Training program at District Bar Association Jamshedpur on Leadership & Communication Skills on 28th June 2012

Submitted by rashmijsr on Thu, 2012-07-05 13:21

I conducted training program at District Bar Association Jamshedpur on 28th June 2012 for Lawyers on “ Leadership and Communication Skills”. Secretary of Bar Association Lala Ajit Kumar Ambasta granted me permission to conduct training program in his association on 28th June.

I started the training program with the Question who is a Leader, qualities of a leader, Role of Communication in being a good leader and Leadership Traps. It was the first time i was conducting training program for Lawyers but i had a great learning experience from the training program.

I would like to thank Lala Ajit Kumar Ambasta ji and Lawyer Rajesh ji who helped me in arranging the program and helped me in making this program a success. My special thanks to my Dad Prof T.P Mandal who accompanied me to the venue.

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