Small Efforts creates long lasting great effect

Submitted by rashmijsr on Tue, 2010-10-26 12:23
A kind Effort

Life is a learning process and we learn everyday. There is a lot to learn from every human being, animals and insects. Have you ever thought if small honey bees would stop gathering nectar, flowers will not be pollinated and some fruits may not develop. So the apples or grapes which we eat would not be tastier if flowers were not pollinated by honey bees. Small efforts of honey bees helps in maintaining natural equilibrium. If a student is expecting good marks he/ she should put in small efforts everyday to get good results. We sometimes think why is it necessary to study everyday. We can study just before exams and get good marks. Why its necessary to work hard all year long ? But ever thought of if we study just before exams we will not remember the stuffs for longer period of time and at the time of interview its the knowledge which matters and not the grades.

A working professional reads everyday to remain updated with the latest happenings in their field. Sometimes we complain that we don't get enough tome to do our work. But if we can utilize the available time we can create a big difference in our life. Every small effort counts. Absence of salt from food can change the whole taste, though it is needed in small amount. So small things can make a big difference in our life.

We just have to concentrate and do what ever little we can do for our home, society or country and make our effort count. When burglary is going in the neighborhood a phone call to the police station can help in catching thieves red handed. We all can do our little bit and let one big combined effort count. I remember one incident here – I was passing an accident site on road where a luna was hit by maruti car. The car owner was abusing the injured victim for coming in front of his car and causing great damage to the car. A person passing the road in bicycle came and parked his cycle. He collected all the goods which had fallen on the road from the luna and heaped them at one corner of the road thus preventing road jam and gathering of crowd. The car owner stooped and carried the injured person to the hospital, thus we see even a small effort can make a big difference. The act of that bicycle person made a big difference. We all have to make such small effort and make a big and long lasting difference.

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