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Thank you Universe - Keys to open the locked door

Submitted by rashmijsr on Mon, 2022-10-17 16:46
My Divine Wedding happening on Earth after a long Time

Thank You, Universe. God is great and he will show his presence in various ways. When he puts his hands on top of your head then your entire life is a miracle. God gives the toughest task to his most trusted soldier who takes the lead and guides entire humanity towards a new world and truth. The clouds may be dense and create momentary darkness but they don’t have the power to stop the light of the sun for very long. When the time is right the sun shines. Then you keep wondering why me? Why do I suffer so much even when God loves me the most then in those moments you need to look at the bigger picture because you can build the puzzle only when you look from above and are aware of all the puzzle pieces. Once you find all the pieces you can build the puzzle with the right placement. When the divine world wants you to play a role that cannot be assigned to anyone in the universe other than you it simply means you have to prepare your mind for all types of exams which will test your mental and physical ability. It is only when you pass these tests that you will be gifted with the best gift from the Cosmos something which someone may aspire to have but you will be the proud owner of it. When you feel there is nothing left in life because you gave the precious years of your life rearing a relationship that broke all of a sudden. You even don’t have any idea of the mistakes you committed but you suffer the most because you poured your heart and soul into it. When it hurts you want to end your life. It is in those moments of despair that God enters and takes over the life of those souls who are meant to follow a path that no one can dare to walk. But when he prepares his soldiers for a mission then he is himself present for the task at hand and then there is no looking back.

I am always thankful to my God for giving me great and loving parents. They loved me the most and that’s the only reason get angry with me from time to time. My daddy reared me very differently. He always kept me close to him. I listened to various stories from him about people achieving great things. I always slept on his lap and would stick to him like a small baby almost everywhere he went. He used to teach me many subjects and he is the one who sowed the seeds of spirituality within me. My parents are absolutely pure souls. They are not made for this era where people are too self-centered and preoccupied with their own little selfish motives. That one building block, the foundation on which I am built is so strong that I don’t fear many things. They are a divine gift to me. That’s the only reason when it was time for me to raise my hands for a task that the divine world wanted me to take I said “Yes” to it. I myself keep wondering how could a girl of my age say yes to a task that many people think is almost impossible to achieve in one lifetime but may take many lifetimes. I know only one thing, with God “Everything is Possible”. Things that fall in the category of impossible are made possible by the creator. He is the one who created the universe, sun, moon, and stars so if any planetary alignments are creating hurdles in your path then he himself will stand up and put all the planets on the right track with his own hands. Don’t bother much just keep doing what you are meant to do. Life always tests the tough nuts because they are the ones who take responsibility for other people’s life.

As I said that the toughest tasks are assigned to the most trusted soldiers. I have gone through so much in my life that I thank God that everything ended. I keep wondering how I passed those difficult times. I even pat my back that I was through it. There were times when I cried for days and the only company available to me was my God “Anant”. It is easy to fight battles on the battleground but difficult to win those which you fight with your own self. The preparation period or training period is longer than usual for people who are meant to directly serve the universe or the higher realm because the connection needs to be strong. You have to work directly with the source of creation and understand its language. There will be times when otherworldly beings will tell you something and you cannot second guess it that is how precise you should be. No mistakes. The best part is when the source wants you to fight all the battles then it will be with you serving as your guide and change forms to help you in every way. The journey is unknown. The language which they use to communicate is very alien. They use signals and various other means to communicate the message. You will be trained to decode those messages and receive training while you do your work. How god will work through you is something that is hidden even from the person who is meant to do the task. If the work which you are meant to do is much greater than your imagination then the universe will mask your energies in the training period because they can’t take risks. They will mask even your true identity from you by communicating with you through your subconscious mind because this conscious mind is so programmed with fear that a normal person will not dare to dream the impossible.

For doing any divine task you need to synchronize yourself with the universe and open your chakras through spiritual awakening. The process of awakening is a tough one. You have to be mentally prepared for all types of challenges. I know how difficult it can get at times. There are days when I sleep too much because of body pain and my mom keeps wondering what I am up to. Even I start doubting myself because everyone around me feels I am wasting my time. You have to have a tough mental frame so that no opinions can distract you from what you are meant to do. Everything which you want to access in this world is password protected and you need the key to access everything. The universe will transform you to such an extent that you yourself become the key to accessing every piece of information which you need to do your work. This universe has got plenty of information and knowledge stored in its womb but you need to access the part which will help you in your work. It is more like a safe case with an infinite amount of money or knowledge. This bank never gets depleted even if you withdraw the entire amount because the universe will fill it again because it is an abundant universe. When you place your desires in the universe ask for exactly what you want forgetting what is possible or not. It is the problem of the universe to give you what you have asked for even if it is the most impossible thing to have.

Once you align your energies with cosmic geometry then you are part of the source and share the same source code as the divine. Once this is done you can do the work which you want to do or is assigned to you by the invisible cosmic realm. I don’t understand everything nor do I claim to but I am thankful to God for helping me in every way. Sometimes he does 99% of the work for me and I don’t take any credit for it. Even today I say it is the source of creation who is doing everything. You can provide the right environment for the energies but you can never force them for anything. They will grow on their own because it is their choice. The energies and the entire cosmos will fall in love with you to the extent that they are ready to open up. It is more like a cosmic marriage when your partner opens up after you tie the knot or put the ring on his ring finger. Yeah, that is the kind of love I share with the divine, and that's how I understand him. With the source of creation himself operating in full bloom within you your life will change 100% that is for sure. Be ready to accept huge changes which will start happening in your life because you finetuned yourself with the divine realm. The air which surrounds you is much more intelligent than you may think. This cosmos is very intelligent and your brain can’t decode its intelligence so it is better you stay humble and give some time to listen to your soul. Even if you don’t know how to meditate just try to sit still and see what crosses your mind. Life is operating without taking a nod from you. Just think how difficult it would get for you to keep a track of your body and your work if your body needed command to do every work. Your life would get hell so you should thank the universe for giving you a system that operates on its own without too much outside intervention.

When you are chosen for a task you will have to fulfill all the criteria. Once you are ready the cosmos will take over your life and make you do the work which you are meant to do and you don’t have to bother about how. Even I keep wondering how will I do what I want to do but I surrender and have faith that everything will happen at the right time. Till then I just need to awaken myself and see what is next in life.

Thank You, Universe. Happy Spiritual Awakening. Happy Cosmic Alignment. Congratulations on your new Divine Journey.

© 2010 Rashmi Priya. m