Received Love Proposal from a Mad Unknown Lover

Submitted by rashmijsr on Thu, 2017-08-31 13:26
Red Roses

This is a unique incident which happened with me. Though I do not pay heed to many things in my life but this is something which is difficult for me to ignore. I do not write about stuff which does not touch me but this incident is quite amazing and I literally do not know how to react to it. This incident happened with me on 29th August 2017. I had gone to do Ganpati Darshan in pantheon layout at around 8 PM at night when a white car just stopped near me. A person came out of it with a big bouquet of Red Roses and a big chocolate box. He proposed me and handed the flower bouquet to me. As I was still thinking how to react to it he handed over the chocolate box. He was a handsome looking man with a good physique. He told me that he has known me since school days and was junior to me. He had all minute details about me, my home, Office and paternal home. He was from Jamshedpur and has followed me to Nagpur.

I told him I was married with a 9 years old daughter and he told me it is absolutely ok and fine. He has waited long for me. Now actually he got the courage to propose me. Love proposal on the road. Everyone was simply staring at me and God I was still wondering what to do. He told me he followed me and had an idea of all the places I visited. He even had my personal phone number and my home landline number. I was receiving a lot of blank calls but I never had an idea that someone was following me. Sometimes it gets difficult for me to understand my life and people in my life. I never thought, not even in my wildest dreams that someone will propose me after 11 years of my marriage.

He left and said he will come again to meet me and was waiting for my reply. I handed over the Red Roses flower bouquet to the near by flower shop and distributed the sweets to nearby children. I then left to meet my husband as I was already getting late. I still don’t know who this person is. I don’t know why God sends some people into our life all of a sudden and what we should do about them. It is difficult to understand why something happens and it is difficult to understand the working of the universe.

If you all have also met any mad lover do share your incidence. At Least I will not be alone.

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