The significance of Number 8 in my life

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Numbers occupy a very significant space in our life be it our phone number, our house number or just our Pincode number. Sometimes you will just see certain specific numbers and try to make sense as to what it means in your life. For example, if you are someone like me who sees repeating number 888 all the time and keeps wondering as to why you keep seeing a particular number again and again then you need to find it out. Now when you see this number 8 horizontally it makes the symbol of infinity which means infinite abundance and infinite success in life. Now you keep wondering you can’t see anything happening in the forefront and still you can’t resist the urge to get your mind distracted in the direction of infinity. This number 8 is not a number which does friendship with each and every individual but if it has decided you as your friend then there is something which the universe wants to communicate with you. I checked google for my answers but I strongly felt that there was something much more than what was written in the articles or mentioned in the Youtube videos. See when I do not agree 100% to whatever is written or spoken I try to study as to why a particular number has developed its fondness for me to the extent that it does not leaves me and catches my attention all the time.

I do not work on Microsoft Windows but I work on Fedora Linux and the Symbol of F looks like that of symbol 8 or infinity when turned horizontally. This is something which I realized a few days back when number 8 was not ready to leave my life. I am a Scorpion which is 8th astrological sign in the zodiac and the symbol is Scorpion, Eagle, Phoenix. I choose to associate myself with Phoenix which means “a unique bird that lived for five or six centuries in the Arabian desert, after this time burning itself on a funeral pyre and rising from the ashes with renewed youth to live through another cycle” since I have lived the worst and I have come out of everything gracefully and when you meet me you will never feel that it was me who has lived the ugliest part of life because I know I have the power to choose and when I make a choice it is the best one. People all around me appreciate my choice be it my clothes, my friends, my clips, my bangles or just anything. Not anything or everything catches my attention and if something has caught my attention it simply means that there is something unique in it. Even when I choose to read something I choose wisely. I cannot just read everything. I am very choosy and that is the only reason I have a small friend circle but then it is absolutely ok and fine with me. I don’t complain and neither do people who are in my life.

What is the use of having thousands of people in your life and developing an understanding of none of them? I think this number 8 has developed fondness in my life from the time of my 2nd birth or rebirth in August 2019. I can feel a new me within the same body. Now let me tell you people that age is just a number. You have the power to stop your aging process if you just feel that it is your only reality. You eat good food, do yoga, love your God with a pure heart and have good thoughts in your mind & stay happy, then you can never age. There are people who are of my age who look much older than their age and get jealous when they see me in jeans and T-shirts because I wear them more often. I have maintained my figure but sometimes I eat chocolates and gain some weight rest of the time my weight is maintained. I don’t try and impress anyone, why should I? I am just myself and the right people admire me. This number 8 which is written in my destiny by my God’s has forced me to study it. But I decided not to google it and come to my own conclusions, after all, it is my life but I don’t own this number 8. This number 8 which has infinite possibilities has blown off my mind.

I am not someone who will take “No” for an answer easily because if I want something in my life I will get it and if I can’t get it then I don’t desire it but if I still want it then I go and talk to my God and take his help to get things which he has kept in the boundary line for me and has allowed me to make a choice so that I can get it. I would like to tell you that I have lived the worst life just to experience a new life now. When I ask God for something he knows that it is me number 8 asking for something, he checks his database and then writes those things in my destiny which he denied to others and I keep wondering why my God is doing me favor but then he always favors me because that is the depth of love we have for each other. I am number 8 that is infinity. You can never understand any number 8 person in totality because they are the most mysterious people residing on this earth who has the capacity to transcend all boundaries and become God himself. They are the ones with infinite possibilities. If they are positive then they have the power to change the destiny of the entire planet with their mere presence. That is the power of 8. My dad always loved me much more than my other sisters and they were always envious of that but his feelings for me never changed. I kept thinking about why? He told me one day that he had no answers and till today he treats me like his kid which never grew up for him. I can still keep my head on my dad’s lap and sleep, he won’t complain. God, I love my dad. I miss you, Papa.

I am number 8 kind of a person because if I read something and still feel disconnected to what I am reading I just close my eyes and look for the right meaning so that I can connect myself to whatever I am reading. God gave just one life to live then why do you agree to everything? If you read something and still do not resonate with the writeup, search for your answers by connecting yourself to the source of all the knowledge that is the cosmos. The universe has answers to all your questions but then you should know how to align yourself to it to get the right answers. I am a person who has been reared differently by my dad and he is a very open-minded person. That is something which he has transferred to me. I see life or any person with an open mind just like a balloon which has the power to reach the sky when filled with air and it will just fall off on the ground when there is no air in it, so you see you have the power to choose. Make your choices wisely.

Even God’s find it difficult to understand number 8 though they are the ones who created it. They have made this Zodiac sign Scorpion a very powerful one. This is the only zodiac sign which has the power to transcend all the limited boundaries and just reach any place in the entire universe with a focused mind, commitment, dedication, devotion, faith, and perseverance. This number 8th sign does not give up easily and that is something that differentiates them from the rest of the masses. If you meet a true scorpio she will catch your attention because they are the finely crafted ones with utmost precision where God also played some biased role though he may deny that publicly but that is the only reality. This number 8th sign is a very committed individual and they establish a deep bond with their loved ones but then they choose wisely.

I think this number 8 is coming and hitting my memory again and again for a very specific reason so I have to sit quietly and get my answers.

See you. Good day. I keep thinking about what 18th September 2019 changed in my life. I feel that day transformed me into _______. Fill in the blanks. I have the power to choose. Great na.

See you all tomorrow. Why bid Good Night? I would prefer “Good Morning”.

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