Synchronicities - The guiding force from the Universe

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Divine Grace

What do you want? It is the first question that needs to be answered before figuring out anything in your life. Be it a great career or a long-lasting relationship, you should be very well versed with your thoughts regarding the exact things which you want to manifest in your life. A single-minded focus is very important because if you change what you desire very often then you are not only confusing yourself but also the universe. Always remember there is a timing for everything and till then you just have to keep believing and keep doing even when you can’t see anything physically. You will hear people saying “Have faith in the beauty of your dreams” very often and there are reasons for that. When you have faith you can make things happen even with minimum resources out of the blue even when no one thinks you can. When you trust the universe and its capabilities to give you what you have asked for, you are establishing a strong bond with the universe. It is like the invisible thread is attaching one by one. With time this bond should get stronger and deeper. You should trust the cosmos blindly. Yes, you heard it right, “Blindly”. If you question your dreams and the invisible realm very often you will find yourself at the first stage when you were still establishing a sacred bond with the divine realm.

When you hear about normal people doing extraordinary things then you have to bring into the picture that “X” factor which was a grace from the divine realm. The person along with the help of the universe made things happen because of the unwavering faith and trust that the genie will give it exactly what he wants. When you set an intention and get to work, just focus on the image in your head. You don’t need to bother how? It doesn’t matter where you are or in what conditions you are living your life. It does not matter how happy or miserable you are, just picture the future version of yourself and keep doing what you are doing and keep believing in the picture which is in your head. Logical people never did extraordinary things it is only the illogical people who achieved out of worldly things because dreams and the imaginary world in which you live are interconnected. When you can dream of something and think that you can actually achieve that goal it simply means that the universe holds the master plan and you just have to uncover it and make things happen for yourself. When you are still in the preparation stage don’t think as to how you will live a dream which requires a high level of commitment and long hours of work. You just have faith when you will reach that position in the near future you will be in the best of health and will be able to put that extra effort to achieve your dreams.

Stop overthinking. Get out of your head and focus on the flow. Let your intuition and not your brain guide you. I sometimes keep thinking that I am able to write instantly about stuff I have never read. From where does this channeling happen? I am rest assured that the universe which exists within my body keeps on sending me messages and helps me get into the flow so that I can put my thoughts into words and help people who need to hear my messages. Getting in the flow means just doing what you are doing. You will see that after some time you are so engrossed in what you are doing that you lose track of time, space and even forget your own self created identity and become one with the universe, and in doing so you act as a messenger just channeling messages from the universe or source itself. Get spiritual. It does not take too much time to connect with the higher self or God. You will see that you will get calmer with time and focus on everything that you want in life. Start doing Hatha Yoga. Just try to master one advanced Yoga posture. I am telling you that one single dedicated effort which you put in the morning for 20 or 30 minutes will unlock the giant in you. Let me explain it scientifically before I discuss Synchronicities. When you push yourself in advanced yoga posture you are aligning your energies with the universe and also increasing your blood flow in all parts of your brain along with establishing new neuron connections which helps you in setting new boundaries.

When you increase your blood flow in different parts of the brain and form new synapses you will feel a new and better version of yourself who is ready to launch himself in the new self-created world with more self-confidence and vigor. People will fall in love with your self-confidence and even when you are quiet everyone will notice your strong energy field. Yoga and meditation align your energies and increase your attraction to the point that everything which is meant for you just starts flowing into your life. Be it right events or people who will help you in your future journey. What is Synchronicity? It is a combination of events that has no connection but connects in a pattern and helps you know that you are heading in the right direction. It is also a wink from the universe that you are on the right path. When you feel lost even after putting lots of effort into a particular work then your inner being sends messages about the new reality in the form of messages which connect and you know that you are about to get what you want or have wished for. For example, I was working very hard on my spirituality in the year 2019. I was so engrossed in what I was doing that I really needed some messages from the universe that I was on the right track since I felt that everything which was happening in my life was more like a dream than reality. All the energy fields which I could see and connect with seemed more like an illusion to me so I really needed some guidance. As these messages were still playing in my head and I saw a flower and cricket together on my kitchen otta.

I don’t have any idea as to how that flower landed on my kitchen otta but it did and the message which I needed was given to me. It seems like an illusion when you can feel and connect with energies that other people can’t because you have been gifted by the divine realm to do a very particular task which you have to achieve by your energies. That single synchronicity gave me a sigh of relief because when you are waiting for your results you need your answers at times when you start doubting your own efforts. When you align yourself with the invisible cosmic world you will see that certain messages form a pattern and are interconnected to the point that you will know what will happen next once you complete the first step. While you were still on the first step you had no idea what to do next but as you start doing you find a way to your destination. In fact a guiding force from the universe towards your goals. The cosmos provides guidance to everyone but you have to learn how to interpret the patterns and all the signals. If you keep repeating a positive thought in your head it will manifest and so is true with the opposite until and unless you know how to safeguard your energy.

I know there was an invisible force with me in the year 2019 when I was doing all my intense spiritual work because I could feel it. There was one lizard that used to hang from the Toran which I brought from Tirupati and the best part is it did not sit on the wall but hung on the toran with just its mouth below the toran so that I could locate it. That same lizard followed me to every place and even sat on the Pot where I had planted my tulsi plant because I could feel that same energy vibe. That lizard never ran away from me but used to be near me. It protected me all the time. I don’t know if it was just a small animal or God himself giving me divine protection because I was in the most vulnerable stage at that time. I could literally feel all the energies that were near me.

I received various messages in the form of repeating patterns or guidance when I needed them the most and a message of a new life. Though I have no idea of the divine time I have done my work. I have put all my efforts in one single direction. I am on the verge of completing the work which I started a long time ago and in doing so all the blocked energies are getting released in the form of inflammation and allergies. I have prayed to God that it is high time for him to stop testing me and heal me so that I can concentrate on other work which I need to do. I know when it is time all the energies in the universe will align and show me the right direction. Synchronicities are much more than messages because when you need that one connecting link between what seems unreal and real then that single message can change your whole thinking. I see butterflies near me very often be it small or big. I know whatever I see or focus on or think about is happening for a reason. Sometimes I leave my logical mind behind and go with the flow. In trusting my intuition I am setting myself on the new journey from where my life will take off since I cannot withstand this cocoon stage anymore. The butterfly has to emerge and start its work. I do get frustrated with all that keeps going on in my life but then I calm down and focus my energies on what I should do rather than what should happen.

Everything happens on divine time and till the time is right you have to keep waiting and keep doing what you are doing so that you are on your way to a new life.

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