Press the Refresh button in Life and start again with new Enthusiasm

Submitted by rashmijsr on Thu, 2019-06-27 18:34

All of you know that we have the option to refresh a page when it does not load correctly or hangs midway. We immediately refresh the page so that we can view the desired page so is life there are times when you will have to press the refresh button of life so that you can start again because when you are stuck you have the only option to move ahead because you cannot go and mend the past so it is better to accept the present and move on with life. You cannot change anything when tragedy strikes you have to go through the pain and other people can only console you but it is you who has to endure everything so it is better to accept life as it is and make your own amendments so that you can lead a happy life. You cannot control events or unhappy things from happening in your life but what you can do is control your reaction towards them so that you do not drown yourself in sorrow but get out of the sad situation with flying colors. Your life is full of examination where you do not options to skip the main exam and give the supplementary later because you are not yet prepared for it. Here you have to face everything and then take the best decision for yourself because it is your life and you are the commander of your life. Pressing the refresh button in life will help you when you are still stuck in the past and cannot move further as it happens in a hanging page, until and unless you refresh the page nothing will change so is the case with life. You have to press the refresh button of your life.

When you are indecisive towards what you should do with your life when you leave your past behind because you have left the people whom you had loved and cannot see your life beyond them. Remember that time will heal all your wounds so even if it is difficult to press the refresh button of your life, just do it and you will see miracles happening in your life. You will see that you will be able to start a new life with a better someone who loves you a lot, this is something you would have missed if you would have kept dwelling in the past and would have lived with past memories. It is good to carry good memories and not bad ones because it causes heartaches. You make the decision of not reliving the past again and again when you move ahead in life. Just go ahead and explore the world out there which is ready to accept the new you. Your past hurt will heal with time and the more you look for reasons to smile the better it will get with time. When you want to move ahead from the stuck position you will see miracles happening in your life. Your life will change for the better so that the universe can bring good things which are meant for you in your life. The past relationship was sucking all of your energy but you did not have the guts to say goodbye to him but now you have the option of finding a new person who understands you. Press the refresh button but don’t be in a hurry, let time unfold everything before you at the right moment. When you refresh a page, sometimes it takes longer to load but you know after some time it will load but if you close the browser with frustration than you will have to start again later. In the same way when things do not seem to happen in your life just have patience so that you can see your future clearly.

The future which God wanted you to live will be right in front of you and I bet you will be thankful to God for blessing you with the gift of lifetime because when things don’t happen according to you it happens according to God. When you cannot move further let God take over and he will show you the right way like a good guide. He will hold your hand and lead you in the right path and will refrain you from walking on the wrong path which leads nowhere. Sometimes we are aware of the outcome but we are so much engrossed in our sorrows that we just want to shut our eyes to reality thinking it to be fake. It would be good if you accept your present reality and then decide accordingly because your wrong move will only hurt you and no one else so choose wisely. Press the refresh button and wipe your tears so that you allow good things to happen in your life. When you are happy, people like your smile and your enthusiasm. It is for sure that the person who is meant to be in your life will love you unconditionally and give you more reasons to smile because he is chosen by the higher powers just for you. A lot of people have the problem of overthinking where they plan their whole life in just a few minutes. My advice to them is to let life unfold itself before you. When you do plan your life you are just doing guesswork. It may or may not happen that way so it is better that you do your part and leave the rest on God. You prepare yourself mentally to accept good things in your life so that when it comes you can catch it.

Slow down if you need to but keep progressing ahead. Do not look back at what is gone but concentrate your mind in what more you are going to get when you move forward in life and keep walking. There are many people who have pressed the refresh button of their life and created their own fortunes themselves. If they can so you can, the only thing that you have to do is conquer your pain so that it does not haunt you when you are alone with yourself. You have to learn to rise above your problems and see life with a broader perspective. With a narrower view, you will only see negative things but with a broader view you will find out the reasons as to why something happened in your life. When you look from a closer view you will see your problems are very big but when you look at the same thing from a distance you will see that your problems helped you in discovering your own self which would have hidden from you if you had not faced your adversities. God never gives you sorrows to break you but he wants you to get stronger with time and do his work. He works through all of us so it is important that we refresh the button of our life and be happy.

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