Training program at JCI Tumsar

Submitted by rashmijsr on Tue, 2011-04-12 13:38
Training program

I conducted training program on Effective Public Speaking at JCI Tumsar on 10th April 2011. It was the first time i was visiting Tumsar. Anil Sharaf, President, JCI Tumsar gave me a warm welcome. Great host. I reached the training venue and was amazed to see the audience. Maximum were Entrepreneurs with an engineering background and well established in their fields. It really felt great interacting with them. At the start of the session i thought whether they will cooperate with me or not, but their active participation impressed me. These established business professionals were ready to learn & perform like students.

I asked them questions and they came up with meaningful answers. They too tested my mettle by posing me questions from every corner. I was happy to answer all those questions. Every participant was eager to speak in the output session of 1 Min and 2 Mins each. I listened to them and judged them, asked them to rectify their mistakes and start the journey of effective speaker by taking more opportunities from the chapter president.

It was a great training and i got a lot to learn from them. Thank you Zone Director, Growth & Development Vasudev ji, Chapter President Anil Sharaf ji and all members of JCI Tumsar for helping me conduct such a wonderful training.

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