The Powerful Energy of Love for healing and better living

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Mind Energy

Love is the most powerful tool on earth. With love, you can do anything because the energy is so positive that even the Gods come down on earth to help you deal with every problem you are facing. Sometimes we just fall in love with someone and I would say that is love at first sight. It is more of infatuation than real love. It is only with the passage of time that your love gets tested. When you think about the same person even after many months that means you are serious about your love. When you move ahead in life and marry your sweetheart that is the real time when you undergo all the tests of life. That is the time when you come to know how much you love the other person in spite of everything else. Love is not just love it is more of sacrifice and giving business rather than just living with the person whom you have married. When your partner’s expectations exceed much more than what you are giving that is the time all the problems starts. I have seen many people marrying their love and they seek court help after sometime because they cannot make up with the person whom they loved for so long and married. The differences soar so much that both cannot live together. Even their families cannot bring them together but there are others who do lots of sacrifices and keep the relationship going in spite of all odds. I would say that is real love. It is easy to love and get married. What is challenging is when you face difficult situation, how much you understand your loved ones. How prepared are you the keep things going in spite of all the odds? That is the time when your real patience gets tested. Those tough and problematic times tests how much you have loved each other. It also tests how much you love each other and how much you are ready to give for the other person.

We do Vat Savitri pooja where Savitri brought her dead husband back to life from Yam. She gave life to her husband by her complete devotion and love towards him. She never thought of anything other than him and wanted to get him back to life and live with her. That is the power of a Pure Naaree who can do anything which is considered impossible by a normal person. When you feel something from the heart and have the same thing in mind, your whole body vibrates at a certain frequency and that is the same frequency you transmit into the universe. The universe receives those frequencies and responds the same way. Our thought process, feelings, and words generate a very strong frequency which is transmitted into the universe from our body because our body is nothing but a bundle of energy. Our body is made up of atoms and molecules which vibrate at a certain frequency. A pure person can even connect with God who is also energy but the only criteria is that they should rise up to that level and match the frequency of the divine. We all know that God is there but there are very few who have actually felt and seen God by their naked eyes. Why is God felt by some and not by all? There is a very big reason behind it. When there is complete dedication and devotion I would say that anything or everything is possible. A human being is very powerful and is capable of doing anything by just using the power of their mind. Our mind is very powerful and we come to know about it only when we start using its powers.

We all know that all the past memories are stored in our subconscious mind and we do not remember anything. It is possible to recollect the past births doing by “Past Life Regression” where an expert works on you and brings out all those past memories. Just think you remember everything you did in your previous births. Your brain has all the memories packed up in it. Our brain has so much capacity that it is more powerful than a computer and can store lakhs of GB of data. The only thing we have to do is know how to use our brain power correctly so that we can live a good life and help others live a good life. You all must have heard of Telepathy where you can connect with a certain person just by connecting with his mind by remembering him. Whatever message or information you convey will be received in the same form. Even science has proved the power of telepathy and there is no doubt in that. Your thoughts which travel at a certain frequency connects with the other person who receives those frequencies. There are various people who use this energy of mind for healing the body. Reiki is a form of healing where you heal the other person by using the energy of your body. You can also heal the other person by using the power of the universe where you gain energy from the universe and transmit it to a certain person and heal him. This is something which is tried and tested and is possible. If you yourself want to test it. Experiment and see what happens.

You can take a photograph or just sit with the image of God and pray for his healing with full concentration. You direct your whole energy, feelings, and mind towards that single person and do not remember anything. You pray to God unconditionally for his healing so that he is pain-free. I know at first it will be difficult but after a certain time period, you will find a changed behavior in that person. You will see the fruits of your hard work in front of your own eyes. You will see behavioral changes in that person. You pray for that person with complete devotion, you will see that God really helps you. God transmits his energy to that particular person and heals him or her. When you take the photograph of the person and transmit energy from the universe to him you will see the same results. I have tested it with God’s image. I am still working on it and I am myself checking how much it works. I have read about this energy transmission and have full faith that it will work. Since I am myself facing some problems I have started experimenting with it myself. Once I am successful I will write down my experience in detail so that others too can follow it and heal their loved ones.

The planets transit from one place to another and this change of place creates all changes in our life too. They also change our energy and frequency. When you visit any fortune teller he will let you know about all the pooja which you can do to deter the negative impacts of certain planets. When you do this nivaran puja it helps you lead a better life and you can easily overcome a bad phase. I know it is sometimes very difficult to come out of all the tough situations which we face in life but believe me that everything is possible and you can make your life and the other person's life better just by trying it out. When life throws challenges in front of you and you have no other option but to accept whatever is happening in your life. You can always reach God and believe me, he will 100 % sort out your problem. Be it big or small. Sometimes we can just pray and hope for the best. Have faith that God will sort out everything for you and you are safe in the hands of God. When God has given this life he must have planned everything for you so that you can live your best life happily. The testing times are tough but you have to face them whether you want or not. Have faith with your complete dedication and devotion everything will fall in the right place. I am myself testing my patience and faith in God. Let's see the outcome. For the first time in my life, I am working and experimenting with something which I have never tested before.

I have read a lot about the power of love and energy. Let's see what happens. I have full faith that things will work and I will pull through.

Love is a powerful energy and pure love can make anything possible. When a lady does Vad Savitri puja she has full faith in her. I would say every lady can become Savitri because we all human beings have that much power within us.

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