The Power Code is hidden in your genes - True and Real?

Submitted by rashmijsr on Sat, 2021-07-17 15:52

Everything which you are i.e your existence is because of your genes. They are the ones that carry the code which determines the color of your eyes, the shape of your nose, your skin color, your height, weight, almost everything which is physical. Genes are passed to you from your ancestors so everything which you are today is the sum total of what has been passed to you from your family lineage. God’s inhabited the earth so the genes which were carried by the creator are also present in you. There is various proof of the fact that we all possess God’s gene which is present in every person but finds full expression in few people. This gene is responsible for making you believe in the divine force, a force that is greater than you and makes you religious. There are few people who activate it to a large extent through spiritual practices, yoga, and meditation. Then it plays a very big role in their life and these are the selected few who create a very big impact in the world in terms of spiritual and other work.

See the entire concept of spirituality is taken by the present generation in the wrong sense. Being spiritual does not mean worshipping God all the time or listening to bhajans and kirtans. Spirituality is a concept that is much beyond that. Being spiritual means connecting with the cosmos. You define the man in the sky as God or just a divine invisible force, he is happy with that narration. Let me explain to you what spirituality is and the God gene which exists in you is there for a reason. Everything which exists in your body is present because it is needed. Nothing is junk because if it were junk your body would have been the first to excrete that from your system. This body which you possess is much more than flesh and bones. That god gene is present in you so that you can awaken the sleeping beast inside you and become powerful to overcome every challenge which is in front of you. People nowadays are happy popping pills rather than taking responsibility for their own health (Be it physical or mental). Everyone wants a quick fix and that is the only reason the entire human race is suffering from all sorts of diseases which never existed in ancient times.

This human body is the most sophisticated and advanced biological machine which exists on the planet. It has the power to regenerate and fix all the problems on its own. It is only when you have reached a stage where you cannot revert back to your good health on your own that you need medical intervention or else our bodies have the power to fix all health problems on their own. The entire ayurvedic system of medicines that have been handed over to us by our forefathers is enough to fix everything in the body but we have programmed our mind and body in such a way that it has lost memory of its strong healing power. This human body is much more than what you think it to be. It has the power to transcend all boundaries and become a real God. “Yes” believe me that is the gift which the invisible realm has given to you but you have to go through a process and nothing is handed to you in a platter. You have to prepare your mind for a tough grind and have faith in yourself that you can do it and will do it no matter what. When you know that you are not going to look back then the universe itself will help you in your entire journey. The only criteria is “Faith”.

When you get hold of any ancient scriptures you get to read how God was capable of doing everything which in today’s definition makes a person superhuman. It is all energy work. If you have that much concentration to the point where you can give shape to your imagination by means of energy it does work but is it possible for people like me or you to do it? Not impossible but getting that level of concentration in today’s world where there are so many distractions is not easy. God’s genes are present in every person and when you awaken it you can overcome any situation however tough it may be. It is just a matter of belief and faith that you have the source of power within you. I would like to give my own example, I have lived the most challenging situations and overcame them on my own and I really wonder from where all that power came. I have cured diseases that went undiagnosed by the medical system. They could not understand my problem, forget about giving me a cure. I have used my own energies which were lying dormant within me to heal my body, mind and also awaken the divine part of me which is connected to the universe. I never had any idea that I had all these energies within me.

Now let me discuss how powerful your own body is. If you think that everything which exists inside your body has been discovered by scientists then you are highly mistaken. The part which they claim as Junk DNA or the minutest of particles that cannot be seen under any microscope places many loopholes on discovering the hidden power of your own being. You are much more than the body. The energy body which surrounds you is much more powerful than this physical body that has the power to transcend all human boundaries. When a certain part of your body stops producing certain hormones the work is taken over by other organs which are present inside your body. Your system is very powerful and it has the power to create a balance inside it at all levels. Forget what is written in medical books. There are so many concepts that cannot be explained by medical science but they cannot be discarded so it is high time that you understand your own power and rise above your own limiting beliefs.

The walls which surround you are self-created because the divine created you in his own image. I knew there was something inside our own body that made us connect with the other realm because the creator must have put a part of himself in our system so that we could connect with him at all levels. I got that answer when I saw a video on God’s gene. Every problem exists in your own mind and not outside of it. The problem and the solution exist in the same place. When you connect your energies with the superpower energy source you start understanding that all the power lies within you. Many powerful beings have walked the planet. I want to mention here about the closed door of Sri Anantha Padmanabhaswamy temple. “Vault B” of the temple has been closed by a very powerful mantra and it can be opened by only a Siddh person who has knowledge of the mantra. Now you see how powerful the sage would have been who closed the door with a mantra which when chanted had the capacity to close an iron door and it can’t be opened by any manmade force. That power is also lying within you but it is all upon you how you use it.

When things are not going your way and you are surrounded by depression and anxiety, have faith that you have the power. Mourn and shed tears to cleanse your heart and then stand up and join the hustle of life. It doesn’t matters who is ahead of you. You do your work. I always say fate is handed to you but you have the power to write a new destiny for yourself. Forget about what people will say and how they will react. Break all your barriers which are keeping you confined in a place where you exist and write a new story for yourself, create a new path, a new journey because it is time that you take your life into your own hands. God’s are there to help you. That god gene that has been gifted by the spirit exists in your body for a reason.

I have struggled, fought my battles, cried for months, fought with all my health problems, practiced spirituality, and rose above all my situations to write a new life for me. My parents love me a lot but they don’t believe in me in lots of things and I am “Ok” with it. When I know I am ready to hustle and have faith that I can then the invisible realm has no other option but to come down on earth and help me out because I don’t believe in options. I decide on one thing and put my efforts into making it real because when you have a “Plan B” you always look for an escape. I don’t want to do that. I know what I am meant to do and create in the world but I don’t know “How” and “When” but I am in a much better place than before. I am much stronger and more confident in facing life now than I was before.

It is your life and you have the power to define it. Enjoy and achieve your life’s purpose. Only one life to live. LIVE IT.

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