Stand up and Speak for a better life

Submitted by rashmijsr on Fri, 2017-03-31 09:25

I am a soft skills trainer so I understand as to how important it is to express ourselves at all times. Be it at home or at the office it is important to speak up your mind so that you never feel the burden of not speaking. People who keep their words to their own selves are those who are burdened by the baggage of not speaking and hence they become an introvert. It is only when you speak what you want to, that you learn the art of self-expression. I have seen many ladies especially those who are homemakers that they keep their mouth shut when other family members are giving their opinions and making decision. I would tell them to speak their mind. When you speak others around you will take you into account and will ask for your opinion the next time. I know sometimes we are so much engrossed in our own self that we do not want to speak or express ourselves. When you want something or expect something speak up and let the other person know about your expectations. They will agree or not is a different issue. When you speak up you do not feel the burden of not speaking. I have seen people talking to their own selves when they should have made their point clear to a specific person and the reason is that they were not comfortable speaking. I would request such people to come out of their comfort zone and speak.

There are various times in life when you could have easily sorted out the problem which you or others were facing by simply expressing your mind. Some people do not speak because of fear of mockery or ridicule while others lack self-confidence. I know I have also gone through these phases before I became a soft skills trainer and started public speaking. I too faced lots of personal inhibitions and hurdles but then I chose to work towards all my shortcomings so that I could express myself. Sometimes you are surrounded by highly ambitious people, and you compare yourself with them and lose your own confidence. Do not compare, every person is not sitting on the same boat and every person has got a different journey. You do what you feel correct and don’t compare yourself to others. There are many people who purposely sit in the last row so that they do not have to face any questions or answer anyone. There are very few people who come out of their own closet and make a move to speak.

You keep on waiting for next time so that you are more prepared to speak but that next time never happens. It is now or never. You go in kitty parties and see confident ladies who speak their mind and you want that they should participate less often so that you can get a chance to speak. Why not go and speak instead of waiting for the right circumstance to happen. I would request everyone to speak their mind. People may laugh at you. It is absolutely ok and fine but after some time you will notice that they take you seriously and listen to you. It feels good when people around you listen to you and you cannot compel anyone to listen to you. What you can do is speak something which is valuable so that whatever you speak is accepted well by the audience. If you do not know how to speak, learn. With practice, you will learn the art of framing right sentences to express your mind. When you speak up and tell people what you want when you expect something, you will see that you get exactly what you want. Merely expecting is not going to get you what you want.

Do not look at the right time, it is today or never.

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