Problem problem Everywhere Where Do I Go?

Submitted by rashmijsr on Mon, 2019-04-08 17:36
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God gave us this wonderful life and when there is life there is bound to be problems. Then what to do forget about the problem? Leave it for tomorrow? Or find out a solution then and there so that we can move ahead in life. There are few problems which cannot be sorted in the present and what you can do is give it some time. Think over it again and again only to come back to it with a better solution. You cannot solve each and every problem immediately. Some problems take longer time than usual. Other problems need to be solved by teamwork where you can just play your role and let other people do their work. Some problems need to be left on time so that you can get back to it after the passage of a certain time period and find out the best solution. There is nothing called “No Solution”. When there is a problem, a solution has to be there. But yes the real question is “Is the solution acceptable to you or not?” The solution which you wanted and the solution which you get may be totally different but at least be happy that you have climbed one step of the ladder and the rest will be climbed soon in the near future. Think, just don’t sit with your hands crossed and mourn over the problem or blame others for the problem. You just develop an open mind and instead of getting into the blame game, look for a solution. If you are not able to solve the problem yourself, seek help. Ask for guidance. There is nothing wrong in discussing things but yes you have to choose those listening ears wisely means the right kind of people whom you can trust and who will give you a solution and not aggravate your problem.

Look for people who can be trusted because there are many who will mock at you when you approach them with a problem and will get happy that you have a problem and will misguide you. Choose people wisely and then open up. You also have to check how much information you should share with the other person if there are some secret documents involved. You just have to apply your mind and then do what is necessary. Your heart and your mind will be your best guide. If you overthink about the problem then it will spoil your health. It is better to have it in your mind so that your mind gets in a solution mode. You can read books and get guidance on how people sorted out similar problems. I am sure you will find a way out. You will find a solution, a way to deal with the current situation. As you solve your problems one by one you will see that you will gain maturity in solving your problems. Always keep in mind that a problem which was sorted a few months back or years ago cannot be sorted out today with the same approach. There is a difference in situation and timing so you have to look for a different method by which you can solve the problem rather than applying the same funda now.

If you try and do the same thing again for solving the current problem you will not get a solution. Think and act differently. God has given you a marvelous brain, apply it and get a solution. The more you cry over a problem, the more it will trouble you. When you stop complaining and start acting then you start getting a solution. When you start a New venture then you face “N” number of problems but that does not mean you stop or just quit thinking that it is not your cup of tea. You cannot solve the problem in one go so the best approach is step by step method in which you find a solution for one and then you move on to the next step. If you see the problem as one big mountain then you will get disheartened. You will think you won’t be able to climb it. But when you start moving ahead you will see that same mountain which looked so big when you viewed it from base now seems smaller and smaller. Soon you will reach the top and conquer the mountain or your problem. Overthinking gives stress and no solution. When people around you say it cannot be done. You just don’t think that your problem has no solution. You just have faith that there is a solution and you will get it. You may not be able to think about it now but you can certainly solve it in a few days. You will always come across people who cry over their problem and complain too much. You please do not get in that mode. Have a solution-oriented approach.

All successful people have written their success stories by starting from the base. There is nothing called an easy life. These people have solved “N” number of problems just to reach the pinnacle of success. You write your own success story by your own self and do not try to copy others. You always bear in mind that you will find someone who will help you with a solution. You will meet someone in that perfect timing who will help you out. It is “Law of Attraction”. When you have something in your mind you create a vibration and people having similar vibrations are attracted towards you. Since you are looking for a solution to a problem the whole universe will attract a solution towards you. I have always tried this solution-oriented approach and it has worked for me. I am sure it will work for you too. Sometimes things happen on their own and the rest of the times you have to make them happen.

You have to rise above your problems and have an eagles eye so that you can look at the problem with a broader view and find a good solution. There are times when you can move on with a temporary solution but remember that the temporary solution will just put the dust under the carpet and it will blow again and create much bigger problems so find good solutions which work in the long run not just in the short run. When you dig deeper into the problem or stay with the problems longer, you get a good solution. Things get complicated when you just want to get rid of the problem anyhow with any solution. This approach of yours will not help and you might aggravate your problem further. There is a timing for a solution, a proper methodology by which you have to solve your problem and you just can’t shrug it off your shoulders. You may feel overburdened because of too many responsibilities and hence too many problems. You have to keep in mind that when there are responsibilities problems will occur, you just have to keep your head cool.

You will come across some problems in life where you don’t have any solution. At that time you just let the universe sort it out for you. Times change and when you are going through a bad time everything will go bad and you cannot do anything about it. Just let God take charge and sort it out for you. Give yourself and the universe sometime. I am sure you must have come across many problems in life where you tried to sort it out at your best but you still could not solve it. Give time some time to sort it out for you. Have faith that you will get a solution. You will have to accept the solution which you get and move on.

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