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True Love

Monsoon season is all about love and romance. I believe life without love is not well lived. Do great work, build your career, create your destiny and fall in love. Have someone in your life as your lover, husband. I believe in long-lasting love something which lasts till you reach your grave. When you work just work and let nothing come in between but when you love just love and let nothing come in between you and your lover. Come let’s explore this world of love together. There is nothing which is impossible in this universe. If you pray to God and ask for the love he will grant your wishes if your faith is strong but yes the time period is flexible. When I love I just love and when I want someone in my life my God knows that but yes I am also rest assured that the universe is already decided about what they want to do with my wishes. I believe that true love will find its way no matter what. When you cannot take “No” for an answer and has loved someone from your heart and soul even the God’s have no option but to grant your wishes. They will bend their rules just for you if your prayers are strong enough to stir them and give them sleepless nights, that is the only time they can understand that they need to fix something in your life or else you will not allow the God’s to rest in peace. How can they rest in peace when you are still fighting to get your own peace. I have loved someone from my full heart and soul but then my biggest problem is when I love I love deeply and I cannot forget that person so now God is left with two options either give me the same person back or fill that vacancy with someone new who touches my soul.

This time I have not left my God with too many options. When you pray don’t give too many options to your God or else he will take his own time in answering your prayers. Get stubborn be it your career or matters of your heart, make your point very clear to your creator that when you want your soul mate you want it and he has to get it from any part of the world. If that person is not yet destined in your life then he has to make changes in that person’s destiny so that he can be a part of your world. Your prayers should have the power to make your dreams a living reality. Have undeterred faith that your God will answer your prayers. You don’t stop and get what you want from the divine. True love will find its way be it from the top of Himalayas or from Antarctica, that person has to appear in your life in the time period which you have decided with your God. Do not leave any room for any adjustments or else your God will go to sleep and take his own time in his manifestation. You pray with so much dedication, devotion, and honesty that when your God’s listen to you they know that you cannot take “No” for an answer, they have no option but to give you exactly what you want. No one has any idea how their true love would look like or how their soul mate would look like but the soul knows. When that particular person will enter your life you will feel it because your soul knows its mate though you both cannot recognize each other’s face because it is a past life connection with two different bodies but one soul.

Do not lose hope and have faith that God has to answer your prayers. I sometimes really fight with my divine and he knows that I am not an easy person to get rid of. Your bonding with your creator should be built on honest faith so that when you pray you do so from a pure heart. When your intentions are good God has no options but to answer your prayers. I believe that the divine has the power to amend the rules and I have faith that he will make changes in your destiny and another person’s destiny if your prayers have the power to touch him. When you send your vibrations for true love into the universe do so with lots of deep love so that the cosmos reverts back to you with the same and gifts you a person who is exactly the way you wanted him to be. The universe is listening, are you speaking correctly? You should send your intentions correctly, do not be in a hurry or do not take too long to decide because the universe needs its own time in the manifestation of your dreams so be clear and send the right message into the universe. Patiently wait for the response, have faith in your heart and you will get your prayers answered.

See the biggest problem with most of us is that we all want true love but we are not ready to wait for him or we are in so much hurry and busy with our lives that we take a long time to recognize that our true love is already in our lives and God has answered our prayers. After you pray, be aware of any person who enters your life, if your heart catches the vibration or your soul recognizes its mate you will know. Just go ahead and talk to that person and ask him what he feels about you. I am sure that when he is your soul mate he will feel the same as you feel for him on the first meet itself because you both are connected to each other from the past life and you don’t need time to understand each other in this life. You know this is the man whom you want in your life, you know the smell, you can recognize the soul, you can recognize the heart, in other words, you will feel it that it is him and only him. Both of you will generate the same feelings for each other. Go ahead date and get married, let two souls become one. You need to understand that your soulmate may differ in age with you and there are very few times when you both are born as humans to be in each other lives. Sometimes it takes several lifetimes for two soulmates to be born in human form so that they can be in each other lives. Your connection is divinely guided and meant to happen in this lifetime and that is the only reason you both are born as human beings so that you both can be in each other's life and satisfy your soul so that you reach heaves together and get “Mukti” never to be born again on the earth plane. Remember your heart will keep searching for your true love, your soul mate because it knows its destination to connect with the heart of the person who is meant only for you. Your soulmate is born only for you and he can be only yours and no one else’s.

True love will find its way and there is nothing that will stop you both from being in each other’s life. Have faith in your power of love and have belief in the divine that your prayers will be answered. Be determined because it is hard for even God’s to say “No” to a person who is persistent. I love my God and he knows that and he also knows when I want something I want it. Have undying faith that your true love will come to you. He will break all barriers and come to you, nothing can stop him, no human being or anything in this entire universe can stop him from coming into your life, that is the amount of belief you should have in your prayers. When you have deep faith then your God responds the same way because he is returning you what you have given him so connect deeply. You are destined to get your true love and you are worth loving. I believe that faith can move mountains and have such faith that your God’s move mountains to give you your true love, your soul mate because that is the intensity with which you want your person in your life. Be true to yourself and true to your love. Love yourself unconditionally so that you attract your true love because until and unless you love yourself how can someone else love you. Be happy, blissful and cheerful, have faith that your true love will reach you within no time. I bet you that you will find your true love in your life. I would love to hear from you all. Do share your experiences. Lots of love to you all. Come fall in love this monsoon season.

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