Stop Explaining and Start Living

Submitted by rashmijsr on Mon, 2017-10-30 16:04
Sun Rays

This a topic which came to my mind very randomly. I face problem in my daily life where I actually get fed up explaining people Who I am? Why am I doing something? And just leave me and let me experiment with what I believe in. I can very well understand it is not just my problem or your problem but everyone else’s problem. We sometimes get fed up explaining our point of view to those around us and they keep on giving the same advice. This happens when you want to do something which no one has done in the family or no one in the friend circle has heard of it before. When no one in your family has done business it will be a big No No from all family members. When you dare and give everything a try without caring what others are suggesting you. There will be very few people who will support you. If you succeed everyone will try to be a part of the success story which you have written but if you fail then be prepared people will literally pull you down and suggest you thousands and lakhs of things. If you are a female then there are so many things which are in the mind of people around you. If you start answering each one of them I would say you will be booked for a year or two and better be prepared with all the logical explanations to all the illogical questions which will be fired on you.

If you are a single lady and do not plan for marriage till you find a right person the whole world will be hell bent that you better find someone and get married. The other person may not be fit for you but you should be married by a particular age and should have children by a certain age. There are very fixed norms of society which are imposed on all of us and if any of us take a different route then be prepared with all the logical explanations. I think it is absolutely a girl’s own choice whether she should get married or not. I have seen people crying more after marriage than when they are single so I would suggest better be single until you are prepared to face everything after marriage. For example, when a lady of 40 years of age decides to get married to someone of 50 years, people around get more curious about what will happen next, babies and everything. I would say that other people are less concerned with their own lives and more concerned with whatever is happening in others life. People feel happy when they ridicule someone and laugh at them. We should uplift someone and make the world around us a better place to live.

When you are married your in-laws want you to have babies at the earliest because in later stages you may face pregnancy problems. My own in Laws always called me up till I got pregnant and had a baby girl. But now also they were not satisfied because a boy was needed to carry family lineage ahead. When I opposed to the idea of having no more babies I had to listen a lot from my Mother in Law. So this is the society we are living in where decisions are just imposed and forced on you. The lady who stands for her own self is not accepted much by her in Laws and those who give in are in a better position. When you are singled out by your family especially not by your choice then be prepared for thousand of advice which will pour from people around you. What people forget is sometimes the choices are not in our hands and destiny will play its role whether you are prepared or not. You do your best and leave the rest on God.

I know how difficult life can get at times but it is very difficult to make others understand this so you better stop explaining everything and just keep doing what you feel correct. In those depressing moments, there will be very few people who will understand the reason for your depression but will overload you with suggestions. You need to be emotionally balanced at all times and financially independent too so that others cannot threaten you not to give you your monthly expenses. These are small things which I have learned from life. Emotional balance is a must because if you keep crying you will be dead and a dead person cannot fight for her rights. When you are alive then only you can fight for your rights and stand up for your own self and let the other person know how tough you are. I believe what is mine is mine and what is mine cannot be stolen by someone. I believe I can fix my life and no one can pull me down. Be confident. Even when the whole world stands against you, you can still stand strong if you are confident because a confident lady can handle anything or everything.

Just stop explaining the whole world and start living. I love my hair, I love my dress, I love the way I dress and carry myself and if you have problems it is your own problem and not mine is something I want to say most of the time. Why on earth should you give an explanation to everyone? Just live your life 100 %. Do what is in your own hands and leave the rest on God. He will take care of your life and send the right people at the right time. Enjoy their company and live a fruitful life. Fulfill your dreams and find out every reason to smile. Enjoy your new company you never know God might have sent him to be your fellow partner for life. Life is beautiful. Do not see life with a small concentrated vision but with a broad expanded vision. You will see all the true colors of life. The messengers sent by God are beautiful and they make life worth living. I really love the way God expresses his love for those who believe in him. I love God. I love my life and I fully accept my God’s decision for me though sometimes it is too difficult for me to accept. I now understand that the more I resist the same cycle of sadness will continue. It is only when I face all odds with a happy mind that my life gets better and better every day.

I love my Life my way. I love all people in my life and I am still pondering over what next in my life?

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