Special energy from within which makes things happen in our Life

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Special Energy

I hope all of you will agree with the fact that God has gifted each one of us with numerous talents and it is only with the passage of time that we become aware of them or someone else finds it out for us and presents it before us. These talents which are the gift of the divine to a human being can sometimes remain unused for the whole life and thus the person’s whole talent gets wasted as it was never used and he never made any contribution to the world. I personally believe that talent alone cannot shine, you have to couple it with commitment and hard work to make things happen in your life. If you just sit with your whole lot of talents and wait for one fine day so that you can start off I guarantee you that fine day will never come and you will never start what is in your mind, your talents will die a slow death and you will be the one who will strangle it so wake up and do something about it.

Do not let your God’s gift fade with time. You have to be aware that once you set your mind to achieve something which you want in your life the driving force will come from within you in the form of special energy or God’s energy which will make things happen for you. Do not procrastinate thinking it is not the right time or you are facing too many problems in your life or you are already too preoccupied with your work than how you can embark on a new journey or think of doing something new. The only question I want to ask you is are you at peace if you cannot do what is hitting your head again and again just because you are too busy. I would say “No” but you feel unprepared and do not want to take risks. I would say just go for it and I bet you that you will gather all the resources needed for achieving your goals because you will develop within you that special energy which is meant to make things happen for you.

I would say behind every successful person there is this special energy which gets their work done. I have heard of many successful authors who had no idea of what to write about but then there was a calling from within to just start off with their project. When they actually sat down writing, they wrote their masterpiece which got them world recognition which they never dreamt of. Do you know how they could do that? It is that special energy or God’s energy which made things happen for them. When you are too dedicated to whatever you want in your life the whole universe starts working in your favor and it just wants you to succeed so it will bring forth various situations and people in your life who will motivate you to just go ahead and not think much of the consequences.

When everything around you aligns one after another to make things happen through you because you have been chosen by the higher powers for this work you will see that you will feel the pressure to just start working on it. When you start you start getting ideas one after another and then there is no looking back because your mind is set and you know what to do. You keep evolving as a person by the work which you do, by the problems which you encounter, by the way, you fight all your battles and the way you handle all your life’s problems. There is that small voice from inside which speaks all the time when you have done the right things or when you took life’s major decisions. I would say those are the guiding forces because if we shut that inner voice or overhear it we are bound to be doomed. Keep going, keep doing, don’t stop because nothing is working according to your plan, don’t stop because you are emotionally depressed because of a breakup. Just keep doing your work and you will see that you will converse with those special energies often, you will bring them to life very often and do great work.

Do not stop because you are depressed and you feel empty from inside. Keep walking, maybe your past happened to grow you from within, to enrich your soul so that you could achieve your purpose in life which was difficult without that lesson. If you keep mourning nothing will happen in your life, but when you look into the positive aspects of every situation you will grow into a completely different individual. I know how difficult it is at times when life tests you and places you in situations where you just want to end your life, where every day seems a burden and you just don’t want to face the reality. I would say you need to hold on in those troublesome situations, cry a little more and the develop acceptance for whatever happened so that you can let go and let God take over your life. When things are not happening according to you then it simply means they are happening according to God. Be rest assured that whatever decision God makes it will the best for you because he is your creator. He has given that special energy to you with which you can convert your life from disaster to a real gem. Let the universe unfold your hidden talents and the uncertain future which you are still not aware of. You keep upgrading yourself each day so that you can align your energies with what you want in your life. You need to vibrate at a certain frequency so that you match the frequency of the things you want in your life - be it a perfect relationship, a perfect job, a nice bungalow, your dream car or more. Keep learning, keep improving, do not sit and cry for your past because the more energy you give to your past, the more it will haunt you.

It is better to move on and to create something big for yourself in this lifetime. You have your special talents to make things happen so just put your mind into what you want in life and start working towards it with full dedication. When you put your heart and soul to what you exactly want in your life you will see that you will start getting special insights from the universe which will guide you in the right direction to make you super successful in life. You need to remember that anyone who made it big never achieved it in a day. They have worked hard for years before they got that recognition which was meant for them and yes they started off on their journey and never quit it. You can get access to that special energy which can make you a big success only by being committed to whatever you are doing, so that you are taken to a different world, a place where there is a lot of abundances and you can pick whatever you want and no one cares to ask you to pay the price for them. You can tap on to that different realm of special energy only when you engross yourself into your work and you do not remember where you are and what you are doing because you and your work has become one. When you gain that level of concentration where nothing in your life can disturb you then I would say “Congratulations”, you have gained access to that special space which is very sacred.

You need access to that special energy to make you successful in every sphere of life be it love, marriage, work or just anything which is dear to your heart. If you want to explore the world and don’t know what to do then you just need to keep that thought in your mind because you want it. You spend time with your thoughts then you will see that you will come across certain websites which will help you do that, you will meet people who will share their experiences and it will help you in planning your journey. Sometimes you don’t need money to make your dreams come true but a lot of courage to take that first bold step without which you cannot do anything. I have seen lots of people who had tons of money but did not have the courage to start off alone in their solo expedition to the world so they just gave up their dreams thinking it is impossible. To make your dreams come true you have to dare and do, just thinking and planning is not going to help. Lots of people have planned and failed in their minds and lacked the courage to do what was dear to their heart. Don’t kill yourself while you are alive because when you compromise too much you are half dead and when you live with that half-dead body there is no glory in life so it is better to turn adventurous and take bold steps. It is better to fail at something or get a simple “No” as an answer rather than not trying. If you do that you will reach your grave with all unfulfilled desires and your soul will not rest in peace.

I can rest assure you of one thing that each one us has access to that special energy which is within us and that is what is needed to make things happen in our life. Just make up your mind and live your dreams because you never know when you will reach your end. Be alive when you are living your life. You will see when you want to propose a girl who touched your emotions you will gain that special energy and do that, when the girl says “Yes” you are on top of the world. If you had not got access to that special energy you would have been living a single life and your girlfriend would have been romancing someone else. You will get access to this hidden special energy only when you have a deep desire to make something happen in your life, when you cannot hold back and you want it then be rest assured that you will be the one who will get what you have set your mind into.

I wich all of you achieve your goals or get your desires fulfilled by accessing that special energy which is within you. All the Best.

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