Sad Experience at Big Bazaar, Empress City, Nagpur, Maharashtra

Submitted by rashmijsr on Fri, 2010-11-19 14:03
Big Bazaar

I went to Empress City to purchase gifts for my office employees. I reached Empress City mall situated near Gandhi sagar lake at Nagpur, Maharashtra, India at around 8:30 PM. This was the second time i was visiting the store. I visited the store before Diwali for the first time and it really impressed me a lot. There were so many items at the Empress city big Bazaar store that i wanted to visit again. It was only on 18th November 2010 that i went there to do some purchase.

At first i entered Reliance Trends and purchased two mobiles from the store. The store is really eye catching and modern to suit each and every needs of customer. I could check features of every mobile and there were no dummy pieces. Great. I was impressed.

After checking out from Reliance Trends i went to Big Bazaar situated at the ground Floor. As i was about to enter the store the guard stopped me. He asked me to leave the packets at the goods counter. I dropped the baggage there. Then he asked me to keep my hand bag at the counter. I objected. Then he told he will seal my hand bag and tag it so that it can be carried. I inquired why ? He told me that i may steal something and carry it in my hand bag. Great answer from a security guard. God this was only left to hear that too at a big Bazaar store. If customers are thieves they should not be allowed to enter the store. In fact stores should not be opened for thieves. I hope everyone in the market is there to serve customers and when every industry is taking care of customer needs, how could Big Bazaar situated at Empress City, Nagpur, guard talk like that. Is it also the thinking of big bazaar ? Its really a sad story and its difficult to forget that incidence and i want Big Bazaar to do something about it or run its barren stores where there will be no thieves.

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