’t lie. When all the seven chakras are aligned you can do lots of things in the real world. If you are given a boon by God’s even then you can make those things happen which a normal human being can just dream of. Everything is energy and science. The mathematical code for everything exists in the universe, it is only when you align yourself to that frequency that it will start settling down in your mind so that you can make it real. There are limitations to every human being and to break those limitations of code that exist in your system you have to work on your energies. Not every person can become a millionaire, billionaire, Multi-Trillionaire, or Multi-Vigintillion because the vessel which exists in you is all coded.

Yes, it is true that the universe should be ready to accept the new code which you program in your conscious and subconscious mind because it can do many things. God’s are marvelous people. Ancient rishis were very powerful. They could manifest anything in minutes or seconds but the best part is they were not money-minded. Even God is not money-minded but “Lord Vishnu” is different. There is divine time for everything and before that, you can work on your energy till you get what you have asked for. People say Lord Shiva resides on Mount Kailash and no one could climb that mountain because God plays with their energy and they lose their interest to climb when they are on the verge of reaching the peak of the mountain. If you think you can understand the divine mind of the creator then you are highly mistaken. He is beyond your thinking and imagination. His planning starts from the letter “Z” while you are still stuck in the middle. Superman, superhuman, give him any name he is the real master who has a frequency which any human being can just think of.

God’s grace was always on me and is with me all the time. Yes it is true I have my own set of questions and doubts but I try to keep calm and want to focus and redirect my energy in the right direction because I can see so many things in front of me which is real and they are all signs of my manifestation. I have worked on lots of things at the same time so which one is coming first is something which I don’t know. Just have a pure heart, you will see that the universe behaves differently with you. My dad says there is a door in the Vaishno Devi temple and it is very small but a person with a clean heart can easily pass through that door. Even a fat man can pass easily through that door but if you have an impure heart you can never pass that door. That energy is so powerful that you can’t escape it by fooling it. Don’t try to fool anyone or your own self. Just do what appeals to you and do it wholeheartedly even when no one is watching. Keep learning and keep growing.

I have studied Mathematics still 12th standard and Bioscience after that which served as a big boon because I learned concepts that I explore now. I thank God and my dad for that. When you have read something you can easily pick up the concepts when you hear them from anywhere. Just be true to your studies. When you see people getting drawn to you even without opening your mouth it simply means your energies are changing. They speak louder than words. This universe is super smart. In the book “Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch” the writer writes a line that stuck in my head that when Lord Jesus wanted to fructify what he asked for he thanked the universe in advance and he was so sure that it would happen that the cosmos made it happen for him. He had full faith and trust in the invisible divine realm and never ever doubted it so he could make those things happen which were considered superhuman. He was God and had all powers which he used for uplifting humanity and healing them.

God is Real. Divine Love is Real. The Man who changed my life for a lifetime is Real and he is “Anantha”. He has no beginning and no end. He was there, he is there and he will be there till Eternity.

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