Today you are better than what you were yesterday - Agree with Me?

Submitted by rashmijsr on Thu, 2019-06-06 18:01
Balanced Person

I would say that it is a known fact as we grow older and move ahead in our lives we get better than we were yesterday. I mean you are now a better version of yourself. A different person, a different human being who can handle life’s challenges in a more reasonable way. When you sit down with yourself and start looking at your everyday life problems you will find out that you have improved in the way you communicate with people, you get less angry now, you know how to handle tough problems, you know how you have to approach your relationships and you have an idea of how to handle tough situations, when it is better to address the situation rather than leaving it which may become bigger in the long run. You have a good understanding of people around you and you know what you should do when faced with a tricky situation. Previously you reacted to everything and you never bothered about what other people think but now you do your best and behave wisely so that people do not feel offended in your presence. As you grow older you become wiser and wiser. The same situation to which you reacted aggressively in the past you will see that now you remain calm and look at every aspect of the problem and do your best to solve it.

You no longer blame others for your problems but you take whole responsibility in your own hands and you accept your mistakes. You make better decisions now and do not procrastinate your important decisions to tomorrow because you know you cannot spend too much time on decisions which need your immediate attention. You never counted how much money you had spent and how much you had saved before but now you care to count what is left in your wallet and how much extra money you have spent so that you can keep track of overspending next time. You enjoy your life but do not hurt others sentiments, you understand other people’s problem and do not laugh at them but you get empathetic and look for solutions jointly. You know times can be tough and you have found ways to get out of these tough problems. You can sleep at night with all the problems in your head which was difficult for you previously. You will find that you have grown up as a human being in all aspects. You wanted more from life before but now you are satisfied with whatever you get because you know people around you love you unconditionally so even if they are not up to the mark all the time they are still the same lovely people.

The growing years brings grey hairs with it and loads of experiences which transform our thinking and our personality. We become a better person and people are much more comfortable with us today then they were before. Previously when you did not agree to someone’s opinion you simply opposed vehemently but now you accept other people’s opinion and speak only when necessary. You listen more and talk less now. You understand people and their problems and don’t turn a blind eye to them saying it is none of your business. You care for the nation and think of a greater good and not just the well being of your family but the total well being of the society as a whole. Now you care for a good tomorrow and want to build a good society in which your children can learn and grow. You care for the rivers and you take part in fighting with the evils of the society so that your children can grow into good individuals.

When you will sit with your own self you will find that you have got better in so many aspects which you lacked before. I would say you will be surprised that it is you who has changed so much as a person on all levels, you are more intellectually smart than before. The challenges which we face in our everyday life not only molds our thinking but also changes us a person and we become wiser with time. We start understanding other people and their problems. We care not just for our own home and well being but we care for the society at large. Let us all grow above hatred, anger, and jealousy so that we make ourselves a better version of what we were before to live a great cheerful life.

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