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Power of intuition in manifesting your Dreams - Trust it

Submitted by rashmijsr on Mon, 2022-01-17 17:57
Cutie Pie

Life is a sweet dream and it becomes worth living when you live it with your Cutie Pie. I have seen a lot more life than I should have at the age of 42. I have to spend a large chunk of my life fighting with health problems and finding solutions without any guarantee of success. I have experimented with many things. My God always played a very big role in my life. He was a person who always stood by my side even when I could not see him. He was a good friend, my partner in crime, and listened to all my stories because I needed a person who never judged me. I always shared a very strong invisible bond with the other world and they did speak to me in many ways. Even when I did not know what was next in my life he planned my life in the best possible way. I know whatever I have gone through was my past life karma and I had to live those worst moments since I had that much karma attached to the person who hurt me the most since I loved him the most. God taught me the best lesson through heartbreak. Why I am writing about myself today? There are reasons because even when you feel your life has reached the dead end and is falling apart it is actually being set on the right path. Until and unless you clear all your past karmic backlogs you can’t live a great life. Don’t run away from your own sorrows. Face the reality even if it hurts the most. Heal all wounds which have not yet healed so that you can sleep in peace.

Remember you are on this earth for a reason and your soul is the only reality. This universe is much more bigger and loving than you know. Fall in love with the invisible and manifest the life of your dreams. Get spiritual and connect with your higher self because whatever you want on the outside is a manifestation of your inner self. The money which you want to manifest in the outer world, your dream life partner, a big house, a loving family, everything is inside of you. You don’t need to run on the outside but connect with your own self. Self-love is the key to your manifestation. We have all originated from the same source and hence the code which exists in me exists in the other person too. When you match your vibration to your manifestation it has to show up. The entire cosmos works on the law of vibration. It is necessary to connect with your intuition so that you receive cosmic guidance in manifesting your desires. Even when you think you are not working or just wasting your time you are learning your life’s lesson. The universe wants you to learn all those important lessons before it is time for you to say goodbye to your old life and start living your new life. Even if people around you doubt you, you should not doubt your own abilities.

When you have desired a life which no one can even dream of then your base needs to be strong. For that, you need to do lots of spiritual work because you need to create that giant energy field near you that provides you point-to-point guidance. Other people cannot understand that because it is your journey and your life. Trust your journey, have self-belief, trust your intuition and have faith in your power of manifestation. Nothing will be denied to you if you know the truth and if you have asked something from a pure heart. I know there are many people who cannot manifest whatever they want and there are very specific reasons behind that. I am open to learning and even when people around me are living a well-settled life I am planning to start a new phase of my life. I know my health problems will become a thing of the past and the more close I get to my goals or my manifestation the new life which is about to open in front of me will get clear.

I have worked a lot on my energies to the point that I was about to break down. I don’t leave anything in the middle. My God knows if I want something I want it. I don’t look back nor do I attach myself too much to the body. I don’t have any regrets even if I die tomorrow. It is my parents who will cry for me and after some time they will accept the fact that I am gone. I need to be mentally sorted before I take a deep plunge of faith into the invisible realm which guides me in every step through my intuition. When I know I know and I cannot explain how do I know. There are so many synchronicities happening in my life that signal that a new life is around the corner. Though I am unaware of many things but I trust the process and Anantha. I trust his choice for me. I trust my God blindly. I asked my God just for 3 things and have worked for it to manifest in my life. When I complete my manifestation process I can teach people how to do that. I know there are so many people who are trying hundred different things which are not working. I have learned a lot about energy healing and want to see where it goes so that I can help other people with what I have learned and let the universe take over me so that I can bring my dreams to reality.

I have not yet healed so I cannot experiment on many things. Energies are real. Even Gods are real. If you call very heavy energy near you through Sadhana you should be able to handle it. God has got very heavy energy and it does drain you. Every time my system gets updated I face problems of energy drain and hence need rest. When your body gets used to the energy which occupies your body then you develop acceptance for the new energy. I am still learning. Everything is new even to me because I don’t know many things and I don’t claim to know everything. How to charge crystals by setting the right intentions is something that you should know so that you can do that correctly. I have not yet tried many things and I have not yet gone out to teach what I have learned. Why the universe guides me towards things that other people fear experimenting is something that comes to my mind again and again. When people say claim that you can feel God. I just can’t understand why do you pray if there is no God. You do that because you firmly believe there is one. For example, you fall in love with a person and he is very different from you in all aspects. Now you ask the universe for it and do all your spiritual work. After some time the universe sends you signs that you have manifested that man and he is coming towards you. Though it may sound too fancy you can check what happens next. The universe is very precise to the point and if you both are meant to be in each other’s life you both will be together.

My dad says Rashmi I can’t afford a very big wedding for you. I know that since he is retired he can’t spend his savings on me. I said let the universe look into all the matter. You do your work, let me do mine, and let God look into everything else. He is a great devotee of Goddess Durga. I can feel my dad’s energy and I know Goddess has blessed him in many ways. I can read energy patterns but I doubt myself so I listen more to my intuition than my logical head because I know the memory which exists in my body is all past backlog. To create new energy I need to connect with the source which exists inside of me. The presence of two divine beings in my life makes me believe in the power of my intuition to make manifestation happen. Though nothing is in the tangible form I can feel it. My God trusts me much more than I do. He makes his presence heavily felt in my life so that I can accept my new reality and myself.

The universe is 98% invisible so that part which you cannot see is much bigger than what you can see. Your intuition can see that part which your eyes cannot see so when you work hard on building that one muscle through yoga and meditation you know you are on the right track even when people around you doubt your action. Manifestation is nothing but being in the right place at the right time to receive your gift or success which you have worked or prayed for. How something will manifest in your life is not your problem. Let the universe look into the matter because with God everything is possible. Now let me ask you some questions try answering them so that you can understand that your logical head can just guide you in 2% of the visible path. You don’t know how a baby is formed inside a mother’s womb? You even don’t have any idea of how the soul enters and leaves the body? Nature decides and makes decisions for you even when you are clueless about what is next in life. There is past life and past life karma and science can’t explain that. There are many things in the universe that can be seen with closed eyes but not with open eyes. You cannot see God but still, you pray and have faith in a higher power. You cannot see a ghost but you can feel it when it makes its presence felt. This body is just an external cloth and it falls when the soul leaves the body. You are formed from earth and return back to earth. You don’t know how a seed germinates into a plant but you know when you will plant a seed a tree will grow from that.

You can’t see the chakras which exist inside your body but when it is activated you are a different human being. Now can you explain anything? No. But you can’t deny the fact that everything exists and you simply don’t know it. There are so many things that your logical mind cannot process but that does not stop you from experiencing the invisible realm. This universe is much more mysterious than you know. Try sitting with your God at around 3 AM in the morning when they move on earth with just a small lamp burning near you. You will feel his presence if you have done enough sadhana because gods are real people and they even make their presence felt in energy form or in the form of an animal which will catch your attention all of a sudden and you don’t have your reasons. The ancient yogis say that the universe is made out of sound and every form is just a vibration. This entire universe is just vibration. Everything is intact because of the forces which are generated by the cosmic bodies which you cannot see. Logic does not work everywhere. When you are guided by faith you live your life better than when you are guided just by logic. There is a concept of gestation period in manifestation and it is very important. Trust the process and also don’t doubt your own capabilities in making things happen.

With God everything is possible.

© 2010 Rashmi Priya. m