Relationship with God - The Supreme Power

Submitted by rashmijsr on Mon, 2019-07-22 18:29

God is the supreme power who has the capacity to create miracles, turn your life around and amaze you with the unexpected. He is a powerful being but you cannot buy his grace, you have to be eligible to get his grace by doing the right things and walking on the right path. When you follow a righteous path you will see that your life will simplify for you and things won’t seem that complicated. The biggest problem of today’s generation is that they are drifting away from the roots and are finding their happiness in materialistic things which are temporary. The more you run after them the more you want to own it. It is like a mirage in the desert which seems good from a distance and you feel happy about it but once you approach near it you find out that it doesn’t exist, in the same way when you want something and you go ahead and purchase it, you feel that the thing which you own just gives you temporary happiness and after some time it does not makes you happy. You want something new to be happy. People nowadays are suffering from stress, anxiety, depression and a whole of problems which were not known years back. Even small children are not spared from these mental conditions, they commit suicide because they cannot handle the exam pressure or the performance pressure expected by their parents. It is high time that we all dig deep inside and find a connection with God to get our peace back in our life. If things go the same way as it is progressing now then we are all heading for doomsday.

Associate with God, find your inner peace, be happy with your life, don’t compare your life with anyone, that way you will feel less stressed and be cheerful. People get jealous, angry and feel low just because they have less than their neighbors. Be happy with what you have, work hard for what you want in your life but don’t burn out so much that you kill yourself. Enjoy your life, be happy in your own world, be a living human being, not a dead soul who is just passing days here on this earth. There will always be someone who will own more than you so its no use getting jealous as to why he has something which you don’t own. It is high time that you drift a little from the material world and start exploring your inner world. You will see that once you start your journey to seek inner peace you feel less stressed and more happy from inside. Nothing bothers you much, you are in your own blissful world where you want to fulfill your purpose and do good for others. It is only when you shift your focus from your ownself to the outside world that you feel there is so much you have to do as a human being and contribute towards the betterment of the society. Your relationship with God is very important because I have not yet found till today any human being who has got his happiness by maintaining a distance from the supreme power.

I have seen that when people look for peace they take a leave and go to the ashram, do Seva in temples, do meditation or just visit temples and pray to God for their happiness and well being. You will see that when you establish a strong relationship with God, he will respond in the same way but when you pray to the almighty just for the sake of praying, he will respond the same way. Build a strong relationship with God, you will see that the more you get close to him the more meaningful your life gets. I would say along with establishing your best relationship with God you do yoga which will help you harness your inner energies. You don’t know how powerful you are until and unless you find your hidden powers by means of prayers and yoga. The supreme power is a very loving being he listens to all the prayers and answers only those which are meant to be, do not get disheartened if your prayers are not answered because that means there is something better which he has in store for you. Sometimes he will take a long time to answer your prayers, don’t lose your heart and keep patience with him. You will see in the course of praying to him you will understand that the thing which you urgently wanted no longer attaches any meaning in your life now, I would say that is what God wanted you to realize and that is the only reason he did not answer your prayers.

I love my God and he loves me a lot. My association with the supreme is very strong and I know nothing can shake our bond even if he does not give me something which is dear to my heart. I know he has his own reasons, I have my patience and I know whatever decision he will make for me will be the best for me and in my best interest. You will see that sometimes you cannot look at the good side of whatever is happening in your life because you are so much concentrated on looking at the negative side that you miss the bright side. Just sit down in a silent place with your ownself and replay the whole situation in your mind again to find out the answer so that it does not stress you anymore. When you start looking at the bright side you will be amazed how the almighty saved you from the troubles which you had to face in the near future if something did not go wrong in the present. You will see that sometimes you are hell-bent on purchasing something and you cannot do that because when you went to purchase that item your card does not works or there is a network problem or your account has one or two rupees less than the actual amount. You get frustrated as to why you cannot do that but after some time you find that it was the best thing to happen with you because a new version was launched in the market which is far better than what you wanted for the same price or suddenly the company declares discount on the product you wanted to purchase. You thank God for his grace and move ahead to own what you wanted. It is only when you establish a relationship with God that you will get your patience to handle the worst things in life as well as wait for the best things in life.

You can never be in a hurry because good things take time to manifest. My association with the supreme power has been since my childhood days. I would say it is something which has been passed directly from my dad to me. My papa is a very spiritual person and his strong faith in God has always helped him tide over the most difficult of times. Now he is 77 years old but when you look at him you can never guess his right age, the amount of glow he has on his face is remarkable, I know it is because of the grace of God. He worships Durga Maa and does Chandi Path in every Navaratra. Maa Durga is always with him. Seeing this I knew that God is a great friend and when I associate with him strongly he will look after me no matter what. I worship all Gods but Narayana is someone who is very close to my heart. I love him. A connection between God and human being which is hard to express in words, I simply cannot write because all feelings cannot be expressed, there are few things which can just be felt. I have suffered from diseases which even the doctors could not cure but God has helped me in curing my diseases on my own by means of Yoga and Ayurveda. I always had the faith that I can cure myself no matter what with God’s grace and he is the one who will show me the right path.

The almighty has always shown me the right path by speaking to me through my intuition, guiding me, protecting me and helping me in all ways. I sometimes feel that my God is very possessive about me, he never leaves me alone. I have the image of God in my Laptop Screen, that is the first thing I see when I open my laptop to start my work, I have his photograph on my phone. I would say I have access to him any time I want. It is not at some specific time, he is accessible to me all the time apart from my prayer time. I can associate with him even in the midnight and call him for help if I cannot sort anything on my own. I have suffered from depression but I did not take any medicines to cure it, instead, I did Mantra Meditation for 4 complete months to get out of it. The reason for my depression was my failed marriage when my husband decided to depart after staying with me for 11 long years. I could not handle it and started facing health problems. After meditation, I was feeling ok but then again I got the biggest shock of my life when my husband filed for divorce and the papers arrived me, I started facing health problems. I suffered for full one year. I have cured all my health problems with his grace and love. When I need him he is there for me, he never looks at the time when I call him but is available for me all the time. I love my Narayana and I know he too loves me a lot that is the only reason he never leaves me alone.

I would like to tell you from my own experience that when you establish a strong relationship with the supreme power you will be happy and joyful from inside. You will be able to fight even the toughest battles of your life with a smile on your face. Love your God and make him your best friend for Life.

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