A Soulmate connection downloaded from the Heavens

Submitted by rashmijsr on Thu, 2019-07-18 18:25
Soulmate Connection

Love and relationships are topics which are very close to my heart. I believe in full sincerity at least when it comes to matters of the heart. An insincere person cannot love, he can only cheat. When you yourself are trustworthy you attract those type of people in your life. You will see that people who are more prone to flirt attract those kinds of flirtatious natured people in their life while the committed ones get serious people who are looking for a settled future life. Our whole life revolves around relationships and work, there is nothing in between. Today I want to write about Soulmate connection, I consider soulmate as a person who is made just for you and will find you wherever I are. You may or may not get your soulmate in this lifetime so if you are a privileged one then I would say God will gift you your soulmate in this life only. In living our mundane every day lives we get so unaware of our surroundings that we do not have any idea when we fell for someone until a few months have passed by. The biggest problem is too much work stress has taken over us. Everyone wants to be independent and earn for themselves and this is what causes foggy mind which loses connection with the heart. Until and unless our brain processes information nothing can happen. The heart feels it but the brain is too busy with work overload and other conflicting situations which has preoccupied the mind. It is only when you spend some quiet time with yourself that you find out that you are in love and the person whom you have fallen for is much more than a friend, a soulmate whom you were searching for from a long time. You became aware of your feelings only when you spent some time with yourself by losing connection from your outer world and by building a strong connection with your inner world. The best thing to happen is that you realize now that you are in love and you yourself came to know about it now. Then the next big problem is whether the other person loves you or not with whom you connect so strongly.

Now, who will spill the beans either it is you or the other person. If you both love each other and find it difficult to express yourself than something which you can be sure of is that your love will die an unknown death waiting for expression. When you feel that the other person is someone for whom you feel very strongly, you never felt the same feelings which you have for him with anyone else though lots of people wanted to be in your life, you did not give entry to anyone. When this person came into your life he changed your whole outlook towards love and life and connects with you on a soul level. You can feel the intensity of your feelings and it does not fade away with time. You can be sure that you are in love because infatuations fade with time. You dreamt about your perfect man in your dreams and even prayed to God to send that man in your life, you kept praying and waiting, nothing happened for years then finally when you were on the verge of losing all your hope the man of your dreams enter your life and you just don’t know. When you get your sense you understand that you are in true love and you want that man in your life to complete your life. A man of your dreams which was downloaded straight from the heavens on your request, God answered your prayers and gave you what you asked for. You are on top of the world but now feelings need to be expressed because time is much more precious than money if you lose the money you can earn them back but if you lose time you cannot get that back so better express your feelings before it is too late. Do not think much, it is either today or never. It may so happen that none of you speak anything and your love is taken away by your own friend who just expressed her feelings and that person left your life. Have the courage to speak your mind when you have to because fears kill more dreams than bullets.

Just go and tell “I Love You”, what’s wrong in doing that either he will accept it or take some more time for his consideration, allow him his own space to do that. If he accepts your love for him then there is no looking back, the love chemistry which you people will share will make the whole world jealous of you. They too will long for that type of connection which you have with your lover because when two souls which are meant to be in each other's life as lovers or life partners is sure to attract the evil eye from rest of the people. You people will connect like anything, the madness which you both will have for each other will never ever fade with time. It is like God cut a heart in two different pieces and gave it to two different people and then send them here on this earth. It like playing a jumble game where you fix the missing pieces by finding the right one, no wrong piece will adjust and you have to sort every piece carefully with lots of precision. When you meet the other piece of your heart which has been placed in the person whom you meet, you will find that things will click between you and you both will feel for each other. Your hearts will feel the soul connection and you both will want to be in each other's life for a lifetime. Though you people might have met by chance in a party or public gathering, now you both will find out reasons to meet each other willingly in coffee shops, parks or any place where two love birds can just sit and chit chat with each other. You people will want to spend more and more time with each other and will go crazy over the phone and on social media. It is absolutely ok to feel that way because love is blind. You forget to eat, sleep and live a normal life when you are in love, the only thing which you remember is the name of the person whom you love and you are more prone to call everyone by that name. I would say it is total madness or full drowning in your love affair which you downloaded from heaven by praying constantly to God. He, at last, had no other option but to grant your wishes because God’s came to know if they did not give you what you wanted you will drive them crazy and they will also lose their sleep. Yes though this concept may sound a little weird, I think that God’s sometimes have no other options but to grant our wishes because we keep bothering them again and again.

I am a very spiritual person. When my husband left my life in the year 2017 I felt a void in my life, I strongly wanted a good life partner to enter my life. I prayed for the same to God constantly for two long years then I think God was left with no other option but to grant my wishes and gave me what I wanted. Though lots of people showed interest in me I never got interested in any of them. Then in the year 2019, someone entered my life, though I was unaware of it because I was too much preoccupied with my past and my work. One day when I realized that I was in love I really could not make any head and tail out of it. I could not understand how I could love someone whom I have never met in person and have just talked on the phone for two complete months, that sounds like crazy right. Yes, I know but that is the biggest truth of my life. I love him but yes we are friends and I am still in the process of finding out if he is my soulmate. If he is then there is no looking back. I have struggled a lot in my life at least in my relationship so if something stable comes in my life, I am ready to welcome it with open arms. I would say I have downloaded my connection from the heavens. God answered my prayers and left some unanswered questions before me and I am sure I will get answers to them in the course of my journey. Till then I have to dig deep and keep finding my own answers.

When you want to be with someone and feel that he is the one who is made for you or I would say a soulmate connection downloaded from heavens then make that person as yours. Etch your name on his heart, love him till your last breath here on this earth and make him yours forever and ever.

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