Power of Human Mind

Submitted by rashmijsr on Tue, 2014-12-16 14:42

Almighty God has gifted everyone with a powerful mind but there are few who use it fully while rest just copy paste what others have done. The human mind is a very powerful tool gifted by God. It is the human mind which created the world which exists today and it is much more advanced in technology than our ancestors. Your brain can think, act and even connect with the supernatural forces which exists in the universe. All knowledge which is required for our success lies near us. It is only when we focus on getting that knowledge that we align ourselves with all the forces that work in favour of us and draws everything which we need to complete our work or succeed in life. Have you ever thought why you meet someone and connect with them and after sometime they leave your life so that some new people can enter your life. The answer is they are needed in your life that is why they are there and once their work is over they leave your life to make passage for new people to enter your life.

Human brain is very powerful. It is capable of doing anything just anything but then you have to believe that it is possible. Any negative thought will change the frequency and move what you want away from you. You should believe that it is possible and think about it all the time till it enters your subconscious mind. Focus is very very important because you cannot achieve anything with a distracted mind. A distracted mind would lead you no where. The more you focus on something, the more you think about it again and again, you will increase your chances of getting those things in your life.

Earl Nightingale said, write about the things you want in your life or career as present tense as if you are already possessing it. Think about it and behave in a way as if you already have what you want. This will help you in actually getting what you want. You need to take action for whatever you want in life. Without action a dream will just be a dream. To make your dreams come true you need to motivate yourself and then act on it. There are various sacrifices which will have to be made but when you are focused on something and fully determined to achieve that thing nothing can stop you. Obstacles will come but then you stay strong and they will pass by.

There are humans who have got supernatural powers. Therefore they are named as superhumans. They can catch small bullets, cut them into two pieces which are not even visible to the naked eye but can be seen by slow motion cameras. How could they do that. They could because they were concentrated on that and have practiced it before they could master the art. Its like training our brain. We need to train our brain to do certain things and avoid other unimportant things. Training our brain is a difficult job, but with regular practice we can get successful in that. Concentrating on what you want and deleting the rest. There is an Einstein in every human being but then we need to get aware of our powers and awaken it. Most of the knowledge which we possess lies in dormant state or are unused our whole life because we never needed it. It is only when we create requirement for this knowledge that we dig deep and awaken our powers.

There are times when we think nothing is moving in our favour while there are others who are much more privileged than we are but only when you take a closer look at their life do you realize that they have more problems than you but they overcame them and did what they could with whatever they had.

I would say the human mind is very powerful, use it to create a life of your own. Write your own success story and live life on your own terms.

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