Second Marriages are made in Heaven

Submitted by rashmijsr on Wed, 2019-03-20 16:48
2nd Marriage

This very idea of second marriage would always strike my mind as to why someone really decides to go ahead with a second option or second marriage. Why people do not try and make their first marriage successful rather than going for a second option. I have already read about how film stars get divorced mutually rather than fighting the years-long legal battle in the court and move ahead with the second marriage. I know you all must have ideas of how these people marry for second time and some even three times before they find their real soulmate and settle down in their life.

When I started facing problems in my own married life that is the time I realized that there are reasons why you divorce the first person and move ahead with the second option. We as good wives or husbands try to make things work and even wait for sometime so that the storm passes and we can patch up with our better half to make things work. But then there are stubborn people who are not ready for anything and just want a divorce. It is always better to move on in life and not bang your head trying to mend things because I have realized that few things cannot be mended. It is always better to create your own new life along with a good career so that you can ride on your success with your new partner.

I know it is difficult at times when children are involved but you cannot change your destiny and fate. Crying for people who have left your life will not solve the problem but aggravate it. I have now realized that my unnecessary mourning created lots of health problems for me. The same goes for everyone else because we as human beings are the same with lots of emotions. Our parents taught us to keep our families intact and never to break it but sometimes things get out of control you have to simply move on.

When you want to move ahead in life for the second time there are few things you need to check and that is compatibility issues. You should not do the same mistake twice because it is better to be a little late than making the same mistake twice because that will spoil your whole life and your happiness too. We all have the right to be happy. I believe that when God has given this life to live, why live lonely, why not spend time with someone as a better half. I know there are few who want to stay single after their first marriage gets over and it is their own personal choice. My idea is that you should not be in a hurry to marry someone as soon as you get divorced but to spend some time knowing the other person so that things work out smoothly the second time. When you get your fingers burnt the first time you take precaution the second time and that is good for your relationship.

Search for a good person and do not compromise because you are aging or just because others think you should get married soon and have babies. Marriage is a union of two souls and it is not just a method to produce babies and leave your progeny behind. It is about understanding each other and living a great life rather than getting married just to have babies. You will see that nowadays people get married in their late forties and fifties and I don't think they would have ever got married if they had this thought of having babies.

Be very free and frank with the other person and discuss everything so that you both know each others needs and no one complains in the future that you never told me about this before.

Falling in love for the second time is a little difficult because now you have so many thoughts in your mind but I personally believe that when things have to happen it will happen. When you meet that Mr. Right in your life you will want to be that person for the rest of your life. It is not easy for anyone to forget their first partner but remembering them and spoiling your future is of no good either so move on. Move on to a better tomorrow, a better future with a new someone. Spend some time understanding the other person. Dating is good but you have to check up to want extent you can trust the other person because blind faith is not good. When you have spent enough time with your new someone you can discuss with your parents and move ahead with your second marriage.

I know people will talk about it and you may find it difficult to answer everyone. Just do what you feel correct and move on. It is about your life and no one else will live your life so develop a thick skin and don’t pay much attention to what others think and talk about you. Just be happy and everything else will fall in the right place. People around you will understand you and will not interfere in your life.

When you go soul searching you may not find that new being. I would advice give yourself a break and do your work. I am sure you will find that new person and think of settling with him for the second time.

Life is fun. Enjoy Life. Do your Work and Move on if needed with a Second Marriage because Second Marriages are also made in Heaven.

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