The Power of “I”

Submitted by rashmijsr on Tue, 2015-08-04 08:55
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This I, Me or Main is very powerful. A single committed person can create history if he is determined to do so. Entrepreneurship starts with a single person and the the idea gets spread and he attracts more like minded people. A single person who takes initiative and works whole hearted towards his goal is much better than thousands of people just thinking what to do. Thinking is important, but just thinking won’t do. Doing is very very important. When we are ready the whole world is ready and we attract those powers which are needed to make us successful. We just have to believe in that “I” and start. Obstacles come but a road without stones and bumps would be too smooth to travel. Challenges makes us tough, humble and down to earth.

Things get tough when we start disregarding that “I” and start believing others. Others give their opinion about you, but only you know your capability. No one can judge you except your own self. You can know your limits when you test them again and again and stretch yourself. Knowledge will be acquired, paths will be shown, the journey will be tough but when you do travel then miracles happen and you achieve the unachievable just by believing in that “I”.

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