The Universe is Communicating, Are you Listening?

Submitted by rashmijsr on Thu, 2019-05-09 18:54
Universe Communication

The Universe is very powerful. Various energies exist in it and we can only feel it, we cannot see it. It is like turning on to your television set where you can see various channels when you switch on the TV and change various channels with your remote control. In the same way, all the good and bad energies are near us, it is only when we fine-tune ourselves to them that we can feel it. It is like a fan, when you feel hot you switch on the fan and thus feel relaxed. The air exists but you cannot feel it until you switch on the fan Similarly all the energies exist but you have to synchronize yourself to feel that energy field. When you concentrate your mind and fewer thoughts pass through it then you can feel a calmness within yourself. It is at this time that the universe communicates with you. You will not be able to receive any signals from the cosmos when you busy with other work or are distracted. Your concentration to dive deep within and feel the energies of the universe is possible through meditation when you just feel your breath. Reaching the perfect state of concentration when no thoughts would pass through your mind is possible and you as a common man can tap into the energies of the universe through this. Tapping into the energy of the universe is possible by everyone but what you need to do is quieten your mind. The less distracted you are the more focused you are to everything.

Your receptive power increases when you are calm and focused. You can do yoga to bring peace to yourself so that you can feel energetic. You can bring good health and prosperity into your life when you know how to tap into the big energy source of the universe. When you want something badly enough you will get it. The whole universe will conspire to make it happen. Send your desires into the universe by means of prayers by speaking directly to the cosmos. You will see that as days pass by you will start receiving signals of manifestation of your dreams. For you, it is big stuff but for the universe, it is a small thing. Be it your favorite car, dress or anything. When you start receiving signals for the cosmos you have to start doing whatever it directs you to do, in that way you will reach your destination or you will get what you want. For example, if you want to own your dream car and you don’t have money to buy it. The universe will guide you in ways you can earn money so that you can buy it or you can win a lottery and get your favorite car. Anything is possible. There are “N” number of possibilities in which your desires can be manifested. The only thing you have to do is have faith that you will get it and desire whatever you want with your full heart and soul. You should believe it then only you will get it. It sometimes takes longer for your desires to manifest into reality, do not lose hope in those moments because when you start disbelieving than you will not get what you wanted. Just listen to the communication from the universe.

I took a long career break and I want to get back to work. I had managed a software company along with my husband but then left it due to our own personal differences. I wanted to get into soft skills training since I loved doing that. I wanted to start a coaching institute and then work under its banner as a soft skills trainer and motivational speaker. But the biggest question was my institute would be new and it would take a little time for me to settle down. I wanted to know how to go further because I felt directionless. A lot of questions started erupting in my mind and I kept thinking God what should I do next? I wanted to get into corporate training so that I made contacts and people came to my training institute. When you start a business it takes time to settle down and you do not make instant money. I was still pondering what to do than I received a phone call from one of my sir who had taught me soft skills. He told me that I should take up a job first then make contacts with people and then start my business of training. He suggested me to do background work and make a framework of things I want to do so that when the opportune moment comes I can just start my business. I thought it to be a good idea and moved ahead with it. I communicated with the universe and was looking for answers so the universe received my question and send people in my life who told me what to do.

You will receive answers or signals from the universe by means of people or messages which will hit you while you are searching for your answers. The answer can be in the form of messages from books or from people whom you meet. Sometimes we meet certain people and then we never see them again in our lifetime. Did you ever wonder why they came into your life? You met them because they had to communicate a message to you and when their work is over they just leave. Be it for a short moment or for some period of time, people enter our life to communicate a message and they are sent into our life by the universe. The communication from the universe is very strong but if you cannot understand it you will find that you will receive the same message in different forms until you get it right. You will be in the right place at the right time just to receive that message. The universe is communicating with you, adjust your frequency to keep listening.

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