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In todays scenario land is a hot property to invest in. Land is an intangible asset. Few years ago people thought of investing into shares or fixed deposit rather than investing into land but now a days the trend has changed. We dont like to invest in fixed deposits or any life insurance policies because the yield is very less as compared to the intangibles.

The interest rates are fixed for FD and dividends are also fixed to a large extent but the rate of land is increasing at an alarming rate. I read new rates from Realty section of Hitavada and was surprised to know that the rates of land in my locality had increased from Rs 300 per square feet to Rs 1000 per square feet.

The rates of houses has also increased due to increase in land rate. A simple house could be bought for Rs 5 Lac's in Somalwada area but that same house now costs Rs 8 Lac's, now one can imagine the rise. It is just a matter of 2 Years when the rates are touching the sky.
Bank loans are available. Every bank has got a different interest rate and various loan plans to please a customer. Almost every bank provides Home loan.
The EMI is charged according to the loan amount.

To save income tax we purchase land or when we have ample money to invest somewhere. This change in mindset has given rise to various land selling companies ex: Vastu vihar – This whole company is making profits by selling land and employing thousands of people for marketing, from this example its clear that the demand is high.

We have made a user friendly site for customers where they can list properties, contact us and draw more information for purchase of land specially in nagpur.

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