Relationships - Mystery of a Lifetime

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Two Hearts

Relationships can be between two friends, between husband and wife, mother and daughter, father and son, etc. Simply anything where two people are involved and connected in some or other way. We human beings have feelings. We feel for someone and then get into a relationship. I would say it is more of the law of attraction working to bring two people together. Two people who share the same frequency form a relationship. It is more of all the laws of the universe which work to bring two people together from different corners and establish a lifelong relationship with them. You make friends and are happy with them. You share and care for each other and then move on in life. But then someone enters all of a sudden and you feel for that person as you had never felt before. All the logical thinking goes waste because the feelings are so strong that they don’t fade away. So what to do. You either go and express yourself or keep your one sided love with your own self only. The biggest question here is that whether that important person feels the same for you or not and then the future of your relationship with that person. Yes, we all need security in relationships whether it in our own virtual or practical world.

With the passage of time when you are not able to hold onto your feelings and you express it. You come to know that the other person felt the same though you never connected in between. So the biggest question is How? The reason is when you feel very strongly for someone you pass on those feelings on to the universe for that specific person and that specific someone will always feel your presence. By the time you both meet you will feel totally connected and in the right place. Relationships unfold with the passage of time and it is a blank book which you have to write with your own hands. As you carve your destiny, the same way you have to solve relationships mystery. When you reach death bed you can close down the book and wait to write it in the next birth or let it lie dormant for ages in the hands of time.

There are times when I just sit with myself and think that let me solve this 1st mystery so that I can get back to work. By the time I am at the dead end, I find out that the relationship mystery which I wanted to solve has taken another curve and needs more time to sort out. So what to do? Your whole lifetime will fall short in solving this mystery. My suggestion is to concentrate on your work. Solve the relationship mystery every day and move on. Have patience. Without patience things will really get complicated. Though there are so many things which are in your mind but if God has a different plan then everything will fall apart and you will feel totally out of place. You will land nowhere. That is the time people take to drinking, smoking and even commit suicide. I would say “God alters our plan to set his plan into action so that we become better human beings and mature as a person”. Have faith in the divine. The God who created you and brought you in this world wants you to be happy. You are safe and secure in God’s hand. You are here on this earth for a purpose send by God so you not only have to enjoy your life but you also have to fulfill that purpose and for fulfilling that purpose of God you have to make lots of sacrifices.

There are so many alterations in relationships which happen and we remain a question mark to what is happening and before we are settled down something else happens. I would say we human beings can try and work hard to keep good relationships by good communication. Do your best. Let the relationship mystery unfold bit by bit. Do not be in a hurry to write the whole chapter in a single day. As you cannot live your life in a single day so you cannot solve the whole relationship mystery in a single day. Take life as a challenge where you are running a race. You never have to stop but move on and on. Relationships will always pose as a challenge. It’s ok.

Life is meant to live and let live. You cannot always tie a permanent physical knot with the person whom you love. Trust your love. Let that person be free. Knots of the heart are more about trust and faith rather than physical knots which are tied at the time of marriage.

Relationships are to be tended and nurtured like a flower garden. As you water the plants every day, the same way you have to pay attention to people whom you want to have in your life. You cannot forget them for a long time and then get back to them. If you dismiss someone from your mind, they dismiss from your life too. if you love someone express it before they really leave your life and find a better someone.

For me every relationship is friendship. If a person cannot become a good friend of mine, I simply cannot build a healthy relationship with that person. This way the glory and charm of all relationships are maintained. Relationships such as marriage which is a commitment for a lifetime should be taken care of the most. In the long run, if any of you forget each other it's really difficult to keep the marriage going but if you take care of the better half then the love life lasts longer.

Get into the habit of being very choosy when it comes to making friends. You just can't do friendship with everyone or anyone. The person whom you choose as your friend should have some substance in him/ her, that way the friendship lasts longer. You maintain good connectivity with people, talk to people, laugh, party and go movies together but then build a great friend circle with right kind of people. Your friends influence you, they build your mindset, you become more like someone who is in your company.

When you find the right person to be friends with. Just go ahead and talk. Build a good relationship and nurture it, it is an asset for a lifetime. The more I understand relationships the more twists and turn appears at each and every corner. Two people have two different mindsets so when you are communicating with the other person, set the right cord and clarify often. Right communication is important when it comes to maintaining healthy relationships. If you are a people’s person and know how to build and manage relationships you will be the most successful and happy human being in this whole world. The world is not ruled just by intellectuals but also by those who know how to nurture a good relationship.

A person is nothing but heart and brain. The brain coordinates all human functions of the body and the heart contains all the emotions. It is the emotions which rule everywhere, so if you can understand another person's emotions you have already started on the path of new relationship building. God gifted we humans the power to communicate. I would say let us use it to do good work and build lifelong relationships. That way your productivity never suffers. You do good work and are happy and content from within. Talk to people. WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Google Hangout, Email etc, all are there to help you in maintaining good relationships. Please don’t let your relationship suffer from the lack of communication. Establish the best connectivity and maintain a great relationship which creates the history of your lifetime.

I am a people’s person. Since I am a soft skills trainer and writer too. I establish a good connectivity with everyone. Even though I may be meeting someone for the first time or talking to that person for the first time still I can establish great connectivity. I try and connect myself to the fullest with the other person. If you are someone like me who does not have problems connecting with people you will be happy and will laugh often. Don’t let a relationship stress you. Enjoy each and every relationship. God created us to fulfill our purpose on this earth and also to enjoy our lives in the meanwhile so that we make our and others life better.

Remember if you have a living heart full of life you are alive or else you are dead. Anger, jealousy, resentment takes away the glory of the relationship. Trust someone you have loved, have faith. Trust and faith are important in a relationship. Talk as often as you can. Over expectations and over possessiveness kills a relationship. It is good to be possessive but don’t be extra possessive. Expect but don’t over expect. You do what is correct from your side and let the other person do what he/she feels correct. You can always give your point of view but then you need to have patience. The other person may or may not accept your view. So be ready for all the denials and approvals. Do not try to burden the other person with your point of view. Give some space. Every healthy relationship needs space so that they can grow and become stronger with time.

The energy, vibrations and frequency which you release from within for the other person is received with the same intensity with which you released them. If you feel strongly for someone, you will release strong vibrations and if the feeling is not strong enough the energy or frequency field will also be not strong enough. You need to charge yourself and your whole environment with full intensity so that you send the right vibration for that special someone. Then you will see the magic happening. You both will be drawn to each other. If you have never tried it. Try and test it. The laws of the universe are great. As you understand the laws better you will be able to connect more with good people.

Connect with the right person and build a life long relationship. All the best.

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